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Everyone has heard of cleaning silver jewelry, tarnished coins with Coke, but not everyone has tried it out by yourselves. Now is an excellent time to try cleaning your toilet and other objects with this efficient cleaner.

Why Coca Cola can Clean things?

Coke is the soda that everyone must have tried the taste. No matter it is sweetened, Zero sugar or vanilla-flavoured, it contains trace amount of Phosphoric acid or Citric Acid which are the active ingredient used in bathroom cleaners and rust remover. Although the amount of cleaning chemicals is not very high, but prolonged soaking household goods in the Coke solution provides long enough time for chemical reaction to take place. That’s why have been lots of video online showing how Coke can be used to clean household items. Here below we will investigate more on the feasibility.

cleaning jewelry with coke

Have you ever clean household item with Coke?

How to Clean Silver with Coke?

Sterling silver is a fantastic material on jewelry. But it does come with a higher risk for developing dark patinas after a few months of wearing them. If you don’t feel like using an ultrasonic cleaner on your jewelry or jewelry cleaning solutions, you can try using Coke instead. If you have never cleaned tarnished silver before, this is your best bet if you don’t want to try more complicated cleaning methods.

For this cleaning method, pour some Coke into a glass and fill it halfway through. Place all of the sterling silver that you want to clean in the glass. Soak the silver for about three to four hours.

If the staining and patina are heavy, you may want to soak longer. After soaking, simply lift the sterling silver from the glass of Coke and rinse with water. Pat all of your jewelry dry afterward and air-dry everything entirely before bringing the sterling silver back to your jewelry organizer.

Does it Clean Old Coins?

Yes, Coke can clean coins. Coke can clean so many things because of its carbonation. If you want to clean coins with Coke, all you need to do is pour some Coke into a shallow basin. Add all of the coins that you want to clean in the basin and wait for fifteen minutes before rinsing them.

Pat your coins dry with some paper towels and air-dry them entirely before bringing them back to storage. You must limit the soaking to just 15 minutes because the metal may react negatively to the Coke and the Coke can cause corrosion, depending on the type of metal in question.

Can Coca Cola Also Clean the Toilet?

A lot of Coke’s cleaning power comes from the carbonation and the natural acids in the beverage. Coke can be especially useful in toilets with heavy grime.

If you have not cleaned your toilet for a long time and do not want to expose yourself to heavy detergents and bleach, it’s good to try Coke. Depending on the amount of grime you are dealing with, you may need anywhere from 500 ml of Coke to a liter. It would be best to have some extra soda if you plant to clean not just the toilet bowl but also the surrounding area.

There are two methods for using Coke for cleaning the toilet. The first one is the usual scrubbing method. You pour the Coke over the rim and around the toilet so that the inner side of the bowl is coated with the soda. Allow the Coke to do its job for about ten to fifteen minutes. Scrub the toilet and see if it has lightened. If not, pour some more Coke into the toilet and repeat the process. This method is for quick cleaning. If this doesn’t work for you, the next step is to soak the toilet with Coke.

Pour the Coke over and around the rim to coat all the sides of the bowl. Allow the Coke to do its magic for about 24 hours. Return to the bowl the next day and perform the usual scrubbing. The 24-hour soak should be able to remove heavier grime that won’t lift had you done the shortened cleansing method.

After the long soak, scrub the toilet clean and rinse with hot water for good measure. You should be able to see quite an improvement with your toilet when you soak it for a day. If this doesn’t work, feel free to do a second soak.

Can Coke Clean Teeth?

Unfortunately, Coke cannot be used to clean teeth. Because of the corrosive nature of Coke, it is not suitable for the teeth. Prolonged submersion to any kind of soda can weaken the enamel or dentine, protecting the teeth and cause further damage. If you want to maintain your teeth’s natural strength, avoid prolonged exposure to soda.

drinking coke

Drinking Coke does not clean your teeth at all.

Other Household Hacks with Coke

Oil Stains

We all know that oil stains from our cars and trucks are a pain. They stay on the driveway even with the application of soap and water. Coke can help remove some of it. Pour approximately 250 ml of Coke on the oil stains. If there are more stains, or if the area covered by the oil is more extensive, feel free to use your spare cans. The Coke has to soak the concrete for a few hours. After soaking, get a pressure washer and drive out the oil from the ground. This should take care of the most obvious stains.

Skunk Spray

Getting sprayed by a skunk is no fun. The spray stays for a long time and is a natural irritant. If you get skunked, forget about soap at least for now. Strip down and head over to your bathroom (make sure you leave your skunked clothes outside). Pour a large quantity of Coke all over your body. Leave the Coke to dry for a few minutes before rinsing it off with some warm water.

Repeat the process until you can drive out the smell from your skin. This is the time when you should scrub your body with some soap. Use foaming soap and soap heavily, before rinsing yourself again with some warm water. Just repeat the washing until the spray dissipates. We know the smell is a pain in the neck. You can alternate soaping and dousing yourself with Coke if the spray is particularly heavy.

Rehabilitating Rusty Putts

Have your golf clubs seen better days? Soaking your clubs in some Coke for a few hours can help remove most of the rust stains. The same technique can be done for metals that will not react slowly with Coke. Soaking helps get rid of most of the stains, and you can just scrub and oil your putts later on if you like.


Coke can be used for many kinds of cleaning jobs, as long as the surface is cleaned, it will not be harmed by the natural corrosive action of soda. If you want to learn more jewelry cleaning method, you may try using Hyrdogen Peroxide.

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