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Feng Shui is both a science and an art, rooted in interconnected Chinese traditions. The tradition of Feng Shui aims to create spaces that are harmonious and beneficial to people in general. A well-arranged area can bring happiness, love, wealth, and luck to the people living in that home. Feng Shui is done because the house owners want to bring about positive changes in their lives. While Feng Shui can remedy not everything, it can help end years of bad luck and negativity. Inversely speaking, a space that does not have good Feng Shui will adversely affect the people living in the area. These adverse effects will only go away once space is corrected.

A Feng Shui living room can bring openness, luck, and light into your home. With our Feng Shui living room rules, you will be able to create the perfect living room and living spaces with the laws of Feng Shui in mind.

Clear Your Living Room

feng shui living room - clear space

Most living rooms are too cluttered to attract any good vibrations, so you must clear the space first. The idea is to have a clean slate to create the harmony that will benefit the entire home. The living room is one of the essential parts of a house because people congregate in it. It’s also the space that is most open to the public. A lot of psychic activity happens here as well, so it would be best to set the stage properly to ensure that the flow of energy in the house is ideal.

The clearing process can be done by burning ceremonial sage, ringing ritual bells, or diffusing the area with different kinds of peaceful and cleansing essential oils.

Ringing bells is particularly useful. This method has been done for centuries, and the tradition and meaning of the sounds remain the same. Ceremonial clearing bells don’t look like the bells we usually see. Ceremonial bells are held in pairs and are rung by allowing the signals to hit each other.

If you do not have ceremonial sage or ceremonial bells, you can first air out the living room. Airing out means you are going to open all the doors and windows for precisely nine minutes. It has to be nine minutes because nine is a lucky number in Feng Shui.

Remove the Clutter


Clutter is a huge problem in many homes. It causes us to become stressed and anxious. The anxiety comes from having too many material things in a living space. The goal of Feng Shui is harmony on different levels, and having clutter is no way to create balance. When clearing your living room, remember that not every bit of space requires your material possessions.

Use a Bagua Energy Map

A Bagua energy map reveals the vast spaces within physical spaces. A Bagua energy map is a 3×3 grid that begins with health (wood), fame and reputation (fire), love and partnership (earth), family and new beginnings (wood), centering and wellbeing (earth), completion and children (metal), self and knowledge (universe), career (water) and helpful people (metal).

This 3×3 grid will help you understand the positioning of different areas of your home. Draw the network on a piece of paper and list down the different elements we mentioned. If your living room falls into a specific area, follow the recommendation for that area. For example, if the living room falls into the Wealth area, then the lucky color for that space is purple, and the lucky material for furnishings and other objects is wood.

Harmonize the Different Elements


The living room is a melting pot of different elements. The key to good Feng Shui is to have a sample from all the five elements. The five factors include metal, wood, fire, water, and earth. Brown tones represent the earth element, as well as square and flat objects. Metallic colors include gray and white represent the metal element. Round objects represent metal. Wavy objects, as well as curved lines, are perfect for resenting water. For wood, you can use green and blue, as well as columnar objects and furniture. And finally, use triangular objects to represent fire. Red may be used to describe this area.

Fix the Arrangement of the Furniture


A living room with good Feng Shui should have a seat and space for each family member. These independent spaces should be aesthetically pleasing and should be comfortable for the person using the area. If there are three family members, make sure that the seating available is sufficient for at least three people. Good Feng Shui also dictates that furniture should be arranged so that they invite conversations and happiness to flow from each member of the family.

Invest in Indoor Plants


Many indoor plants are Feng Shui plants that bring wealth, luck, and prosperity to homes. Plants can be arranged so that there is a cascade of green throughout the living room. This natural cascade can help ward off evil and even improve the air quality of the living room. Just keep in mind that when you invest in plants, you should also take care of them properly. Ensure that there is sufficient light and remember to water your plants at least once a week, which is the average watering period for indoor plants.

Add Art to the Living Room


You can use art to improve the Feng Shui of your living room. Just keep in mind that creativity is representative of the five elements, and it must not cause an excess or imbalance in the space. Use art to harmonize the details and bring happiness and positivity into your living room.

Make Human Connection a Focal Point


Video game consoles and television sets are not a priority in spaces like the living room. To make your living room the best area for prosperity, consider placing TV sets and Playstation consoles in other parts of the house.



how to feng shui your living room.

how to feng shui your living room?


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