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If you don’t know how to put on tight bracelet yourself, you’re in luck, because today’s blog is all about the easy ways to put on a bracelet, including how to put on a bracelet using a paper clip. Some people have no trouble at all, putting on a bracelet by their lonesome, while others struggle because they can’t seem to align the clasp properly. We’re going to show you how it can be done easily at home.

How to Put On a Tight Bracelet by Yourself?

Method 1 – Put On Bracelet with Tape

This method is best used by people who can’t seem to keep their forearm or wrist steady while putting on a bracelet.

Step 1:

First, place the bracelet a few inches above the wrist line. This will help reduce the movement that makes bracelets fall off from the wrist in the first place. Position your hand with the palm facing down to stabilize your forearm. The end with no lock or clasp should be on top. Gently grip the other end of the bracelet and pull it gingerly underneath the wrist, making sure that the bracelet doesn’t fall off.

Step 2:

Next, pull the clasp end of the bracelet almost all the way through, so you have enough of the bracelet to go around half the circumference of your wrist. Now, some people like setting down the bracelet in such a way that the middle point is facing the pulse. This positioning tends to make the bracelet fall off, so we don’t recommend it at all.

Step 3:

Get some adhesive tape and cut off around two inches from it. Tape the end of the bracelet that doesn’t have a clasp to your wrist. This will secure the end of the bracelet, and you won’t have to worry about it falling off anymore.

Step 4:

Grab the other end with the clasp and lock it in place. Bracelet clasps vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but you should be able to secure it once the other end is already unmoving easily. Gently remove the adhesive tape from your skin, and you are all done.

View the demonstration on how to put on a bracelet by using adhesive tape:

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Method 2 – Put On Bracelet Using a Paperclip

This is an ingenious method of putting on a bracelet that we are sure you are going to love.


Use a paperclip to assist you to wear a bracelet

Step 1:

Get a long-enough paper clip and gently unfold it. Paperclips have two loops – undo one of the loops and stretch it out so you can grab that end later while putting on your bracelet. It would help if you used a paperclip that has enough reach. Otherwise, you are going to struggle to try to catch the end of the paper clip, and there’s the risk of damaging the bracelet as well because the hook is going to grip the link too tightly.

If you can’t find a paperclip, that’s alright. You can use other wires as alternatives. The only prerequisite here is that one end has to be looped slightly to catch one end of the bracelet. Another alternative that you can use is a thin S-shaped hook made of metal that you can unfurl like a paperclip.

Step 2:

When you have your paperclip ready, hook one end of the bracelet through the jump ring or any other link that looks sturdy enough to be hooked. If the paperclip doesn’t fit because of the vinyl coating, use a pair of scissors to cut the vinyl out. Just cut around the wire and push out the coating. Place the bracelet on the table and put your hand palm face-up on the table. Grab one end of the paper clip with your thumb and index finger to secure the bracelet at the midpoint of your wrist.

Step 3:

Grab the other end of the bracelet and lock it in place. This might take some getting used to, but it works great for quick bracelet locking, especially when you are in a hurry. After successfully attaching the clasp of the bracelet, remember to remove the paperclip before heading out. And wait – we have just one other reminder. Don’t throw out a perfectly good paperclip that has been bent to perfection.

Please put it in your jewelry box or your purse so you will always have a nifty tool to help you put on bracelets.

View the demonstration on how to wear a bracelet by using paperclip:

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Method 3 – Buy a Bracelet Fastening Tool 

A bracelet fastening tool works similarly to the bent paperclip, but with slightly better grip and perhaps, even better results. You can purchase a bracelet fastening tool online, such as Amazon. They’re easy to use, and you can be sure that any bracelet can be attached because the wire they use is thin enough for both costume jewelry and fine jewelry. So what you need to do is to slightly hook or pinch one end of the bracelet fastening tool.

Step 1:

Push the end of the tool through a large enough link or jump ring on the bracelet. You can use it this way (with one end gripped by your fingers like a paperclip), or you can push the bracelet fastening tool through the link to the midpoint.

Step 2:

At the midpoint mark, bend the tool and grip the two ends with three or four fingers,

Step 3:

Use your other hand to put the clasp in place.

So why would anyone buy an actual tool for wearing and closing a bracelet clasp?

While others feel a little clumsy, other people have medical conditions that prevent them from holding things firmly. This might translate to a certain kind of shakiness that will make wearing watches and bracelets nearly impossible in some cases. For example, people with severe arthritis or rheumatism around the wrist, hands, or fingers will have a tough time steadying their forearms while putting on the clasp.

Bracelet fastening tools can be used not just for bracelets but also for lighter watches with a simple metal clasp. Like bracelets, these watches can easily slip away and fracture if you drop them on the floor. It’s best to settle your watch down on the table (taking care not to knock the cover) and use the right tool to put it on.


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