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What is The Tree of Life?

The Tree of Life is a persistent mythemes found all over the world. The oldest dated stories of the tree of life predate Christianity and Judaism and can be traced to the Celtic people and the Assyrians of the ninth century. Briefly, the Tree of Life represents the axial Mundi or center of all Creation.

The Tree of Life is supposed to have unique powers that nourish and protect life. The Celtic people, mainly, believed that sacred trees should be protected and that if your sacred tree is cut during a time of war, your tribe can lose to the war. This is how vital trees are to the Celtic people, especially the ancient Celts.

What’s Good About Wearing the Tree of Life Jewelry?

Wearing the Tree of Life connects you to the long and beautiful history of this mytheme. There are several benefits of wearing anything with the Tree of Life symbol.

The first benefit is it helps channel knowledge and wisdom. If you want a reminder that there is a much bigger world out there and so much more to accomplish, you have a Tree of Life symbol on your body. Even in the Christian tradition, the Tree of Life is associated with godly wisdom and virtuousness.

In the Buddhist tradition, he attained the highest level of consciousness or enlightenment while meditating under the Tree of Life. In every culture, the Tree of Life exists, which shows how universally relevant it is, not just for maintaining mythology, but for people who want to become a part of something so much bigger than them.

tree of life

Tree of life necklace with aquamarine stone

Wearing the Tree of Life Necklace or Tree of Life Pendant

Wearing a Tree of Life necklace or pendant is a surefire way to make your life better. Wearing such a necklace can help improve your courage and inner strength. It can also help you establish better life stability, especially if you have been experiencing a lot of conflict and disharmony lately.

The Tree of Life is such a pure and powerful symbol that it will help harmonize your life and iron out the kinks. It is a connection to a much deeper world that involves not just oneself but also the rest of Creation. Another advantage of wearing a Tree of Life necklace or pendant is it can help boost your motivation and confidence in life.

It can also help aid in maintaining your capacity to maintain interest in passion projects and creative pursuits in life.

The Tree of Life symbolizes many things, but among the most intriguing associations is its links with immortality. We can say that the more you wear a Tree of Life symbol, the safer you and healthier you will be, because symbols have powers attached to them, and those who bear such symbols will enjoy these mystical powers.

Having a Tree of Life Tattoo?

A Tree of Life tattoo is much more intimate, and therefore, possibly more potent than wearing pendants or necklaces. A tattoo is a permanent mark, a permanent reminder that your life is now linked with one of the oldest visages of Creation – the Tree of Life. If you want to have a closer link with God, and want your spiritual life to blossom, begin with the Tree of Life and similar symbols, and you’re sure to get good results.

As the Tree of Life is comprised of powerful images of interconnection and stability, such as the roots, the trunk, the branch system, the leaves, and sometimes, fruit, a Tree of Life tattoo is also an excellent way to strengthen your bond with family, friends, and lovers. The symbol will carry a much more profound and more powerful significance to you once it begins its work on strengthening your ties with other people.

In various cultures and faiths, the Tree of Life is also considered the universal symbol of fertility. Fertility and the renewal of life are both functions of humans, and it makes sense that the Tree of Life is utilized as a celebration of partnerships or marriages, too.

Tree of Life Drawing and Tree of Life Tapestry

Have you heard about the art piece Tree of Life by Gustav Klimt? Because of him, the imagery of tree of life becomes more well known.

Perhaps the most tantalizing benefit of tapping the magic of the Tree of Life is the benefit of attracting wealth, fortune, and abundance.

People who have Tree of Life drawings or Tree of Life tapestry at home are doing a first step in ensuring that their physical living spaces attract the right energies. Tree of Life tapestries often take inspiration from European art, so these tapestry pieces aren’t just beautiful; they are cosmically inspired.

How does the Tree of Life attract wealth and abundance?

It all has to do with the fact that the Tree of Life has been the ultimate Giver in the physical realm. The Celtic people were already onto something when they realized that it would be difficult to survive if there weren’t any trees to cut down and use as natural resources for human life.

The Celtic people were always thankful for nature because trees provided firewood, materials for building houses and other structures, and even materials for clothing and footwear. They considered trees and nature sacred because all they had were taken from nature.

Symbolically, the structure of the Tree of Life aligns with abundance and wealth. It has full and deeply penetrating roots that reach deep into the earth for sustenance.

It has full branches and a thick trunk that promotes stability and ensures that resources are kept close at the center. Many people don’t realize that abundance is a kind of balance that makes you more durable and less likely to be uprooted by life’s many challenges.

To be genuinely abundant, you need to attract fortune for your finances and other parts of your life. This is perhaps an essential message of the Tree of Life – that to be truly happy and fortunate, you need to work on your entire life, not just your finances.

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