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Wearing your birthstone isn’t just fashionable – it completes your look and gives you access to the wondrous world of energy healing or crystal healing. There are several types of birthstone necklaces to choose from – take your pick and upgrade your wardrobe and jewelry today with an elegant and refine birthstone necklace.


Birthstone Charm Necklace

The single charm necklace is the most natural pick for many people because they’re comfortable to wear and even easier to match with different kinds of attires. It is elegant enough for more formal events but is also cute and trendy enough for casual wear.

There are several designs of note with single charm necklaces. The berry-type necklace will have your birthstone in either cabochon or faceted cut. The chain links will either be rounded or flat, depending on the design. Both types of chains are designed to rest next to your skin, and they’re meant to be worn close to you.

The chains can either be genuine gold or gold-plated in all the variations of gold available: white gold rose gold and yellow gold. Berry-type necklaces highlight the birthstone the most as the stone will be set horizontally, giving people a better view of the stone’s internal characteristics. This enhances the luster and fire of the gem when worn.

Zodiac charm set necklaces are also available. These sets highlight the wearer’s zodiac sign, with the birthstone in a smaller berry form, strung to the side. Zodiac charm sets are beautiful and elegant and are best suited for people who want a fuller-looking birthstone charm necklace.


Beaded Necklace with Birthstone

Beaded bracelets have a much fuller look that some people love. There are two kinds of beaded necklaces with birthstone. The first one is made entirely of the focus birthstone like citrine, tourmaline, etc. While these necklaces are more expensive, they feature the birthstone more effectively, and they’re conversational pieces that are appropriate for just about any event or party that you can imagine.

Whether you need garnet, tourmaline, citrine, or rubies, there are beaded constructions that use your birthstone purely. The second type of beaded necklace uses more affordable beads or materials for the entire length of the necklace, and at the center is a faceted cut or cabochon of your birthstone. Less expensive gemstones may be used as beads or materials like glass or humanmade pearls.

These cost just 5% to 10% of the cost of simple beaded constructions that use just the target gemstone. Both are beautiful, but the second one is more affordable. Mass-market quality beaded necklaces are available online in platforms like Etsy and Amazon. There are also artisanal websites that create custom designs for people who would like to wear their birthstones for the first time.

Please take note that in our survey of beaded necklaces, we also saw a lot of dyed beads and simulants. For example, some beaded necklaces that were not genuine were being called “emerald necklaces.” Keep in mind that simulants abound in the market, too.


Tree of Life Necklace

The Tree of Life is a pervasive image in world history, and it is omnipresent in multiple cultures from the Middle East to Europe. In early Celtic history, the Celtic people had a profound and very personal relationship with nature, and trees in particular.

They believed in the concept of sacred trees, and these trees were supposed to protect people from harm, in addition to ensuring that they were bountiful and had access to the resources necessary for life.

Today, the Tree of Life is regarded as a means to attain balance and gain more happiness. It is also considered as a charm against bad luck and a way to improve one’s capacity to consciously create the life of his dreams through the law of attraction.

The Tree of Life symbol is also an excellent way to reestablish your connection with nature and the Divinity. If you want to kick-start your spiritual life and improve your connection with God, this type of necklace is the right choice.

There are several kinds of Tree of Life necklaces that fit every imaginable budget. On the lower end, there are macramé Tree of Life necklaces that can be made from cotton twine or cords. There is also dreamcatcher-type Tree of Life pendants attached to any twine, cord, or wire. The pricier Tree of Life pendants is made of wire, with gem chips as the leaves. These can be constructed at home or purchased from Etsy and similar platforms.


Cleaning Birthstones Properly

The general rule for birthstones is you should avoid submerging or moistening the gemstone unless you are 100% sure that the gemstone is not porous and will not take damage from moisture. Sometimes, gemstones are porous, and their color will fade if submerged in water. Cleaning is necessary for all kinds of chains, including gold chains and silver chains.

Cleaning leather cord jewelry

Use a soft cloth wetted with a little water to wipe down the leather and remove any grime and dust. If there is too much dirt, dip the cloth into a solution of light detergent and lukewarm water and clean the cord gently, until the grime is removed.

Cleaning silver or gold chains

These metals are non-reactive to most cleaners (save for the ones with corrosive components) to submerge them in cleaning solutions or detergent solutions. A soft toothbrush can be used to clean the stubborn dirt. These chains are also appropriate for most ultrasonic cleaning devices. Just follow the manufacturer’s instructions and apply the correct cleaning solution to the water before turning on the ultrasonic cleaner.

Cleaning gemstones

Some gemstones like the moonstone aren’t reactive to cleaning agents, too. What you can do is you can submerge them for thirty seconds to a full minute in a solution while agitating the pendant. Continue wiping down the gem and then air-dry. Make sure that all your jewelry is thoroughly dry before putting them back to your jewelry organizer.