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While the origins of the Tibetan singing bowl are put into question from time to time, what we know of the new singing bowl is that it’s effective as a medicinal or healing instrument.

Origin of Tibetan Singing Bowl

Tibetan Singing Bowl is one of the best tools you can use if you are interested in sound therapy, meditation, and energy practice. It is an “all in one” solution for many spiritual activities because it aligns with the body’s energies and frequencies.

What’s truly interesting about Tibetan singing bowls is they have a history that spans many more centuries before Tibetan culture. There have been history in China that similar kind of metal bell are found in ancient China, as early as Shang dynasty (16th – 11th centuries BC). They are mostly found in courtyards or sanctuaries, way before the pre-Buddhism time. Metallic bowls ranging 10 to 50 centimetres made with brass with a chiming mallet were used by time-tellers.

Similar to nowadays practices, the bell or singing bowl were rimmed by a mallet on the upper rim or striker from outside to produce resonating chimes. It has no evidence that it is related to Tibetan buddhism despite it is a well known spiritual tool. And nowadays they can be commonly found in Nepal, India as an commodities or souvenir where you can play this calming sound at home to make you out from stress.

Tibetan singing bowl

There is not directly relationship to Tibet although the name Tibetan Singing bowl is widely known.

Differences between Brass & Crystal Singing Bowls

But wait: did you know that you can use not just Tibetan singing bowls but other singing bowls as well? The brass singing bowl, also known as root chakra singing bowls, is most familiar to the market. However, crystal singing bowls are just as amazing, and here’s why.

Crystal singing bowls are also used for a variety of purposes and provide a lot of benefits:

Crystals, in general, are capable of clearing or cleansing an environment or space of negative or toxic energies. A crystal singing bowl can generate sound frequencies that help drive out evil, evil intentions, and negative energies.

Additionally, the powerful healing sounds of crystal singing bowls can also be used to purify and cleanse gemstones used for healing and energy practices. If you are an energy practitioner, you’d know that it’s important to keep gems clear of residual energies that may interfere with their capacity to generate subtle energies that benefit the spirit, body, and mind.

Of course, there are other methods for clearing and grounding gemstones. Methods like burning ceremonial white sage and the like. A crystal singing bowl is a much simpler method that can be used on a wide array of gemstones. You will get the job done more quickly, too.

Healing Bowl for Yoga

It can be used for yoga, too. Yoga is more than just exercise. It is a grounding and clearing activity rolled into one. So, where do crystal singing bowls fall within this context? Singing bowls can be used to generate the right sound frequencies to aid in relaxation and focus. These are two of the most important skills (yes, we call them skills) that you can ever have when you’re doing yoga or are serious about yoga.

Additionally, yoga is based on pre-medicinal texts that use a configuration of the body hinged on different whorls of energy.

What’s interesting here is that despite the difference in the origin of singing bowls and the concept of chakras and chi, for example, things seemingly fall into place, nonetheless.

crystal healing bowl

The healing sounds from a crystal healing bowl can help enrich the body and bring disharmonious frequencies back to their former level. This is something that people need, especially those who struggle with stress management and generally poor lifestyles.

Sound baths or sound therapy is the new rage in natural healing because actual evidence shows that they work. In addition to helping calm people down and inducing relaxation, the sound of singing bowls is known to disrupt the brainwaves linked to psychiatric conditions like anxiety and depression.

There is also evidence that the central nervous system and the musculoskeletal system can also benefit from sound therapy. What about the heart? Fortunately, the healing sounds of singing owls also impact the heart and the associated circulatory system.

4 Types of Healing from a Tibetan Singing Bowl

Are you suffering from lots of stress and don’t know how to get it out of your system? Practising sound therapy with a Tibetan singing bowl may help you relief from stress. Apart from that, healing bowl can help with the following symptoms:


The centering sounds of singing bowls can also assist people who have chronic anxiety. Anxiety can be crippling, and once a cycle begins, it can take days or even weeks before a person can fully recover. What’s interesting about the sound of singing bowls is that they can help cut the trend in the brain, leading to a sustained ‘note’ of anxiety. We’ve mentioned this earlier, but it’s worth mentioning here again. The brain is complex, but it does take cues from the environment.

Boosting Immune System

Singing bowls can help boost the immune system, which is important given now that we are facing a pandemic of global proportions. We think that because the singing bowl can center the emotions and the various energies of the body, it would also automatically improve the immune system, which is dependent also on how healthy the body is.

Stressed bodies are weak and prone to infection, studies already show. If you can do something to prevent your body from weakening because of constant stress, then you can greatly improve your immune system and protect yourself from diseases.

Chronic Pains

Do you suffer from chronic pain from conditions like rheumatism, arthritis, and other similar conditions? Using a crystal singing bowl can help. Through sound therapy, your muscles and your mind will align center, and pain signals can be thwarted. It may not be an absolute solution to chronic pain, but if it can help reduce your dependence on popping pills, then isn’t that a good thing altogether?

Mind focus

This one is for people who study or would like to improve their capacity to do so. Crystal singing bowls improve pain tolerance and other facets of the physical body, but it also improves focus, memory, and learning. This is probably because it can disrupt harmful signals in the brain and replace the signals with normal and more upbeat ones that can help the person grow and learn.

As you may know, brain signals can get chaotic at times, and this can be a problem if you want to focus or if you want to improve yourself with the study. Before popping any more pills, try using a crystal singing bowl first.

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origin of Tibetan singing bowl

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