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The Apple Watch is a leading opular digital wearables in the world. In the first quarter of 2020, the company sold an estimated 7.6 million pieces of Apple Watch.

This represents a 23% increase from the first quarter of 2019, which was only 6.2 million pieces sold globally. 2020 Apple Watch sales represent the highest peak of sales in two years for the company.

We’re here to teach you how to clean it properly.

How to Clean Apple Watch Face?

Cleaning the face of an Apple Watch should be done separately from the cleaning of the bands.

Before any cleaning procedure, you can either turn off the watch or press on Water Lock button on the watch setting interface. This will ensure no water will enter into the metallic parts inside the watch.

Water lock Apple Watch

Switch on water lock before cleaning your Apple Watch.

Undo and remove the bands and set these aside. Get a microfiber cloth and dip it in water it with a little water or any cleaning solution that is marked safe for Apple Watches or digital items. Just a small quantity will do. Proceed to rub-down the face of the Apple Watch. When you are done with the front side, proceed to the clean the back portion of the watch.

Get another microfiber cloth and proceed to wipe the front and back sides of the watch with the dry cloth. This will ensure that any leftover moisture is removed and any grime that the first wipe down may have missed. Turning the Digital Crown can ensure water that have entered the watch will be expelled and eliminated.  When the Apple Watch is completely dry, you can then proceed to re-attach the bands.

Tips on Wearing an Apple Watch

Some people report developing rashes and other skin irritations from using this popular digital wearable. The only way to prevent negative interactions between your skin and the ban is by keeping both surfaces dry. There will be times when the band will react to sunscreen and other personal care products.

Also, make sure that you don’t wear your Apple Watch too tightly. We want to avoid any excessive chaffing or friction between your skin and the watchband, which may irritate.

How to Remove Apple Watch Band?

Apple Watch

The underpart of Apple Watch get in touch with your sweat or perfume. It requires special attention on cleaning.

Apple Watches have several versions, so we’re going to talk about removing the bands from each of these editions.

Remove an Apple Watch Band

Place your Apple Watch face down on the table. Make sure that surface is non-abrasive. If you are not sure, get a clean piece of cloth to act as a buffer and then place your Apple Watch face down. A lint-free microfiber cloth offers good protection for the face of the Apple Watch. Search for the release button at the center of the back portion of the Apple Watch. Press it down and slide the band until you can free it. You can replace the band by sliding in a new band in its place

Remove the Milanese Loop

Some 2018 releases of the Apple Watch have a magnetic Milanese Loop that allows the user to slide the band away from the magnetic enclosure simply. Earlier versions will not slide out because they lack the magnetic enclosure. The lug will hold the band in place. If you can’t slide it out, press the release button until you can remove it.

Remove a Link Bracelet

Place the Apple Watch face down on a table. Again, make sure that the table is smooth and will not scratch the face of the watch. Lock the butterfly enclosure first. Next press, the quick-release button (the one used for opening the clasp).

After unlinking one side of the pair of bands, press the release button at the back of the watch and slide out the link bracelet. You will be able to separate the bracelet into two halves or pieces.

Take note that you should never force the band away from the locking mechanism. Doing so may damage your Apple Watch. Remember that the band will stay in place no matter how you struggle if you don’t press and hold down the release button at the back of the watch.

How to Clean Apple Watch Band?

The manufacturer encourages people to use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe down all kinds of bands. This is fine for daily cleaning and light grime, but we don’t recommend it for heavily grimy watch bands. Wiping it down will not be enough to remove all the dirt and traces of sweat from your Apple Watch.

If your Apple Watch bands are heavily soiled, it’s imperative that you instead clean them with some warm water, dish soap, and a brush. You must use the softest brush you can find for cleaning, so you don’t damage your nylon band or stainless steel bracelets.

Cleaning the Stainless Steel Links

The manufacturer states that the bracelet’s stainless steel links are not waterproof, which is another way of saying that they take no responsibility if you douse it with water. It takes on any damage.

Don’t worry, and we got you covered. Combine the warm water and dish soap and stir it a little, before getting your soft brush. Dip your soft brush in the solution and begin to clean the links on your metal bracelet.

We do not recommend submerging your stainless steel bracelet for any amount of time as this might be pushing it, but we’re confident that a bit of brushing with soap and water will not harm the band as long as you follow our instructions. After cleaning, rinse your band with warm water and make sure that you get all of the soap out.

Cleaning Nylon Bracelets

If you have a nylon bracelet, rub with small circular motions until the grime disappears. This isn’t something that you can easily do with just a gentle wipe down, especially if you wear your Apple Watch frequently.

When all of the soap has been rinsed out, get your microfiber cloth and wipe down the band well. Be sure to give the links a little shake to remove excess water and wipe the bracelet again and again to extract the water. If you do not have a microfiber cloth, you can use paper towels as these are highly absorbent, too.

How to Disinfect Apple Watch?

In COVID-19 times, regular disinfection after a day of wearing Apple Watch might be necessary. Using 70% alcohol wipe or Clorox Disinfecting Wipes on the watch face and under parts of the watch surface.

Wipes can also be applied on Sport Bands and Metal Bands, but not on leather bands or Nylon fabric bands. Let the watch dry and reattach the watch bands and that’s it.