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Manliness is a tricky subject when you talk about jewelry. Depending on where you are from, this subject can either be a so-so conversation piece, or something else.

Fortunately, the conventions for manly fashion have shifted in recent years, and it is now perfectly fine to wear some types of jewelry while maintaining the classic manly aura.

We believe that men should wear what makes them feel kind or handsome, and this includes jewelry. If you are not convinced, then just think of all the royalties in eras past who made it a point to wear the most expensive jewelry that their reigns can buy.

Jewelry isn’t just about looking good – it’s self-expression, confidence, and personal power. We’re going to share a couple of manly types of jewelry that you can start wearing today if you want to make a fashion statement or just want to improve how you dress and present yourself to others. Welcome to the world of unisex jewelry – where everything fits and makes you look and feel good!


Leather Necklace with Silver Pendant

This is as simple as they go in terms of jewelry. Leather is traditionally associated with masculinity, so it is a prime choice for men who aren’t used to wearing jewelry. We are okay with baby steps, and we’d rather wait for men to open up more to the idea of wearing jewelry more often.

Leather necklaces with silver pendants are the right choice because these can easily be matched with most wardrobe (especially the more bohemian wardrobes), and you will look good when you wear one. Black and silver can offset the neck’s circumference and make you look slimmer and fitter, too.

Another advantage of wearing a leather necklace with a silver pendant is you won’t have to worry about other people thinking or feeling that “it’s too much” or anything like that.

If you like working with your hands, you can also create this type of necklace at home. All you need is a silver pendant, some high-quality leather cord, and a clasp mechanism to wear the necklace properly.


Gold Necklace for Men

Gold necklaces are a perfect pick for men, and they are manly as can be. Most jewelry stores offer 18-karat gold necklaces for men in various makes. Note that there are various kinds of gold, not just yellow gold. There’s white gold, rose gold, and lastly, yellow gold. White gold is often used as an alternative to platinum jewelry because they cost less.

Yellow gold is the classic gold color and is the most known and favored color in the market. Rose gold, on the other hand, is an alloy of gold and copper. The copper strengthens the gold and provides the rosy overtones that complement fair skin so well.

If you want something unobtrusive and straightforward but still look fantastic wherever you may be going, try wearing herringbone chains. Herringbone chains have flat, parallel links and look fabulous in casual settings and for daytime use. Usually, herringbone chain gold necklaces are not long enough to merit too much attention. However, these necklaces will add that much-needed dash of style that is mostly missing in mainstream men’s fashion.

If you are interested in something more sophisticated-looking, look no further than box chains. Box chains lay flat when worn, and they exude this one of a kind elegance that tells people that you are a most sophisticated individual, and you have an excellent taste without being snooty about it. A box chain necklace with a simple pendant is adequate for most men. If you want people to notice your box chains, opt for a larger piece with thicker bands of gold instead.

The third type is called the bead chain, and it looks like someone strung up golden pearls. The bead chain is often fashioned like a dog tag, and it is the most masculine and attractive of all gold necklaces. This ersatz tag can rejuvenate your sense of style and is also a natural talking piece in conversations.


Birthstone Necklace

Birthstone necklaces for men can be made from leather or precious metals like silver, gold, and platinum. These necklaces often have a slim and streamlined form and either a simple or ornate pendant.

Male jewelry is rarely gregarious (unless the wearer wants the more gregarious designs), but they do have to be well-designed. Well-designed jewelry for men allows men to freely express themselves in one of the oldest languages of humanity – aesthetics.

Birthstone necklaces can also be crafted using various types of beads, from plastic beads to wooden beads. The important thing here is that the birthstone is featured correctly and set correctly, so it won’t fall off. A birthstone can be prepared in such a way


What is an Urn Necklace?

An urn necklace, also known as a cremation necklace, is a type of jewelry that allows a bereaved person to carry a small quantity of human ash in a pendant. The pendant is hermetically sealed, and the bearer can just wear the pendant like regular jewelry.

Urn necklaces come in various shapes. The most common shape is square, and these are often gold-plated. There are also stainless steel urn necklaces that come in shapes like a bullet, a single ornate wing, a horseshoe, a diamond, motorcycle, and so on. Unique shapes like the noble cylinder are also available for men who wish for a more classic look.



All in all, jewelry for men has genuinely progressed in recent years. Men can now enjoy a full selection of adequate jewelry that preserve masculine qualities while adding a dash of elegance and glamor to both casual and formal wear. We invite all men to try wearing jewelry more regularly so they can see just how excellent it is to wear jewelry. Remember: jewelry is not just for self-expression. It is for personal power and confidence, too.