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The lucky red string bracelet is one of the most beloved symbols of luck and protection. It has a varied history spanning thousands of years.

Red String Bracelet Meaning

The Kabbalah bracelet or red string bracelet is a talisman or ward of protection against the evil eye. The “evil eye” is one of the oldest symbols of misfortune against people.

Why Do People Wear the Lucky Red String Bracelet?

New lucky red strings are worn for protection and luck. The ones that are available online are usually handmade by artisans, and they are also imbued with mantras of protection and luck.

History of the Red Bracelet

The evil eye has existed for about five thousand years. It predates Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, and is one of the most pervasive forms of misfortune known to man. Each era has its unique method of warding off misfortune brought by the evil eye.

In the case of the Jewish, they use a crimson string as protection. The mystic Kabbalah branch of Jewish religion sheds some light on the origin of the lucky red string. In one of the Hebrew texts, Rachel, who was the mother of Joseph, tried to conceive for years.

Rachel eventually died when she gave birth to her second child, Benjamin. Rachel is known as a holy mother figure, and one of her priorities was to protect her children from harm and evil.

A ritual emerged from the text. The ritual involved wrapping the belly of a pregnant woman with a red string seven times.

The crimson string offered protection, luck, and positive energy to protect the mother and the children. It was written that the string was removed from Rachel’s tomb at one point.

The crimson ring was then cut into smaller, bracelet-sized lengths. These were then worn on the left wrist. The resulting crimson bracelet or what is now called the lucky red string is used for various purposes, including warding off the evil eye and a prayer device.

The red string bracelet in Christianity is also known as the scarlet thread. In the Holy Bible, a scarlet thread-bound Zarah and Pharez. The passages about Zarah and Pharez appear in Genesis 38. The scarlet thread symbolized that Pharez had breached forth with his hand first, instead of the head.

Red String Bracelet in Buddhist

The red string bracelet in Buddhist faith has a similar function to what is done in the mystic Kabbalah. In Vajrayana Buddhism, it is common for practitioners to don a length of string around the wrist during religious or spiritual ceremonies.

A Buddhist leader must first bless the string to be used. It is then given to students and adherents. The string represents the critical lessons that the student or adherent has learned.

In another ritual, the Lama or the Buddhists’ leader recites a mantra, blesses the string, and imbues it with energy. It is said that strings that have been appropriately imbued by spiritual leaders can offer protection and luck to wearers.

In a more practical sense, they also help remind people of the different vows they have taken in specific ceremonies tied to their faith.

Does the lucky string bracelet have its modern tradition? Yes. Because tradition has shifted for hundreds of years, people do it differently in various parts of the world. Many people now believe that you can create your luck with these lucky red strings. We just need to use what we know of the older tradition to make our own.

What people do now is they imbue positive and protective energies into the bracelets that they buy. What makes this special is that these bracelets help align people to their spiritual beliefs because it encourages them to think and act using their spirituality. For people who are not spiritual at all, this is an excellent way to start getting into spirituality because it is not very demanding, to begin with.

A lucky red string can help people focus on more positive aspects of themselves. It can also help remind people of why they are struggling and working. If you keep forgetting your goals, you can use a lucky red string as an easy physical reminder of what you want to truly achieve. Since it can ward off the evil eye, it can also help you achieve more by protecting you from evil and bad luck.



Which Hand to Wear the Red String Bracelet?

The red string bracelet is usually worn on the left hand. The reason for this is that the left hand is closer to the heart, which is the seat of our passions and spiritual energies. Remember that lucky red string bracelet also serves as a ward or form of protection against evil, misfortune, and bad luck.

It would be excellent to first charge the bracelet while wearing it. Ask a loved one to help you do it. Write down a short mantra or affirmation on a piece of paper. As your loved one is slowly attaching the bracelet to your wrist, recite the mantra.

Make sure that your mind is evident as you do so. Don’t allow any negative thoughts to intrude upon your mind as you are reciting your mantra. When the lucky red string is finally attached, say one final reading of your mantra, and the process is complete.

The mantra will help ward off negative energies and frequencies as well. It will also help you overcome many of the challenges that you may be struggling with right now. 


Can You Remove the Red Bracelet? How?

In a practical sense, you can, but tradition surrounding the lucky red string states that the string must never be removed once attached. It must instead fall off naturally. If it does fall off, a loved one may attach it to your wrist. Since it is a ward of protection, you may want to just keep it on instead of taking it off regularly. Some people may not like this because the string will eventually get wet, but this is how the tradition goes.

red string bracelet means

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