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8 Best Grounding Crystals And Stones That Help With Grounding Energy

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Crystals for grounding might help you regain a sense of equilibrium in your life if you’ve been feeling off-kilter lately. A suitable grounding stone has a soothing and reassuring frequency that fosters a strong connection with the earth’s energy.

Being firmly planted on solid ground is, without a doubt, one of life’s greatest pleasures. A strong sense of serenity and centering yourself in your body are the keys to success.

Grounding crystals are an excellent way to regularly practice energy cleansing, shielding, and grounding procedures to sustain your mind and body in decent shape.

Crystals for grounding connect deeper with your environment and become more involved. According to scientific studies that have been conducted, relating to the planet is critical to our well-being.

You can say you’re grounded if you’re aware of your physical surroundings and don’t get caught up in your thoughts or feelings. For example, grounding crystals or balancing gemstones can help if you’ve felt too flimsy, floating, or stressed, making you feel at ease.


What Is Grounding?

Your physical body’s current location in time and place is known as grounding. You can say you’re grounded if you’re aware of your physical surroundings and don’t get caught up in your thoughts or feelings.

The therapeutic approach of “grounding” or “earthing” entails engaging in activities that reestablish a person’s electrical connection to the earth. Using grounding physics, this technique explains the good benefits that electrical charges from the earth have on your body.

If you are an empath or prone to feelings of being “floaty,” holding a healing stone might assist bring you back to reality. An essential element of metaphysical and emotional healing is staying grounded.

As a general rule, it refers to direct touch between the flesh on our hands or feet and the ground. By balancing your energies with grounding crystals, you can get the grounding you need. Crystals come in all silhouettes and dimensions, so you can find one that resonates with you.

Incredibly, for countless eons, people from all over the world and from many different cultural backgrounds have discussed the health and well-being benefits of walking barefoot on the land. Even though this may be novel to some, it is a common practice in many cultures.

How Do Crystals Help With Grounding?

Having a neutral charge is a sign that you’re well-grounded. You feel more at peace with yourself. It’s easier to maintain your focus and energy when you’re grounded.

All of your emotions and energy are removed from the mind to reestablish your base on the earth. No matter what’s going on around you, you’ll be able to maintain your composure with the help of this technique.

Groundedness helps reduce inflammation and pain, promotes sleep, and enhances self-healing mechanisms. Improved focus and serenity, and an anxiety reduction are just some of the physical benefits that yoga provides.

Being ungrounded is OK, but the ability to recover that footing when necessary is critical. This makes your aura more prone to rips, tears, and holes while you’re not anchored.

You’ll notice the same symptoms in most cases if you’re not grounded. For example, heart palpitations or static shocks may cause dizziness. In addition, weight gain, clumsiness, and forgetfulness are all possible side effects of aging.

In addition to the more traditional grounding methods such as barefoot walks in the fresh air and gardening and tree-hugging, crystals can also aid in this process.

It’s best to do this while surrounded by nature’s healing energy, but you can do it wherever you are. Take a deep breath and feel the vibrations of your grounding crystal in your hands and the ground beneath your feet.

8 Best Crystals for Grounding

1. Obsidian

Obsidian is the odd one out in this group because it is the only true blue volcanic glass among these other minerals. Regardless, it occupies a special place in the roster because it is associated with three distinct elements: water, earth, and fire.

Black obsidian is formed when lava erupts from the earth. Unlike other kinds of minerals, it doesn’t have the luxury of developing over millions of years. The moment lava cools, obsidian can begin to form.

It is highly recommended that people engage in all kinds of spiritual work where the individual is brought into close contact with frenetic or higher frequency energies from other people. Such exposure to higher energies can drain one easily.

Obsidian can be used to remove excess energies from the auric field. This brings back your energy flow to normal, which is important if you want to stay lively and energetic, with no hints of abnormal energies in your auric field.

Find more about Obsidian meaning and healing properties.

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2. Jet

What Is Jet Gemstone and Its Healing Properties?

This is another odd one out in the set because the jet is not a gemstone in the world’s strictest sense. Rather, a jet is a type of formation found only in fossilized wood.

