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Rolex watches are high-value watches that rarely devalue over time. Classic designs often go for higher prices when sold or auctioned. If you happen to be the owner of a Rolex watch yourself, what can you do to keep it clean? How can you store it properly at home?

How to Clean Rolex Watch at Home?

Despite their eternal beauty, Rolex watches or “Rollies” do get dirty from time to time. This applies most especially to people who tend to sweat a lot and wear their watches all day, regardless of the activity.

Since Rolexes are highly durable and have been designed to withstand intense pressures (minimum of 100 meters in water in most cases), it’s not surprising that they’re working well by soldiers, hikers, campers, and adventure-type folks wherever they go.

They might be able to withstand the pressure and knocking, but getting dirty is another thing altogether. If they’re getting dirty, after a few weeks or months of wearing, it’s up to you to ensure that they’re sparkling again.

Take note that brushing Rolexes with a leather band is not an option. If you have a Rolex with a leather band, it’s important that you only use a moistened cloth with some water and gentle soap to wipe down the leather band.

You will know that it’s time to clean your leather band when it starts to get spotty, and there’s a strange odor coming off of it.

This happens when the leather absorbs dirt, moisture, and sweat from being worn daily. It’s completely normal for leather to get spotty and to have some odor. Don’t worry – use cleaning cloth and it will be all better.

How often should I clean my Rolex?

how to clean rolex

Rolex are durable but require regular cleaning to keep it long lasting.

Metallic Rolex watches can be cleaned daily with a clean cloth. This should be the daily routine for watches with metal links. You can help conserve your Daytona or Submariner luster by rubbing it with a dry cloth to let it shine even more.

For more thorough cleaning, we recommend warm water and some dish soap. Submerge your watch for fifteen minutes to loosen the grime, especially the grime stuck between the links and the head of the watch. But before anything else, do remember to screw down the crown of your Rolex completely.

There’s a reason why they’re called Perpetual Oyster in the first place. The main defense of Rolexes against dirt and water is the screw-down crown, which hermetically seals everything inside the watch. The Oyster crown is so important that the manufacturer cites it on the official Rolex Care page.

Brush the metal links with a toothbrush (use an old one with soft bristles) and clean the watch with it. Ensure that you reach in between the links (front side and back side) to make the most of the deep cleaning. The end links of the watches tend to be the dirtiest because there’s always pressure around the wrist, and much of the sweat and grime collect here.

After taking a few minutes to clean the watch, it’s time to rinse it. Rinse the watch with warm, running water and ensure that all of the soap residues are removed.

Pay extra attention to the flat pieces of fabricated steel that help stabilize the clasp, too. Rinse everything thoroughly. When you’re done rinsing, use a dry microfiber cloth or plain cloth to wipe down everything until the metal shines. Your Rolex is ready to be used again.

When cleaning your Rolex, make sure that you don’t use nearly-boiling water to soak it. Boiling or almost boiling water is not good for Rolexes and watches of similar makes. The reason for this is that Rolexes are meant to withstand pressure from under the sea.

The sea is relatively cool. This means the watch merely has to resist water pressure, which it does so through a system of gaskets. Gaskets are great with cool water and pressure.

However, exposure to boiling water weakens these gaskets and renders them less able to do their job of repelling water over time. Gaskets age as well, so you mustn’t overheat them when cleaning them.

Tips for Taking Care of Your Rolex

These are some reminders on how to keep your Rolex watch at home:

  • Rolexes are automatic, and they are charged naturally by movement when you wear them daily. Now, if you neglected your Rolex for a few days and it was just sitting on your desktop for a while, there’s a possibility that it would run out of charge.

If this is the case, then you can wind it manually using the crown.

After manually charging your watch, don’t forget to set the date and time. Then before wearing your Rolex, remember to screw down completely the crown to seal everything inside hermetically. Keep winding it down until you can’t turn the crown anymore.

  • Bring your Rolex in for a checkup and servicing every 3-5 years. It’s one of the finest pieces of machinery you can ever own, with hundreds of parts. Over time, some of these parts have to be replaced because they have become misaligned or worn down. Many certified Rolex service centers around the world can take on servicing a genuine Rolex.
  • Avoid exposing your Rolex to intense sunlight for long periods. While sunlight has little effect on stainless steel, the face of the watch and the bezel can fade as a result of overexposure to the sun. Instead of leaving it at home where direct sunlight can reach it, put it back to its box or place it in a drawer where it’s safely away from light.
  • Always wipe down your Rolex with a microfiber cloth at the end of each day. You must clean it daily, so grime doesn’t accumulate between the links, where it is hardest to clean.
  • Avoid getting any personal care products like lotions and sunscreen on your watch. These can act like natural attractants for dust and grime.