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What is Angel Aura?

Angel aura quartz is a special type of mineral that has been coated with metal. This gives them an indescribable metallic sheen that is not seen naturally in found minerals. Angel aura quartz is used for both ornamental and practical/healing processes. The coatings of angel aura quartz vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Sometimes it’s gold, while other times, there is copper, niobium, and even titanium. Other names for angel aura quartz include opal aura or flame aura because of its powerful and bright appearance. The coating process is amazing because the metallic atoms are fused tightly with the surface of the crystal. The sheen is brilliant, and the metal stays on the crystal for the gemstone’s lifetime.


Meditating with Rainbow Aura Quartz

If you are a practitioner of meditation or Zen meditation, you’re probably already grounded. However, using energy crystals will give you a lot more inner power and edge in developing psychic gifts and clearing your aura of traces of negativity.

We live in a reality that is constantly stressed and rushing. If you are not a practitioner of meditation yet, now would be a great time to start. Energy crystals can help with natural or alternative healing and boost your happiness and rootedness.

People who are not properly rooted will often feel drained and fatigued even if they do not do anything yet.

This fatigue comes from gross imbalances in one’s energetic field or aura. Fortunately, meditation with healing crystals is an awesome and easy way to fix these energetic imbalances.

Meditating with angel aura quartz

Here are the basic steps:

  • Always remember that meditation should be more of a state rather than an active activity. You have to get “in the zone” first to be able to meditate. We recommend rhythmic breathing until the fog in your mind clears naturally.
  • When you are in the zone and rhythmically breathing with your belly (and not your chest), it’s time for some creative visualization. Visualize a warm and white light emanating from your crown chakra and entering through your nose. Let the warm light illuminate every part of your body, from the head down to your root chakra.
  • Imagine this universal energy penetrating every fiber of your being, easing the pain, and delivering much-needed comfort. You will notice that several points in your body will respond differently to the presence of the light. These are your chakras or energy centers, and they will have a different reaction as the white light begins to unblock them.
  • Hold the angel aura quartz with both hands and stare directly into it. This will forge an instant bond between the bearer and the crystal. Stare into the depths of the crystal and allow yourself to connect with your angel aura quartz. You will immediately feel the crystal communicating with you. It will connect to you at an intimate level. Let the crystal do so.
  • Continue meditating and visualizing how the subtle energies are acting on your spirit and body.

Angel Aura Quartz Healing Properties

Angel aura quartz can help you see and experience the beauty of the world and the bonds that we hold with other people. It helps people have more faith in the redemption of humankind. It helps you reconnect your True Self or Inner Child – the purest form or representation of the Self. This effect by itself is already a natural process of healing because it allows you to take advantage of what the Pure Self can achieve.

The person who is in touch with the Pure Self has better control of his chakras as well. The chakras are the spheres or centers of energy that govern different aspects or dimensions of the Self. Each of the chakras, starting from the crown chakra down to the root chakra, is vital to your well-being. Angel aura quartz can help restore the energy spheres. There are several ways that chakras can become ill or diseases. The most common malaise is when chakras become blocked. Blocked chakras automatically become underpowered, and this affects persons differently depending on which chakra has a problem.

People who have a blocked heart chakra would have a problem feeling loved and expressing love. They would also have problems bonding with others. There will be this severe inability to feel vulnerable to the love of others. Those who have a blocked throat chakra will be unable to express themselves properly. There will be this inability to voice out opinions and ideas. The impact is huge: a person might feel that he is powerless and that he is doomed to follow others’ lead, even if they don’t have his best interests at heart.

Another great benefit of using angel aura quartz is being able to channel higher forms of consciousness from the Universe. A person’s spiritual well-being needs to come to terms with the truth of the present and truths that come from the Source. These new truths that can help you make better decisions include insight, instinct, and intuition. These are not easy to come by when you are not a spiritual person.

Fortunately, it’s easy to become more insightful, with a wide consciousness when you are engaged in spiritual activities and become more knowledgeable about how you connect with the rest of Creation. This gemstone can also help people align and reach the astral planes and other planes beyond the physical or mortal plane. It’s interesting how such a simple act, such as meditation, can open up many opportunities for self-betterment.

If you have ever wanted to reach out to talk to spirit guides, or even your ancestors, astral projection and lucid dreaming, plus meditation, can help you get there. With the right combination of crystals, including this quartz, you can succeed in whatever spiritual endeavors you dream of.