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What is Rainbow Obsidian Good for?

Rainbow obsidian, like other kinds of gems, is used for ornamental preparations. It also has some industrial applications. Obsidian was formerly used for creating cutting implements, as well as slicing tools. For a while, there was also a lot of experimentation about obsidian’s possible use in surgery. Its edges can be made to cut even more cleanly than a surgical scalpel made of surgical grade stainless steel.

How is Rainbow Obsidian Formed?

Rainbow obsidian is a type of obsidian or volcanic glass. It grows from felsic lava, and unlike other minerals, it is not formed over millions of years. Rather, it forms just as quickly as the felsic lava cools. Felsic lava naturally has high silica content, which contributes to the formation of different obsidians, including rainbow obsidian. The high viscosity of this type of lave creates glass-like formations that later cool down further to obsidian. According to experts, atomic diffusion prevents the full crystallization of obsidian. In general, obsidian has a rough texture. It is also fragile – it easily breaks. The super sharp edges that result from the breakage of obsidian reveals its high silicate content.

What is Rainbow Obsidian Good For?

Using rainbow obsidian provides many benefits for people who are into crystal healing, meditation, and spiritual awakening. It is said that when you meditate with rainbow obsidian, there is a huge chance that you will arrive at a psychic plane where there is a sudden bath of warm light. This warm light will permeate every part of your being, including the darkest corners and recesses that hold emotional baggage and past issues.

Effective heart stone

Rainbow obsidian is known for being an effective heart stone. What this means is it can improve your capability to express love and, at the same time, bond with others. If you have been through many bad relationships before and are unable to feel vulnerable anymore, rainbow obsidian might be able to help you. What differentiates rainbow obsidian from other love stones is it doesn’t just rekindle a person’s ability to love. It forges a spiritual connection in a person’s life that allows him to experience love at a higher level (at a spiritual level). This will become more apparent as you continue using it for this purpose.

Stone of pleasure

Rainbow obsidian, spectacularly, is also a stone of pleasure. What does this mean? Stones of pleasure connect with every sense of the body and mind and improves the act of gratification. Gratification is a basic capability of the Self, and it allows you to feel rewarded for your efforts. People who have lost their ability to be gratified through the enjoyment of both simple and complex things in life may not be as happy as they should be, even if they can be. Rainbow obsidian brings back the person to a proper state where he can be gratified naturally by the positive things that he does in life.

powerful positivity enabler

This gemstone is also a powerful positivity enabler in your life. What this means is you can use rainbow obsidian to improve your ability to generate positive energies. This stone is guaranteed to bring warmth, peace, love, and happiness to anyone’s life. With unconditional love as the base of positivity in a person’s life, all other positivity forms will be quick to arrive.

This gem has the most powerful effects on the inner life of the bearer. For one, it helps dissolve inner negativity or negativity that emerges from our thoughts. If you are a victim of self-sabotage, you must use this stone to dissolve that self-sabotage. As the gem helps improve how you treat yourself, it can also start amplifying your natural talents. What natural talents, you may ask? We are referring to natural psychic talents that are naturally unleashed by the third eye chakra.

Essentially, rainbow obsidian creates the conditions that make it possible for you to harness your natural psychic talents truly. As it does so, the rainbow obsidian also sharpens your senses and mind so that you can deal with the world in more practical terms. It enhances your best mental and emotional qualities and paves the way for the development of a much better you. Alongside these spiritual gifts, rainbow obsidian also works closely with your natural auric shield. The auric shield is the force field that represents the flow of energy in your physical and spiritual frames.

Furthermore, rainbow obsidian forms an internal layer of protection against disturbances of the mind and emotions. Some of the conditions that this gemstone protects against are depression, anxiety, fearfulness, among many more. The gemstone helps you become more truthful to yourself so you can recognize internal flaws that need correcting. You will be able to make the corrections to yourself without having to go through depression or any other negative cycle. You will feel empowered, among all things, and ready to face the challenges of becoming a good person.

Protective stone

This is the most protective stone that energetically protects you from most things that cause problems. It not only rectifies what you feel but also guides you to the actions that will positively impact your life. Former flaws will become renewed strengths that you can then use to resolve other problems in your life. This is a wonderful continuum that all takes place as the stone improves your rootedness and your ability to ground yourself to the earth. Excess energies that used to bother your being will no longer be a problem, and you will also enjoy some physical benefits of using the rainbow obsidian. Rainbow obsidian is said to be beneficial to problems of the heart. If you have cardiac issues, this stone may improve your physical condition with the help of this stone.