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The clearing is the process of removing toxic or negative energies from yourself and your environment. There are several methods to clear negative energy, and as long as you follow the basic directions, you will remove both large and small traces of toxic negativity in your life.

How to Cleanse Your Space?

We will discuss with you several methods of cleansing negative energies.

What Do You Need to Prepare?

This first method is simple and requires the following:

  • A cleansing stone
  • One stick of sage
  • One matchbox or lighter
  • One feather
  • Sea salt
  • A fireproof bowl

If you don’t have a special fireproof bowl made specifically for ritual cleansing, you can use substitutes. A large mason jar will suffice. An old ceramic bowl is also perfect.


Sage Smudge Kit

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There are two phases to using this method. The first one is the preparation of the cleansing combination. The second phase is the activation or the ‘opening’ of the combination.

Be sure to perform the ritual inside your home.


What to Do?

First, open all your windows and doors. Pull back any curtains or covers to let natural sunlight in. Allow your indoor spaces to be bathed in natural light. The Sun recharges and cleanses us all.

The Sun is also capable of recharging spent or dwindling crystals after important rituals.

crystals for negative energy removal

Light the stick of sage and allow the smoke to accumulate. In a lotus position, allow your thoughts to mingle with the purifying smoke. Ask the spirits around you for guidance and help cleanse your space or your home of evil and negativity.

Allow the spirits around you to surrounding your space and bar evil from approaching and lingering. There are good spirits like spirit guides all around us, and they are just waiting for you to establish contact and ask for help.

After the initial supplication, take your crystal of choice and bring it close to the smoke.

The smoke of the burning sage will cleanse your crystal of any remnant energies that may not be helpful to you and prepare it for transmutation. Transmutation is the process of turning negative or toxic energies into positive ones.

Depending on the crystal that you use, the cleansing process may be slow or fast. Try to use any of the recommended crystals for cleansing to get the best results.

Take note that cleansing crystals are not identical (but related) to grounding crystals. Grounding crystals are there to enhance a person’s ability to be rooted in the earth.

On the other hand, cleansing crystals are like vacuum cleaners that cleanse the energy in physical spaces.

After cleansing the crystal of your choice, please place it in the fireproof bowl and the burning sage. Don’t worry; the burning sage will not affect crystal. At this point, you need to establish an intention specific to the ritual.

You can say something like, “I request from the purest and highest energies of love and happiness to cleanse and clear my space of all evil and negativity. I also command this crystal to absorb further and transmute all harmful energy to go. All unwanted forces within this space shall be defeated. Thank you.”

Feel free to change the intention as you see fit. This is the core intention, however, but feel free to add to it if need be.


What are the Most Powerful Protection Crystals?

1. Black Tourmaline


Black tourmaline is the “big boss” of energy cleansing in the energy healing world. It is one of the most effective and fast-acting of cleansing crystals. It not only transmutes negative energy and turns the same into love. It also can repel and mirror negative energy, spells, and curses.

This means that if someone willingly comes to your space with an evil intention and casts any negative energy on your person, black tourmaline within the vicinity will capture the energy and retarget it. This makes black tourmaline a force to reckon with, especially if you are engaged in magic and other New Age activities.

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2. Hematite


Hematite is a cleansing stone that has one other major property. It is capable of creating another layer of protection around a person’s existing auric shield. This additional layer of spiritual protection also has reflective qualities comparative to black tourmaline’s repelling effect.

Hematite is highly recommended for people who have just begun with meditation, astral projection, and lucid dreaming as it helps people focus. It also helps block distractions, which can render these activities less effective. Use hematite for broadening your consciousness and improving your capacity to think, on the whole.

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3. Smokey Quartz

Smoky Quartz Meaning and Healing Properties

Smokey quartz intimately associated with the bearer, so it is reliable for picking out and extracting psychic rays or tentacles from psychic vampires and evil people. If you feel constantly depressed and drained for no good reason, then you may be a victim of energy theft or psychic vampirism. The thing about psychic vampirism is that it can occur spontaneously, without the vampire knowing it. Only a small percentage of psychic vampires know that they are capable of sucking out the energy from other people, and still, only a handful of them willingly go out of their way to wreak havoc. Smokey quartz protects you from these people and ensures that your psychic system and aura are safe from this type of energy sabotage.

Smokey quartz is also recommended for people who constantly feel a barrage of negative emotional states such as anger, anxiety, and fearfulness. These are all manifestations of unwanted or use less energy. Smokey quartz can take these energies and drive them back to the earth to be rendered powerless and neutral.

4. Black Obsidian


Black obsidian presents its energies softly and gently. In addition to clearing negative energies, it might be good to have black obsidian in your home so that people will become more honest and open to you. Honesty is not just the willingness to tell facts – it is also a state wherein people are open and the desire to share the truth with you for a more harmonious life.

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