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When people buy a tiger’s eye accessories, they will look for tiger iron. But why people love it? What makes these gems alike? What are its healing properties? Read today’s blog to find out how tiger iron can help heal you.

What is Tiger Iron?

Tiger iron is an aggregation of hematite, red jasper, and the golden brown variety of tiger eye. It is estimated that the first layers of tiger iron first came about approximately 2.5 billion years ago. The polished slabs eventually became larger formations. The brighter potions of tiger iron are tiger eye. These gemstone slabs have plenty of iron in them, instead of having fibrous crocidolite.

Tiger iron is also called mugglestone, though the name has no association with the term “muggle,” which is found in Harry Potter. There are many varieties of tiger iron, and the changes in their appearance are usually because of the concentration differences in the aggregation. When tiger iron is low on the tiger eye, it tends to look more banded than being a smooth slab.

How is it Made?

As of this writing, geologists are not fully sure how tiger iron formed. Some experts believed that tiger iron is a form of a stromatolite, which means there are laminated fossils of algae involved in the formation.

Tiger iron is considered a sedimentary deposit gemstone. It was formed during the period of Earth’s history when there was still a much higher concentration of oxygen in the environment. This gemstone can be found in commercial quantities in many countries, including Lake Superior (in the US), Mexico, Australia, and Brazil. Tiger iron has also been found in Moclestone, which is located in England.

What Is the Difference Between Tiger Eye and Tiger Iron?

There is no difference between the tiger eye and tiger iron. These are simply different names for the tiger eye, which is more well-known in geology. However, some geologists prefer to make a slightly more specific distinction with regards to tiger iron, which can be composed of two or more different gems within the crystalline layering.

Much of the world’s tiger iron is made into jewelry and commercial, ornamental works. Tiger eye can be polished or tumbled and made into pocket stone, carvings, and of course, jewelry. Admittedly, the tiger eye is easier to cut and polish because it has a durability level similar to quartz.

What Are the Healing Properties of Tiger Iron?

Tiger iron is one of the most powerful healing gemstones because it combines three different minerals in just one powerful stone. It is capable of activating the sacral chakra, root chakra, and the solar plexus chakras.

If you have multiple issues with your chakras, then using tiger iron and seven-in-one gems can boost your mental and physical health. When the three chakras above become open, they can instantly gain additional positive traits such as dedication, focus, and hard work.

Tiger Iron

Tiger iron, on its own, is a most powerful grounding crystal. Grounding is most necessary when you need to improve your connection with the Universe and various other planes of existence. Since tiger iron has other mineral components, it also possesses additional benefits, which we will be tackling later on.

Tiger iron is often used to heal oneself and encourage the magnetization of wealth, abundance, and power. It can also be worn by folks that need help in gathering more mental clarity for work and passion projects.

If you feel that you cannot make a good connection with the plane of reality and feel constantly lost, you must use tiger iron in meditation and visualization. It will bring you back to that level to connect with this reality and make the most of it. Another use of tiger iron is for enhancing self-expression.

Use gems like tiger iron when you find it difficult to communicate your ideas to other people because you feel that you have no voice and have no right to speak. An insufficiency of power causes this sickness in the throat chakra.

Your throat chakra may end up being blocked or underpowered. In time, the insufficiency in personal power will be remedied, provided that you have other personal rituals that will help unblock your throat chakra.


Hematite is one of the components of tiger iron. As such, it provides a separate set of healing properties and benefits to the wearer or user. The primary benefit is that it absorbs negative energies for transmutation to love. The way hematite works help remove the causes of stress and are also largely protective, which makes it an excellent protective ward against the evil eye and other ancient curses. If you have been feeling fatigued for no reason, it is possible that a psychic vampire somewhere has been feeding off of your energies.

Using powerful gemstones like hematite can help cut the connections forged by psychic vampires to regain your mental and physical health more easily.

Hematite is also useful for people who want to find their gifts, including natural psychic talents. Psychic talents are not always apparent, and sometimes they need to be triggered or surfaced with the help of spiritual devices or spiritual tools such as healing gemstones.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper is also a ground stone, but it also provides additional spaces for energizing the user. It is a naturally fiery stone that can help rehabilitate flagging spirits and remove negative energies from a given space. If you have ever wanted to use energy gridding and to remove negative vibrations from your home, this gemstone is certainly a good pick. It’s good that it’s already part of tiger iron-containing three mineral layers for a three-in-one impact.


Tiger iron is an ideal filtering gemstone for relieving spaces of negative energies. Additionally, it is one of the best soul stones as it helps open up and rebalance three chakras at once. If you have never tried energy practices before, tiger iron is a good place to start. You won’t be disappointed, and the spiritual and physical benefits of this stone will make your efforts worthwhile.

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