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Are you nervous about your parents finding out about your tongue piercing? Let us take you step by step on how to hide a tongue piercing.

Are you thinking of ways to hide a tongue piercing?

In general, piercings are beautiful, especially if you want to express yourself as much as possible. However, in many circumstances, people may frown upon piercings – especially piercings that considered taboo or non-conventional. Unfortunately, this includes piercings around the mouth – especially tongue piercings.

Before You Get Tongue Piercing

First thing, as with any kind of piercing, you must have it done by a professional. Doing the piercing on your own at home is dangerous. Having the tongue piercing done by a friend or an amateur with no training whatsoever is also dangerous. Has it done by someone with a studio and the right equipment? There is so much more to the process than just puncturing the tongue.

Approach experienced piercer

Ask friends or go online to get honest reviews about piercing artists in your town or city. You must approach only established piercers. No one should be worried that they are being used for practice by a piercer. Schedule a visit to the studio so you can take a look at the place. Be sure to ask the right questions.

Ask how long the piercer or artist has been performing tongue piercings, mainly. There are specialties with piercing, and not everyone is open to doing tongue piercings because of the risk involved. Because of the health risks, the piercer may be asked to sign waivers and other documents to offset the risk and liabilities.

If you live in other countries, the paperwork may not even exist. In heavily regulated countries like the UK and the US, the health-related documents and waivers are mandatory, mainly to avoid untoward lawsuits if the piercing didn’t go as planned after the session.

If you are feeling nervous about getting a piercing, it would be good to consult with your physician first.

Who should not get tongue piercing?

Not everyone is an ideal candidate for tongue piercings. Suppose you have a condition that affects how your body clots blood or circulation or metabolic issues that prevent open wounds from healing properly. In that case, you may be advised by your physician not to undergo something as risky as a tongue piercing. It is the kind of piercing that comes with a price if the aftercare is not done correctly.

Also, consider the fact that there may be untoward reactions to the piercing. Some people have rare reactions to metal, so if surgical stainless steel causes a reaction, you may have to shift to something more hypoallergenic in the end, like titanium. It would much depend on how your body handles the insertion of a post in your tongue.

What is the Best Jewelry for Fresh Tongue Piercing?

Posts used for tongue piercings are called barbells. They have other fancy names, but the essential piercing jewelry for tongue piercings is the barbell. You can find it on Amazon.

The standard barbell for first-time piercings is a 14G barbell. There are other playful types of barbells depending on your taste later on, but this is ideal for a fresh piercing.


How to Hide a Tongue Piercing?

Assuming that you finally had your tongue piercing and healed adequately, is it easy to hide a tongue piercing?

First: use bright, acrylic tongue jewelry.

However, acrylic jewelry isn’t a go for everyone as it can cause allergies. Also, it cannot be used for fresh piercings, so if you are thinking of using a transparent-looking post after getting your tongue piercing, that is not going to happen. It can be done, but plastic isn’t something that should be inserted in an open wound. Plastic is rarely truly hypoallergenic; to begin with, so there is a considerable risk of swelling and other health issues.

The next step is to avoid talking about your tongue piercing simply.

If you don’t want human resources or management to know about it, it would be best to never talk about it in front of co-employees, even if you trust them. Stories travel fast and incorporate culture; it is just something that they can’t make exceptions because the rules apply to everyone.


Avoid talking about your tongue piercing

The third method is to control how you open your mouth.

If you open your mouth too widely, it would be easier for people to spot the barbell’s ball end. Avoid shouting, and if you are singing, make sure that you turn your mouth away from people so it would be harder for people to spot your barbell.

how to hide your tongue piercing

Control how you open your mouth

Common Questions About Tongue Piercings

Will a tongue piercing affect my speech?

In the beginning, you may slur because your tongue is still getting used to the insertion. After months of wearing a barbell regularly, your speech will adapt to the piercing.

What is the perfect age for getting a tongue piercing?

We do not recommend getting a tongue piercing before the age of 18. This type of piercing requires a bit more maturity because it’s not something that you should take lightly. Additionally, piercing studios have age restrictions for certain kinds of piercings, depending on the position of the piercings and the health risks associated with the piercings. Health risks are particularly problematic. If you are a minor, you may not be able to handle the risks and the required aftercare for the piercing.

Does getting a tongue piercing hurt?

Yes, it will hurt. People have different pain tolerances, so it’s going to be different from person to person. Some people with naturally high pain tolerance will grade the piercing pain as a three, while others may say it is a five or a six in the pain scale.

Can You Drink Alcohol After Getting Tongue Piercing?


It is not recommended to drink alcoholic beverage for fresh tongue piercing

Yes, but we don’t recommend it. Alcohol is going to cause a burning sensation in your wound. Additionally, alcohol can damage healthy tissue and delay the healing of your tongue piercing.

 how to hide your tongue piercing

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