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If you ask me the best recreation of Animal Crossing in real life, Animal Crossing’s wedding is no double one of the best. Since December 2019, the pandemic has been affecting hugely lots of aspects of our life. While everyone desperately hoping a day when everything goes back to normal, celebrating your important moments surely bring extra smile and fun on the event. In this sharing, we collect ideas on Animal Crossing wedding to keep the romance alive without being physically present.

Animal Crossing Proposal

Yes, we mean it, proposing through the popular video game Animal Crossing. Samuel Hawkins proposes to girlfriend Hannah Kenyon on Animal Crossing as both under quarantine in the UK. Although not the cherry blossom season that Hannah wants to be proposed to, this more than adorable proposal has successfully won’t her yes and also the hearts from thousands of Animal Crossing fans.

Wedding Gowns

One of the very first things for a lady to prepare is the wedding gowns. Here are some wedding gowns recreations that look amazing.






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I remade my wedding dress in animal crossing for my wedding anniversary June 8th! Feel free to use it for fun pictures during the wedding event. I made it for every skin tone so no one would be left out! I’d love to see any pictures people take with it! from r/ac_newhorizons

Remade Real Wedding Dress in Animal Crossing from r/ac_newhorizons

I attempted to make my wedding dress. Hoping we get our wedding this year. Seeing the dress again makes me so happy . from r/AnimalCrossing

[OC] *Tried* to recreate my roommate’s wedding dress as a surprise for her! ? from r/AnimalCrossing

Animal Crossing Photo Shoot

While actual parties and events are forced to be canceled or put up on hold because of the pandemic, do not let this stop celebrating the happy times with your family and friend. Be creative and fun; get inspired by this couple recreate their engagement in Animal Crossing; these photos are sweet and cute.

Image credits: Arabella Villanueva / PatrickMichellePhotography

Wedding Cake Decorations

If you ask me the must-have element at a wedding, my answer is a wedding cake, of course besides wedding rings. Not matter it is a professionally made cake or homemade one, adding one of these Animal Crossing cake toppers will make your cake incredibly cute.

  1. Customizable Animal Crossing Wedding Cake Topper by Lootre Art from Etsy

  2. Animal Crossing inspired custom polymer clay wedding cake topper by Cats And Cottonfloss from Etsy
  3. Customizable Animal Crossing Inspired Wedding Topper by Quirky Crafts from Etsy

Animal Crossing Virtual Wedding

Was your wedding planning put on hold because of the pandemic? This has to be one of the best examples of keeping the romance alive without being physically present – getting married in Animal Crossing! Invite all your friends and family without worries about social distancing.

The Bride Surprised Her Groom With Animal Crossing Wedding

Bride Trisha surprised her groom with a wedding in Animal Crossing! Extremely nicely done with just like real wedding details such as happy tears, walk down aisle moment, life promise vows, and even post-wedding shoot by professional wedding photography in real life.


My Online Wedding

A life wedding with all family and friends celebrating the big day online in Animal Crossing. It was filled with lots of laughs, fun, and love. Even without seeing each other, every guest was emoting as the groom and bride spoke.


Marriage In Animal Crossing Arranged By Friends

If you know anyone his/her real-life wedding got postponed due to COVID-19, maybe you can bring this experience a little fun and less heartbreaking. Arrange the bride and groom a virtual wedding like this one by Mr.& Mrs. Fear’s friends on the actual wedding day.


Sentosa hosts virtual wedding on popular Animal Crossing game

Fancy a virtual wedding held by a professional agent? This Singaporean couple shares their special experience. 

Image: Sentosa

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