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Using a crystal for good luck can help expand your financial horizons and improve your handling of money. If you are planning to start a business or already have one, you may want to know what stone brings luck and money.

We have rounded up the best stones for bringing exceptional luck and wealth to their bearers. Use this as a guide in selecting the most harmonious and effective combination for attracting abundance in your life at present.

7 Best Crystals to Bring Luck and Wealth & Guide on How to Place 

1. Citrine


Citrine is called the “merchant’s stone” and is considered one of the luckiest gemstones. It occurs naturally in nature as a brown or honey yellow gem.

It is intimately linked with the solar plexus chakra and can also expand your consciousness by working on the crown chakra, which has an immediate impact on all the other chakras.

Citrine is a manifestation stone. It can be used for manifesting or consciously creating the best reality. If you believe in the law of attraction, you can use citrine to transmit the correct vibrational energy to the Source.

This will greatly speed up any efforts to manifest real desires in the physical plane of existence. Citrine’s vibrations also naturally attract wealth and abundance. It will open your mind to how to attract more wealth without stressing yourself too much.

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2. Green Aventurine


This crystal is aptly called the stone of opportunity for many reasons. It occurs as a vitreous green gem in nature and is linked with the heart chakra. The heart chakra is the sea of pure and unconditional love – the most powerful human energy in the known Universe.

Green aventurine is the preferred lucky charm of gamblers because it dissipates risks, and it can help turn the tables against a powerful opponent in gambling. Games of chance are also easy dealings with the green aventurine.

Wear green aventurine if you wish to improve your chances of success with a new venture or business at any point in your life.

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3. Peridot


Appropriately tagged as the Money Stone, peridot stands out in our list because of its consistent reputation as an easy money magnet. Peridot is also said to have a tangible impact on how a person attracts good fortune.

If you wish to enhance the flow of abundance, more than what you are already enjoying, use peridot. Peridot also has the special ability to increase an individual’s power. Combined, enhanced personal power and wealth can transform your life for the better.

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4. Malachite


Malachite is considered an enigma stone because if you don’t control the negativity around you, it may magnify both the good and the bad. We recommend using other stones to counterbalance the evil that surrounds you, so that malachite’s amazing magnification powers will only pick up the good and amplify it.

Using malachite has many advantages. First, it creates a sphere of luck that radiates from within. Luck will continue pouring into your life, and since luck causes us to be content and happy, malachite will take those powerful, positive elements in your life and amplify them even more. Malachite allows you to take what little positivity that you think you have and turns these into something big and substantial.

Malachite can be used at home or in the office. We recommend keeping it around your person to attract the right kinds of people to your life. Having the right kinds of people in your life will improve your luck and stability. If you are fearful of risk, this is also a good choice because malachite mitigates risk and allows you to improve upon your chances of success.

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5. Amazonite

Amazonite meaning and Healing Properties

The Amazonite is the purest stone of hope. It is associated with the throat chakra and heart chakra, and it can help improve your life by removing the obstructions that are preventing your chakras from functioning properly. As a lucky stone, amazonite improves your chances of winning in gambling games.

Wherever there is a game of risk and chance, amazonite can be used to even the odds. We recommend that those who place bets and gamble use different stones to mitigate risk and improve their chances of winning.

This applies most especially to those who have not been winning so far and have been suffering from a losing streak. Perhaps amazonite is what you need to start pumping luck and abundance into your games.

In addition to improving your vitality at games of risk, amazonite is also notable for being a stone of courage. Courage is important for prosperity, as doing business also means taking risks. Place it near your heart so it will function well.

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6. Jade

jade meaning and properties

Jade has been associated with a lifetime of wealth since the earliest days in Ancient China. It is a powerful gemstone that heralds the arrival of immense money and fortune in business. It is the eternal gemstones that represent prosperity in life, and we highly recommend getting jade because it is a high-quality charm for abundance.

Jade is also useful for people who are engaged in the law of attraction or conscious creation. Use this stone to improve the rate at which desires are manifested in concrete reality.

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7. Emerald


The brilliant green color of the emerald reveals its position in the scheme of universal abundance. It is an expert in magnetizing cash to people. If you have been dreaming of ending up with a nice fat bundle of cash out of nowhere, you need emerald.

Take note that in the context of an energy practice, it doesn’t truly matter if you have an expensive gemstone that has been polished and cut or a gemstone that has only been tumbled slightly. What is important is you have the right type of gemstone for the purpose or function that you are thinking of. Many of the gemstones in our countdown can be used alongside each other for better results.

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