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Because they’re so much less expensive than diamonds, white crystals are a popular choice for diamond alternatives. White crystal meaning amplifies the frequencies of other crystals and stones. A common misconception is that white crystals names may be used as a substitute for any other gemstone because they have all the hues.

Because of their spiritual significance and ability to represent a higher plane of existence, white or colorless crystals make excellent healing stones. The feminine gender is represented by white crystals, which also represent death and rebirth. Using the January birthstone with white crystals might help you regain a sense of serenity and peace.

Meditation is made much easier and more effective when using these white gemstones for spiritual practice and bringing calm and serenity into the environment.

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What Is White Crystal?

White gemstones can also refer to colorless stones in the gemstone industry. The Moon is the ruler of white crystals, which is why they are typically associated with sleep and psychic abilities.

Good fortune and protection from the dark are their most common uses. The significance of white stones varies depending on the type, but the most common meanings are transparency, innocence, and transcendence. If all you have in mind when you think of a white gemstone is a diamond, you could automatically link the meaning of white gemstones to love and devotion.

They also symbolize the purity and innocence of these crystals—as guiding beacons 5in the night, they bring only goodness and light into the world.

White crystals can be used to purify your environment and remove any negative energies that have been attached to it.


White Crystal Meaning

Additionally, the color white is a symbol of the opposites of hope and freedom.

Your goals for the crystals will be more precise because they can store and retrieve information.

There are times in life when you’re unsure what path to take and whether or not the things you’re doing are advancing your progress toward the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Additionally, you’ll be able to attract more of what you want into your life with the help of these crystals.

They will help you remember your visions so that you may utilize the information when you awaken.

These crystals will open your eyes to lessons and knowledge you never knew existed.

You can reclaim long-lost memories with the use of white crystals.

Using your psychic abilities will be encouraged and supported by the upper chakras, which will radiate white light.

These white gemstones will help you sharpen your thinking and become more observant.


White Crystal Healing Properties

Any use of white crystals may benefit the organ that sits in the upper body.

In addition to enhancing the immune system, they help to purify the bloodstream.

The bioavailability of vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamin b, can be improved as a result.

For millennia, humankind has used gemstones primarily as decorative accents.

Despite this, many historical and contemporary cultures have believed that valuable stones and jewelry can have therapeutic properties.

White crystals reverberate In the pineal and pituitary glands, which regulate the hormones.

These crystals can be used to repair any abnormalities that may be present in the body.

In addition to eliminating existing ailments, white crystals can prevent new ones from forming.

They can all be cured and protected by psoriasis, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy. In addition, they can be utilized to treat sunburned skin.


How To Use White Crystals?

Placing white crystals in your living room might help bring harmony to your household or your relationship with your partner.

They use jewels in rituals to replenish energy fields, acquire tranquility, and promote a sense of safety and security.

Your white crystals can be placed in any area that you feel requires the crystals’ caring and purifying energies.

For those who are open to it, the symbolism of the white stone opens up a new path to wisdom.

Don’t be frightened to learn about their characteristics and try them out in various locations around the house.

For a deep, relaxing, and restful night’s sleep, place white crystals next to your bed or under your pillow.

It’s OK if you prefer not to keep your white crystals under your pillow, but they can still positively affect you.

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9  White Gemstone Names

1. Pearl


Pearl is considered an organic gemstone that has as much beauty and luster as mineralized gemstones. Pearls are hard objects found in oysters and freshwater mussels. They are eventually formed inside the bodies of oysters and mussels as a response to an irritant inside the body of the clam.

Chemically, pearls are made mostly of calcium carbonate. Over months or years, oysters and mussels release quantities of a mother of pearl over the said irritants, and the irritants are coated, creating the beautiful pearls that we know and love.

What does an ideal pearl look like?

An ideal set of pearls, for one, won’t look identical to each other. Be wary when someone offers you pearls that are all smooth and round like a machine polished them. If it’s too perfect and too consistent, you may be looking at a bunch of fake pearls instead of the real thing. Remember, too,  that not all pearls are round.

Some of them may be more oval or tear-shaped. Some look so irregular that you may wonder if they are pearls at all. Remember, pearls are formed by oysters and are poured in molds in factories.

