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DIY Round Face Mask (N95 Mask Cover) Tutorial – with Free Printable Pattern

This diy tutorial given is to make a round style fabric face mask with free printable mask pattern, you can use it as a N95 mask cover if the shape fit the style of your N95 mask. Let’s start to make your face mask at home by following below instructions. (Be noted: fabric face mask is not effective as disposable surgical mask, if you will go to crowded place and high-risk place (e.g. hospital), it is recommended to wear surgical mask, rather than fabric face mask).

How to Sew a Round Face Mask?

Get Free Face Mask Pattern

Free Round Face Mask Pattern PDF are available now!  – Scale of each mask pattern is for reference only, please feel free to adjust the scale to fit your face shape.

Note: Before printing out, please follow the printing instructions to ensure the scale you print is correct.

Download Free Round face Mask Pattern PDF (Adult Size)

Prepare materials and tools for DIY face mask

Material and tools requires:

  1. Main fabric (front of mask)  (Better choose fabrics that waterproof or water repellent)
  2. Lining fabric (back of mask)  (Better choose fabrics that comfortable to breath, such as cotton fabric)
  3. Elastic band x 2 (Approximate length – 230mm, recommend measuring the size by yourself as face size are different for everyone)
  4. Sewing machine (if you don’t have this, just prepare sewing thread and needles)
  5. Few sewing pins
  6. Scissor
  7. Pen

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Download Face Mask Sewing Instruction PDF

Downloadable PDF: Round Face Mask Sewing Instruction 

DIY Round Face Mask Tutorial with Step-by-step Guide

DIY round face mask step-by-step sewing instruction

Step-by-step Sewing Guide – DIY Round Face Mask (N95 Mask Cover)

Step 1: Cut the fabric

Fold the main fabric and lining fabric in half, place and follow the provided pattern to cut the fabric. Then, you will get 4 pieces of fabrics.

Step 2: Mark the position of elastic bands for ear loop

Mark down the position of elastic band for ear loop on main fabrics. You can find the position on the pattern.

Step 3: Gather two sets of fabric

Combine 1 piece of main fabric and 1 piece of lining fabric as a set of fabric. Right ride of main fabric face to right side of lining fabric.

Step 4: Insert the elastic bands

Place and pin a piece of elastic band making a U shape at the marked point inside fabric. Make sure the elastic band is not twisted. Then, sew the edge with 5mm seam allowance to secure the elastic band. Repeat the step for another set.

Step 5: Turn the right side of fabric out

After sewing for elastic bands, turn the right side of fabric out both two sets of fabric.

Step 6: Overlap two fabrics and merge the fabric

Place a fabric on another fabric. Main fabric face to main fabric, lining fabric will face to you. Then, sew the edge (opposite from edge with elastic bands) with 10mm seam allowance to merge the fabric be a face mask shape.

Step 7: Sew around the edge of the mask (optional)

You can sew around all the edge of the mask to keep the shape well, this step is optional.

Your round fabric face mask is done!


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