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Can the angelite stone help you with developing unconditional love? What about inner peace and mental focus? Find out more in today’s Angelite Blog.


What is Angelite Stone?

Angelite is a soft form of anhydrite. It is also called the angel stone and often occurs in either lilac-blue or glacier blue. Angelite often has a white core and natural flecks as its internal inclusions. This gemstone is relatively new to the gem world, having been discovered only in 1987. The name anhydrite refers to the fact that this stone (gypsum) has already lost most or all of its water. Therefore it is “without water.”


How is Angelite Stone Made?

Much of the angel stone or Angelite we find in jewelry stores are mined in Peru. Local artisans in Peru (including lapidaries) carve Angelite into ornamental objects, including small figures like animals. It is classified as an evaporite mineral, and it is normally found in sedimentary basins where plenty of oceanic water was formerly deposited.

Smaller deposits have also been found near shorelines. Anhydrite is formed when seawater evaporates, leaving distinct mineral groups to form into gemstones over a long, long period. Angelite gemstones are often composed limestone, gypsum, halite, and calcite, in addition to minute amounts of other elements and minerals.

Angelite can easily be mixed and matched with other gemstones that have a light or pastel color. Don’t hesitate to match it with your older jewelry because it has a classic look that won’t disappoint. And with Angelite’s metaphysical and healing properties, who wouldn’t want to wear it often?


Meanings and Properties of Angelite Stone

The Angelite stone is one of the most enigmatic healing crystals around. It is associated with three chakras: the crown chakra, the third eye chakra, and the throat chakra. Based purely on its chakra associations, the Angelite is a powerful tool for unleashing natural psychic talents.

It can also help reverse problems with the overall balancing of chakra energies as it helps the crown chakra. On the other hand, the throat chakra is responsible for self-expression, which determines if you can hold your own when potentially negative influences surround you. Strengthening the throat chakra will have a direct impact on how you deal with others, and the Angelite stone is an ideal healing stone for protecting the throat chakra and unblocking it if it is already blocked.

Angelite is deemed effective for strengthening and healing the organs. It is the stone of creativity and can be used for improving your ability to conceptualize new ideas and bring them to life.

It helps tap into the deep wisdom of the universe, which is also useful if you want to take control of potentially paralyzing emotions, such as terror or fear. Instead of being fearful, Angelite transmutes these harmful emotions and converts them to something more useful: faith. Faithfulness increases a person’s capacity to roll with the blows, which is vital for improving one’s life.


How Do You Use Angelite?

Angelite can be used in a variety of ways. The simplest way to use healing crystals is to keep them nearby simply, so you will have a constant connection to the subtle energies that they produce. Gemstones generate positive and healing energies that connect with different aspects of yourself. We also recommend meditating with Angelite when you wish to use it to attain higher consciousness and healing.

One notable use of Angelite is for astral projection. Since Angelite can deepen one’s consciousness, it impacts the capacity of a person to perform OBEs or out of body experiences and similar activities. If you are interested in mastering OBEs, lucid dreaming and astral projection, keep using Angelite during meditation to improve your capacity to harness your natural psychic talents.

The third eye chakra is the seat of these special psychic gifts, and this chakra has a clear and powerful bond with the realms outside physical reality. Additionally, Angelite encourages spiritual and psychic communication.

What this means is if you focus enough when performing astral projection, Angelite can help you communicate with positive entities in your travels, which will make your astral projection even more productive and enlightening.

Angelite is the most powerful healing stone that focuses on the psychological profile and emotions of a person. It helps people feel calm and tranquility, which is then followed by the capacity to forgive. If you have been struggling to experience inner peace and tranquility, you can use Angelite to bring this necessary peace back into your life.

The inability to feel tranquility and inner peace is usually the result of being thoroughly exposed to negative people who influence what you do in a very bad way. Angelite can help shield you from further damage from these people.

People who have used the Angelite stone say that this healing crystal brings you to a calm and open state, allowing healing to take place more easily. Additionally, it opens up a beacon in the person’s life so that even in the darkest and most troubled time of his/her life, he/she can connect with the never-ending light of the Source or Godhead, which, in certain beliefs, is the center of all life and possibilities.

Angelite is ultimately useful for manifesting love, which is the most powerful energy in the human frame. Unconditional love, particularly, is important for manifesting or conscious creation.

When you come from a position of love while manifesting something, you can transmit the right kind of energies to manifest your deepest desires in material reality.

This prevents people from sending the wrong kind of signal, which may produce “mixed results” in some cases. Mixed results during conscious creation happen when your emotions and thoughts are not completely aligned with what you wish to manifest.

For example, even if there is even on iota of negativity while manifesting a desire, the opposite may occur, and your vibrational energy may cancel the desire itself. You must know how to regulate both your feelings and thoughts when manifesting.