People are always on the lookout for large spontaneous pearls that are harvested from the wild.

Natural pearls are sought after because they are usually formed after many years, far longer than what pearl farms are willing to invest while waiting for their oysters and mussels to form pearls. Pearl farms are patient, but not that patient. Eventually, the oysters and mussels have to be harvested. Find more about Pearl meaning and healing properties.

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2. Moonstone


Moonstones are a class of feldspar that is gem-quality or high quality. Moonstones are related to jaspers (all colors). The superior quality of moonstone that makes it stand out in our list of opaque white gems is adularescence, or the otherworldly white glow observed at the center of a properly cut moonstone. The glow is due to the diffraction or bending of light when light strikes the moonstone’s surface. This schiller effect is observable just beneath the surface of the moonstone.

Some moonstones also exhibit a second schiller effect called chatoyancy or cat’s eye. In rare instances, parallel tubular structures inside the gemstone also bend light so that a sharp contrast is made, dividing the hemispheres of the gemstone.

Because the main selling point of moonstones is adularescence, it has to be handled only by the most skilled cutters. The cutter has to first orient the moonstone across the plane where the adularescence is observed.

From that plane, the cabochon will be cut to maximize the schiller effect. The most significant source of moonstones today is Sri Lanka, followed by other countries that also produce many other precious stones like India, Burma, and Brazil. Find more about Moonstone meaning and healing properties.

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3. White Opals


White opal, also known as light opal, is the name used to describe a subtype of opal with a creamy white body.

Opal is a hydrated form of silica mineral and is most notable for its constant play of color. The play of color is the result of the interaction of the opal’s water content and the uniform silica structures inside.

Opals are harvested primarily in Australia, and the subcontinent provides over eighty percent of the world’s total opal supply. Opals are commonly cut into cabochons like other opaque gems to highlight the play of color and other positive attributes of the gemstone.

The water content of opal specimens can range from three percent to over twenty-one percent, depending on the specimen.

The exciting thing about opals is that they can occur almost anywhere and are not demanding gemstones at all. Large specimens of opal have been recovered in fissures of rocks, and it is one of the most affordable gemstones around.

There are two kinds of opal: common opal and precious opal. Precious opal is more expensive and sought after than common opal, which is usually combined with other minerals to increase its durability as an ornamental piece. Find more about Opal meaning and healing properties.

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4. Mother of Pearl

mother of pearls beads

Mother of pearl, or nacre, is the substance responsible for the formation of pearls in mussels and oysters. What makes this material impressive is that it has a schiller effect of its own (rainbow visual effect). Some oyster species are known to produce the hardest version of the nacre that beat the hardness of the nacre of freshwater mussels.

There should be no confusion – when the manufacturers of jewelry say that something was made with “mother of pearl” the manufacturer is probably referring to the shiny nacre lining of the oyster shell and not the pearls.

The mother of pearl is technically a biomineral, and this fact has intrigued scientists for so long. The deposition of nacre is necessary for the formation of pearls, and bivalves will only produce high-quality nacre if their environment is clear of toxins. The chemistry of the water is ideal.

This is why in Japan, freshwater pearl farmers following the more traditional methods of culturing pearls have to move their operations to remote rivers where the water quality is purer and better. It is said that pollution affects pearl farming, and with the state of our oceans and hydrologic systems in peril, it’s not surprising that pearl farms are having a tough time with it.

Before, the pearl mother was not in high demand until manufacturers started devising ways to take advantage of the nacre-filled layer of bivalves. What has previously considered a byproduct of pearl culture is now a year-round requirement of many industries, especially the industries that produce watches and other ornamental pieces.

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5. White Selenite


Crystallized gypsum, selenite, is a transparent, multifaceted stone that is the most frequent form of this mineral.

As many people assume, the healing properties of selenite have never been scientifically proven.

Selenite is a beloved goddess stone with a long history of guardianship, equilibrium, and soul healing for your body, mind, and home. It is instantly relaxing.

Some people use selenite to convey energy, and the gemstones and gemstone jewelry that include it are designed to help us open up to the higher frequencies and receive messages from the cosmos more clearly.

