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Fluorite crystal is the master of inner healing and the expansion of human consciousness. If you feel that you need to be more spiritual, use fluorite crystal. Discover more Fluorite meaning and healing properties.

What is Fluorite Crystal?

Fluorite meaning

Fluorite or fluorspar is an ornamental and industrial mineral used widely in different industries, from ceramic production to chemical synthesis. Fluorite crystals that exhibit heightened diaphaneity are used for producing brilliant jewelry. These finer specimens of fluorite are also used for other ornamental objects.

Fluorite holds the distinction of being a common mineral that has a four-way cleavage. The four-way cleavage is due to the almost perfect isometric crystalline structure of the mineral.
Fluorite is chemically classified as a halide, and it can occur in various colors from colorless, black, purple, red, green, blue, and yellow. It has a white streak and is vitreous.

Fluorite’s diaphaneity can either be translucent or transparent, depending on the sample.

How is Fluorite Crystal Made?

fluorite crystal

Green Fluorite Crystals

Fluorite is developed by hydrothermal processes that cause the layering or deposition of the right combination of minerals over millions of years. Fluorite is often seen as a gaunge mineral interspersed with metallic ores.
It can also be found in the fractures of dolomites and limestone, though not all the time. Fluorite is also categorized as a rock-forming gem.

With its Mohs score of four, it is not a very durable gem, so you should be careful when handling it as it can become scratched by harder objects. Chipping and cracking are also possible if you accidentally drop fluorite.

Where is Fluorite Crystal Found?

raw fluorite stone

Raw Fluorite Stones (Buy on Amazon)

Four countries lead in the global supply of fluorite: South Africa, China, Mongolia, and China.

The United States also has a healthy supply of this mineral. However, perhaps because of trade sensibilities, much of the fluorite that is used in the United States is imported from other countries. The production costs of fluorite in the country are higher than those of just buying the mineral directly from exporting countries.
By 2011, some companies were already experimenting with synthetic fluorite. They did this by producing reactions that involved the reduction of phosphoric acid and processing petroleum.

Fluorite Meaning and Healing Properties

Meaning of Fluorite Crystal

Fluorite is a must-have healing crystal because it possesses many powerful and useful properties that every energy practitioner should have in his/her arsenal. It is linked with three chakras: the third eye chakra, the heart chakra, and the throat chakra.

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It is also the gemstone of two zodiac signs – the Pisces and the Capricorn. It is both an air gem and a water gem (these two elements get along just fine, too). It produces subtle energy waves at frequency level seven, making it ideal for healing activities and rejuvenating meditation.

Healing Properties of Fluorite Gemstone

In the world of energy healing or crystal healing, fluorite gems are known as “genius crystals.”


Because they have a powerful and unstoppable affinity with the human mind.

They can help you unlock your highest state of mental development, and the achievements that come after that unlocking can be immeasurable as the year’s progress. This property of fluorite is likely to be helpful to students and other people who want to excel in learning new information and skills.
Fluorite also can expand your consciousness. Expansive consciousness is useful for many things. Still, people are usually interested in tapping their consciousness to secure their hold on natural psychic talents and perform things like lucid dreaming and astral projection.
A more expansive consciousness will allow you to fully understand the various realms of existence, not just the one that we inhabit as mortal beings.

If you happened to chance upon purple fluorite, know that this variant offers additional benefits to the user and what we already mentioned before.

Purple fluorite is a devotional gemstone, which means it helps people reconnect and nurture their spiritual life. People who have never had a proper spiritual life are often disconnected from their inner selves and true voices. You may meditate with purple fluorite to improve your grasp of the spiritual life.

In the beginning, it might be challenging to develop a spiritual connection with oneself and the Source. Hopefully, with the help of crystals like the purple fluorite, you will naturally flow into the mold of someone who knows how spirituality works and why it can benefit people immensely.

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Who Should Wear Fluorite Crystal?

Fluorite can be worn by people who wish to protect themselves from toxic or negative energies. It is a powerful warding stone, and it can help boost your auric protection. You have to keep your fluorite crystal with you at all times because it said that the more you use this crystal, the more it bonds with you, and the more it becomes properly protective.

This may be true for many other crystals. It is important to always use an imprint yourself on your healing crystals because that is one of the best ways to bond with the mystic energies that make them so special. Use fluorite if you wish to arrive at universal truths, with an expansive consciousness.

This gemstone can also be used for auric cleansing or removing negative imprints and connections with psychic vampires. Psychic vampirism is exceedingly common. When there is a psychic vampire nearby, that person will (unknowingly or not) connect with other auras to steal their positive energy.
This process can occur over the distance, so even if the person has already left, the important link may continue to drain your energy.

Physical Healing Properties Of Fluorite Crystal

There are also physical benefits to using fluorite as a healing crystal. It has a great impact on the immune system, and it encourages cells and tissues in the body to heal and reform themselves.
Fluorite has a particular affinity for the respiratory system and the skin. If you have trouble with wrinkles and dark spots, you may want to use skin-friendly crystals that harmonize the body’s processes. When you hit the right combination of crystals, even the skin will regenerate and heal properly.

Fluorite is also known for healing and bringing back the vigor of DNA in the body.


 fluorite meaning and healing properties

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