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The yellow gemstone is an easy crowd favorite because it represents the Sun, warmth, life, and renewal. In this blog, we will cover a list of the most common yellow gemstone names.

Yellow gemstones are highly prized because they bring joy and contentment to people’s lives. A single yellow gemstone can be a constant source of warmth to the bearer, which is also unceasingly fashionable.

Yellow gemstones can be a source of inspiration for creativity and the pursuit of your deepest passions.

These gems can provide the energy and heart that you will need to overcome challenges and improve your life as well. People with seasonal disorders will be able to manage their moods better with the help of yellow gems.

Yellow gems can also help unblock chakras and improve the flow of wealth and abundance in your life. Here are the top seven more common gemstones in yellow color, for your perusal this year.

List of Common Yellow Colored Gemstones



Amber is a class of organic gem that is formed over millions of years. It begins with a fresh plan resin and eventually fossilizes. Unlike mineral gems that are prized for having almost no inclusions, amber is different.

The most expensive types of amber are transparent, have great color, and have ancient inclusions, like centipedes, bugs, and other small animals. This organic gem is soft and doesn’t hold well against heat, so you can’t use a heat test, unlike regular gems.

Amber will also readily react with corrosive substances and even moisture, so if you have jewelry with amber on it, you have to take good care of that jewelry because it can degrade quickly if you don’t. Amber pieces can be bought cheaply – sometimes as low as $2 per piece.

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Citrine is a microcrystalline type of quartz. Its name was taken from the French word for the word lemon. There is a little surprise with the naming convention because it does have a warm and fresh citrus color that is rare in other gemstones.

Citrine is abundant in nature and is, therefore, a relatively affordable type of gemstone. It also has a high level of transparency and retails for just forty to sixty dollars per weight in carat. If you love yellow-orange tones, you have to add citrine to your collection because it perfectly maximizes this shade of color. Citrine also has high durability (seven on the Mohs scale of hardness) and is sometimes treated to improve its color quality and appearance.

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3.Yellow Topaz


Yellow topaz is considered a royal gemstone and is one of the most durable precious stones in our list. It is also highly durable and has top-notch brilliance that gem collectors and jewelry enthusiasts appreciate so much.

Fortunately, this gemstone is abundant in nature and is an affordable yellow gem for mass-market consumption. You can buy yellow topaz for five to ten dollars per weight in carat.

Topaz is thought to have been named after a small town in Greece called Tapazios. There is an entire range of yellows and oranges under the name “yellow topaz,” so be sure to select carefully and pick the best yellow that aligns with your fashion sense.

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Yellow chrysoberyl is another durable gemstone that is diverse in its jewelry and decorative applications. It has high brilliance and sparkle and is familiar enough that most folks can purchase it.

Yellow chrysoberyl can sell for as low as $200 per carat to an average market high of $800 for higher quality gems.

Chrysoberyl commonly occurs in nature as either a transparent or translucent gemstone. Some specimens have a yellow-green hue while others have a bright exact yellow hue that is perfect for matching with dresses.

The cymophane variety of chrysoberyl exhibits the cat’s eye schiller or visual effect. Chrysoberyl can be cut either as a cabochon or as a faceted stone. It has a waxy or glass-like luster and an above-arrange brilliance that is suitable for most jewelry.


Heliodor is the name given to yellow beryl specimens. Beryl is a large family of silicate crystals that are considered rare and valuable for their physical characteristics.

80% of the world’s beryl production is concentrated in Spor Mountain, which is located in Utah. Beryl is rare because the element beryllium doesn’t hang around in nature long enough to form a lot of crystals.

The formation of beryl requires a highly specialized environment were particular factors have to come together to produce specimens like yellow heliodor. Heliodor is an affordable type of beryl that you can purchase for $30 for the average specimens. The higher quality ones can retail for $500 per carat.


Yellow calcite has a color saturation that is so deep and bright; you’d think it trapped the Sun inside. Calcite is a class of rock-forming mineral that forms on a variety of host rocks, from metamorphic to igneous rock. It is also found attached to sedimentary rocks.

Calcite is the primary material found in marble formations and limestone. These two are considered the largest repositories of carbon on the planet. This makes calcite widely available as a material in other industries. It is a construction material as well as a source of fertilizer and pigments.

7.Tiger’s Eye

Tiger eye stone

Tiger’s eye is an excellent example of a gemstone with chatoyance or the cat’s eye effect. The optical property of chatoyancy can be observed when you shift a tiger’s eye from side to side. Tiger’s eye is a type of quartz with a silicate foundation. The parallel fibers inside are comprised of silica that bends light in such a way that a natural play of color is achieved.

The highest quality tiger’s eyes are cut into cabochons to feature the chatoyance. The plane of chatoyance has to be established before the tiger’s eye is oriented and cut. If the cutter is skilled, the desired effect is achieved immediately.

Tiger’s eye is also processed via rock tumbling. Tiger’s eye gems are often made into rings because of the visual effect.

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