When it comes to clearing the aura and performing reiki, selenite is an indispensable instrument. It also serves as a sublime spirit guide.

You are invited to be open, honest, pure, and free with this stone and to provide forgiveness to those who are not helping you.

Find more about Selenite meaning and healing properties.

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6. White Agate

White agate is a healing crystal marvel that activates the upper chakras.

Agate occurs in every spectrum color, but white agate is the healing crystals marvel.

As the stone’s milky testifies, good fortune and positive energy can be summoned in challenging conditions.

White agate is a stone of harmony that aids in letting go of the past and the things that no longer operate you.

Thought processes may be improved, and clarity may be restored.

It serves as a reminder that your vanity clings to things to survive.

In addition, it can help you avoid poor or dangerous situations and attract new individuals into your life for the greater good.

With this white gemstone, you can stay anchored in the here and now, mind, body, and soul.

It has been shown to help you think more clearly and increase your mental abilities.

Find more about Agate meaning and healing properites.


7. White Calcite

The energy absorbed by white calcite can be redirected back to its source after it has been altered and increased.

An energy field is purified and detoxified by using calcite, which in turn helps to improve room for good energy to flow.

To help the body’s energy pathways expand and clear blockages, calcite’s calming and revitalizing energy is emitted.

The mineral calcite is said to heighten spiritual awareness, establish spiritual ties, and encourage the emergence of previously dormant psychic abilities.

When white calcite is altered and enlarged, it can absorb and return energy to its source.

When applied, white calcite can re-energize and accelerate growth and development.

One of the most potent white gemstones for enhancing consciousness, calcite also helps to awaken hidden psychic abilities.

Find more Calcite meaning and healing properties.


8. White Howlite

white Howlite Necklace

White howlite can be used to help comprehend verbal and nonverbal communication.

Howlite is a beautiful white stone that embodies the spiritual qualities of serenity, gentleness, and openness.

This lovely crystal, with its striations of streaky white, epitomizes purity in form.

White howlite is a focusing stone that aids in realizing one’s goals and aspirations.

In doing so, it helps you recognize who you are and motivates you to take action to live out your word.

Howlite is a stone that helps you feel safe and secure, even in a stressful situation.

It is possible to feel transported to snow-covered mountain ranges when utilizing this gemstone as a meditative aid and a spiritual supporter.

Using this crystal will help you become more aware of your physical body, allowing you to perceive the world more clearly.

It helps shy people come out of their shells and slowly learn to accept themselves.

Find more about Howlite meaning and healing properties.


9. White Chalcedony

Negative energy can be taken in by chalcedony and then released, giving you a sense of security and self-assurance that you’ve never felt before.

A powerful antidote to thoughts of anger and melancholy, it encourages issues with self and enthusiasm instead. When worn or carried, chalcedony is supposed to restore intellectual, physiological, and emotional balance.

Those who lack maternal instincts can benefit from this potent drug, which also decreases dementia and senility.

Chalcedony got its name from the Greek port of Chalcedon, today is known as Kadikoy in turkey, where the stone was first discovered.

It is a favorite of public speakers, particularly orators, lawyers, and politicians, because of its ability to bring communication to the fore.

Chalcedony is regarded as a stone of balance because it promotes balance in all three realms of the human being’s being: physical, mental, and spiritual.

Find more Chalcedony meaning and healing properties.


Which Other Healing Crystals Work Well with White Crystals?

It doesn’t matter what color a stone is; white crystals will automatically enhance the energy of any other stone.

White crystals should be paired with a pink gemstone or green crystal if you’re looking to attract love.

A stone like clear quartz enhances the healing properties of heart-healers such as malachite, rose quartz, rhodochrosite, and aventurine.

When it comes to romance, they are a magnet for both romantic and universal love.

White crystals with citrine, tiger’s eye, or pyrite will help you gain riches, confidence, and success.

In addition to enhancing your self-confidence and boosting your willpower, this will also help you feel more fulfilled and happy.

We recommend you couple your white crystal with fluorite or lapis lazuli if you wish to access the higher planes of consciousness that white crystals may provide.

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White Gemstone names

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