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IKEA Animal Crossing-themed catalog has to be the latest big hit among Animal Crossing fans worldwide. Furniture giant IKEA ’s Taiwan division has just revealed its 2021 catalogue and alongside the original, it shared an Animal Crossing version IKEA-style houses.

Highlight Pages From IKEA Animal Crossing Inspired Catalog

Consider limitations on getting equivalent furniture exists in Animal Crossing to match IKEA’s designs, we do not expect a 100% recreation but the team has definitely done an awesome job the result is absolutely adorable.

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IKEA Animal Crossing Catalog_2

Image: IKEA Taiwan

IKEA Animal Crossing Catalog_3

Image: IKEA Taiwan


IKEA Animal Crossing Catalog_4

Image: IKEA Taiwan

IKEA Taiwan has very cleverly used islanders as their models.

 IKEA Animal Crossing Catalog_5

Image: IKEA Taiwan

For rest of this catalog, visit official IKEA Taiwan Facebook page. Don’t forget to check out comments for this cuties IKEA shop ever!

IKEA Animal Crossing IKEA Shop

Image: IKEA Taiwan

We’ve seen lots of moves by global brands since March this year to integrate into Animal Crossing: New Horizons, have to say I think the latest attempt from IKEA is one of the best so far!

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