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What Does Hematite Do For the Body?

Hematite has been here since the dawn of the earth, and it is also one of the most valuable ores of iron around. Apart from its industrial importance, hematite also has a lot to offer to people in terms of healing. Like other gems, hematite has metaphysical properties that lean toward healing and recovery. It’s interesting that despite its commonness, it can match the healing capacity of other rarer gemstones.

If you have been thinking of hematite or are attracted to buying hematite jewelry, your body and spirit tell you something. Your Self is likely informing you that you are not well-grounded or well-rooted to the earth.

This signifies that you are not able to let go of negative energies or toxic energy from the environment and other people.

It’s important to note here that our chi or life force can become corrupted or affected by other people’s negative energies. This was established centuries ago in the studies of traditional healing in different parts of the world.

What is even more critical now that you know that your chi or life force could be suffering is knowing how to apply gemstones like hematite to improve the state of your spiritual life and your physical state. Hematite feels cool to the skin when you touch it, and it has an immediate relaxing or soothing impact on the body.

It’s no small wonder that people are drawn to hematite when they feel overly emotional, or when they are stressed and fatigued all the time. It can work wonders for people who want to improve their emotional balance and when they also want to improve their psychological or mental states.

The hematite is well known for being a stone of the mind. This means that when you have hematite, its subtle healing energies are geared toward improving your mental and intellectual state. How does this play out when you begin using hematite? Your mental clarity is going to increase, and your mental fog, if any, is going to lift. Your emotional profile, which is determined by your chakras, is also going to improve with time.

Crystal healing with any gemstone takes time, but if you are patient with the process, you’re not going to find the positive changes in your life problematic at all. You are going to find these significant changes agreeable, and you will have a better life because of it.

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Is Hematite Magnetic?

Magnetic hematite is widely known for its healing properties. When you wear magnetic hematite, you benefit not only from its ability to heal emotional conflict and hardship but also from its natural transmutation capacity. What is transmutation?

Transmutation happens when toxic or negative energies are absorbed by gemstone-like magnetic hematite and is processed so that what comes after is pure love. Love is one of the most powerful energies in the Universe, and we even have a chakra responsible for it – the heart chakra. Physically, wearing something like a magnetic hematite bracelet can improve your blood circulation and dissolve negativity quickly, making your days more productive and better for everyone.

Did you know that hematite was also used back in ancient times as a blood cleanser? It is said that hematite was capable of removing toxins and poisons from the blood, including snake bite venom. It is a truly amazing and notable gemstone, even though it is not that expensive, and anyone can have access to it.


How Can Hematite Help in Grounding Energy?

Hematite can help in grounding you and making you more rooted to the earth. For those who aren’t aware of this, the subtle bodies of the Self need to be properly grounded so that harmful energies and excess energies (that can also become harmful in time) can be routed to the earth and neutralized. Neutralizing harmful energies takes time, but the process is more straightforward and effective when using hematite and similar gemstones.

In addition to granting you a better life because it can root you to the earth, it is also believed that hematite can help connect you to the Universe better by enhancing your capacity to transmit subtle vibrational energies. What are these energies?

These energies are the vibrational transmissions that we send out using our chi or life force. Interestingly, even though we don’t produce these energies in large quantities or high levels, we can still easily communicate with the universe through a method called conscious creation. Conscious creation is telling the Universe what you want to create or manifest through the law of attraction.


How to Cleanse and Recharge Hematite Stone?

Like other gemstones, the hematite requires cleansing and regularly recharging to keep its subtle vibrational energies in top form. The simplest way to recharge and cleanse a crystal is by washing it with water. Open your faucet and wash the hematite carefully, before wiping down to dry. This is the fastest way to do it. If you want something more esoteric, you need a fireproof bowl, a lighter, some dried sage and your hematite. Light the tip of the sage and allow some smoke to unfurl. You will pass the hematite through the sage’s white smoke, and the powerful sage will cleanse any evils or diseases that may have attached to the gemstone. This ritual cleansing is often used by other energy practitioners and mystics who use gemstones for various processes.

The third method of cleansing gemstones is through a saltwater bath. We recommend this method if your hematite hasn’t been cleaned before. Create a salt solution with water and regular salt and submerge your hematite for 24 hours.

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Hematite Uses in Everyday Life

Hematite can be used as a general defensive ward against psychic attacks and negativity. This gemstone can also be used to regular and improve blood pressure, pulse rate, and generally just your entire blood circulation. Use it to improve your body is faring and use it frequently in meditation to improve your overall health.