Jet is one of the top crystals for grounding because of its close affinity with the earth. When we ground the energy, it passes through the root chakra and back to the earth. However, not everyone can ground themselves effectively, so unwanted energies (whether good or bad) are retained in the human frame or the auric field. If you are feeling anxiety, depression, and indecision, and you don’t know where these emotions are coming from, you need the grounding powers of a jet.

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3. Onyx

Onyx is a kind stone because it deals with the heaviest types of emotional baggage and problems that the human psyche can ever accommodate. It is the most magical crystal that was used extensively in ancient times for different kinds of magic. It is also made into amulets to offer effective protection against curses and other unsavory magical activities.

To improve your life through grounding, black onyx can be used to remove past life trauma traces. Past life traumas function exactly like recent traumas; only we have lost the specific memories that bind them to us.

This doesn’t mean that these traumas are not harmful anymore. A person may not know why he is experiencing the trauma, but the trauma remains. When you meditate with onyx, you allow the past life traumas to wither away, and eventually, you will be set free from them.

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4. Jasper

Red Jasper, specifically, has a great stabilizing effect on people’s thoughts and emotions. This gemstone is most valuable when a person wants to remain steadfast in times of trauma and stress. We recommend getting it if your life is a constant battle against negativity, and there are players or actors in your life that constantly create negativity for you.

Being exposed to negative people can mess up your emotional balance, so it’s important to have a protective shield that can counterbalance the harsh effects of negativity.

Find more about Red Jasper meaning and healing properties.

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5. Shungite

Shungite is not well known, but it remains a notable stone of life and stone of transformation. The lustrous shungite can be used as a regenerative stone that can bring back zest in your life. It can also be functionally used as a shield against EMPs.

What makes it truly special is its frequencies are locked toward the root chakra. Like we discussed earlier, the root chakra is the site of the grounding connection to the earth. The root chakra allows you to release these energies so you can feel normal and secure again. Much of the insecurity that we feel about ourselves is the result of an overturned matrix of energies that we can’t balance without the special aid of spiritual devices, like healing crystals.

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6. Hematite


The hematite is focused mainly on the human mind, but its main chakra connection is still with the root chakra, making it a grounding stone. What’s interesting about the hematite is that its frequencies allow you to reach the deepest parts of the earth when grounding yourself. This is the best way to recharge oneself and enhance any natural talents or gifts you may have, including your natural psychic talents.

If you have psychic talents and feel that you have not been able to recharge for a long time, grab some hematite and wear them all day. At the end of your busy working day, you may opt to meditate and ground yourself a little more to seal it.

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7. Smoky Quartz

Smokey quartz is a classic grounding crystal that vibrates at a higher frequency than its other quartz cousins. Smokey quartz has a high transmutation capacity that can easily be used as the core of an orgonite generator. This type of quartz can cleanse an entire room of negative energies.

If you have been thinking of creating a powerful energy grid at home, be sure to add at least one piece of Smokey quartz to the mix of crystals. Smokey quartz will support the vibrational transmission of similar stones, and it may even amplify the results.

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8. Black Tourmaline


Black tourmaline is magnificent when it comes to grounding and improving the quality of life of the bearer. It deals not just with individual emotions that may be taking away the happiness of your life. It will also deal with patterns in behavior and lifestyle that may be causing negativity. Black tourmaline can take it away and ground to the earth,  the negativity will be cleansed and purified.

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How to Use Grounding Stones?

One can ground oneself in various ways; the key is to choose the one that works best for you. Relaxation and visualization are two of the most common grounding techniques.

A simple approach for grounding is to imagine roots sprouting from your feet or spinal column and extending into the dirt. Then, slowly exhale while visualizing a light or energy cable emanating from your root chakra to the ground.

All negative energies should be released into the crystal while holding it in your palm. Then, with their programming and grounding complete, these gems are ready to accept these energies.

Place your crystal in the earth or on a plant when you’ve finished cleaning it. If you don’t want to sage it, you can soak it in salt water overnight. The best way to recharge it is to put it out in the full moonlight.




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