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Hello gemstone lovers, last week we share our favorite picks of ruby jewelries, decors and gemstone inspired DIY ideas. Let’s carry on the tone, this time is about red agate.

Jewelries We Love

Unique red agate crown. A gorgeous headpiece for wedding or party.

These copper wire wrapped pendants look absolutely cool.


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Love the double hexagon design, simple and chic.

Red Agate For Your Home

Agate doesn’t just look beautiful, it is an excellent stone for harmonizing and rebalancing body, mind and spirit. Having some functional and beautiful agate accessories in the house, let the healing energy surround you.

Gemstone Inspired DIY Ideas

For those absolutely in love with agate slices, here are some gemstone inspired DIY ideas to try. Some use actual agate stone, some are just resin faux agate, but they are all nice and fun.

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