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A Tibetan singing bowl is a mystical instrument used for various purposes, from aligning chakras to promote mental and physical healing. It is also a stress management instrument, a meditation tool, and it has many other functions depending on who’s using it. It is not a new instrument as it has existed for centuries, and it is considered a medicinal object as much as it is a spiritual tool. Various cultures use different versions of the singing bowl, but the Tibetan modification is most visible and most popular because of Tibetan culture.

What is a Singing Bowl?

If you’re wondering what kind of instrument a singing bowl is, it is a type of idiophone. Yes, it can also be classified as a musical instrument because of the realities of tones and pitches that it can produce. It has an inverted bell structure, and it comes in man sizes. The smaller ones are most popular with people who practice traditional meditation or Zen meditation.

New Age practitioners, mystics, energy healers, alternative medicine practitioners, and people who engage in personal spiritual practices can use the larger ones.

To produce sound, a short and thick mallet is used to strike and slide across the lip and side of the Tibetan singing bowl to produce various types of deep and resonant sounds.

Manipulation of the rim by moving the tip of the mallet at specific intervals can change the sound’s frequency and depth.

Singing Bowls Practices for Beginners

What Do You Need for Practicing Singing Bowl?

  • A singing bowl
  • A mallet
  • Cushion (to place the bowl for sounding)
  • A peaceful place for meditation and calming
Tibetan singing bowl

Tibetan singing bowl can be easily practiced at home for calming, stress relief.

How to Use a Tibetan Singing Bowl?

The best thing about Tibetan singing bowls is they’re not so expensive at all. You can buy a quality one online for less than $100. As mentioned earlier, a Tibetan singing bowl is comprised of a metal bowl and a special mallet used to strike the side and manipulate the rim of the bowl.

Method 1: Striking the Side

The simplest method of playing the bowl is by striking the side. A person of any age can use a Tibetan singing bowl.

Hold it in your left hand and the mallet on the right. Hold the mallet as you would a drumstick and use the padded head to strike the midpoint of the bowl lightly.

Hit outside, not inside. The strike will produce a rich and resonant tone. Strike once and allow the sound to dissipate before striking it again fully. No, the Tibetan singing bowl should not be struck as if you were playing the drum.

Method 2: Rimming It

The second method of playing the Tibetan singing bowl is by rimming it. Rimming is more complicated, and results will vary, but it’s an advanced technique that allows the user to bring out richer and more complex sounds and frequencies.

First, get into a natural lotus position and make sure that your back is aligned, and you are in a good mood Hold the bowl with your left hand and the mallet once again with your right hand. If you are a left-handed person, switch the places of the two objects.

Strike the mid-point of the external wall of the bowl. Lightly touch the rim with the mallet’s tip and circle a couple of times to bring out the tone. This is called female overtone, and it should build as long as you are circling the rim. As you go slower, the richness of the female overtone will become more resonant. Make sure that you ‘use up’ the sound before striking the side of the bowl again.

What are the Benefits of Practicing Singing Bowl?

Despite its simplicity, the Tibetan singing bowl has many possible benefits:

  • It can be used in religious or spiritual ceremonies to deepen hypnosis and meditation. A singing bowl’s sound can cause a person to focus more deeply on chants and mantras, making the spiritual activity more profound and healing.
  • It can be used as an instrument (or one of the instruments) of sound therapy. It is believed that the many sounds produced by singing bowls generate a type of energetic medicine that permeates the body. The meditative sound is also said to be capable of fixing broken or disharmonious frequencies within the body. Singing bowls have a “centering effect” that can unite chaotic energies on the left hemisphere of the body and the right hemisphere. You can visualize the healing sound as something that would calm down chaotic energy frequencies and bring them back to the center, where they are balanced and beneficial to the body.
  • It can also be used to improve the effectiveness of physical activities and exercise like yoga. The sound of singing bowls is peaceful and naturally centering, and it can bring any chaotic mind back to the ground, where it will be rooted and free of negativity. Combining yoga, meditation, and Tibetan singing bowls can aid in personal healing, weight loss, and other important goals.
  • The sound of healing bowls interrupts or disrupts the neurological frequency or patterns of mood disorders and other psychiatric disorders. While it is not an absolute cure (nothing truly is such a thing), the regular use of singing bowls by people afflicted by such diseases can be beneficial in reducing symptoms or keeping people calmer. Experts believe that each body is unique that it produces its own set of frequencies. A singing bowl will help normalize those frequencies. Chaotic frequencies will be reorganized, and “low” frequencies can become more energized, as Tibetan singing bowls always operate at a mid-line and healthy level.
  • Tibetan singing bowls can be used for brain wave entrainment. For example, a person with chronic insomnia will benefit from being exposed to constant sounds that encourage alpha brainwaves to occur naturally before sleep commences. This is a complex process that is not easy to understand, but the gist of it is that certain sound frequencies truly help bring a restless (and sleepless) mind to a state where good rest is possible.
  • Tibetan singing bowls are naturally relaxing, especially if you are using it. There is evidence that it can help reduce the incidence of high blood pressure and even help in chronic and degenerative conditions like Parkinson’s disease.

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benefits of Tibetan singing bowl

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