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If you are interested in getting a green crystal and stone soon, know that there are several commonly available green gemstones in the market, ranging from beautiful peridots to great-looking hiddenites. How many green crystal names can you recall? We will cover a list of gemstones in green color.

Green crystals and stones have always been in high demand because they’re beautiful and metaphysically, they have plenty to offer to people who own or bear them. Green gemstones are earth stones and have a strong affinity for life, nature, and renewal.


What Is Green Crystal?


There’s a calming quality to the green glow of these velvety green crystals and stones. Green crystal for healing brings this energy. Pools, trees, and soft grass are all green, making it one of the most ubiquitous colors in nature.

Green crystals meaning is relaxing and help us feel connected to the earth. It’s also related to the heart chakra, which builds hope, love, trust, and healing relationships.

Green diamonds exude good fortune, hope, and joy. The color green might encourage investigation, spiritual progress, and increased significance. Healthy, long-lasting change is facilitated by earth energy.


Green Crystals Meaning

Green crystals represent the heart chakra, nature, and prosperity. Many have reasonable luck interpretations, especially surrounding money and abundance. Connecting to the heart chakra helps mend a shattered heart or discover love.

Intuitive individuals gravitate toward green crystals—you can use these brilliant gemstones for anything you choose. There are many different types of green gemstone, such as jade, diamonds, and quartz.

Green crystals are a symbol of health, peace, and advancement. Crystals strengthen the heart chakra, helping you create healthy limits without fear. Green gemstones boost spiritual vitality, compassion, and insight.

Green Stone Healing Properties

Green gems, a heart chakra stone, boost cardiovascular health. These stones boost the heart, lungs, and respiratory system so you can breathe more profoundly, be accessible, and infuse every cell with life.

Green diamonds add energy, fight lethargy, and boost the immune system. In addition, green stones help you overcome heartache, mistrust, and splinters by soaking your heart in faith.

When our heart chakra is open, we may offer and receive love. Then, because we’re worthwhile, we let go of bitter actions and attract beautiful people and things.

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How To Use Green Crystals for Healing?

  • Take your favorite green crystal stone from your pocket or purse and connect with its powerful energies, whether you need compassion or luck and fortune.
  • Infusing water with crystal elixirs or crystals is a beautiful method of ingesting the energy of your favorite green crystal stone. Use the elixir to soak or cleanse the damaged area of your body.
  • Sacred geometry can increase the energy of numerous crystals by arranging them in a grid. This grid then feeds the various energies with the sacred geometry power.

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List of Green Crystal and Stone Names

1. Emerald


Emerald is probably the second most recognizable gemstone in the world, right next to the woman’s best friend, the diamond. It is said that the city of the Wizard of Oz is made of dazzling emeralds, and you have to wear a particular pair of glasses to protect yourself from the dazzle.

Emeralds are undoubtedly brilliant, with fire to rival other gems. While it is not very durable like a diamond and may be treated to improve its appearance, it doesn’t come cheap.

A low-quality emerald may be sold for $100 per weight in carat, but the highest quality will fetch $15,000 or more per carat. What determines the price of emeralds is the fineness of the cut and the kind of treatment the stone has undergone before being set on a piece of jewelry. Find more about Emerald meaning and healing properties.


2. Jade


Jade is the general term for an ultra-durable green material that has long been used in many cultures for making ornamental objects, weapons, and jewelry. In China, especially, jade is economically and culturally relevant.

It has a waxy or vitreous luster and is generally tough enough to be made into axes and other weapons. A carat of jade can go for forty to two hundred dollars, but these are only market averages for smaller specimens of jade. Historically, jade jewelry sets have fetched six figures or more in auctions. Find more about Jade meaning and healing properties.

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3. Peridot


Peridot is a volcanic gemstone with a high durability level and is more expensive than emerald when the specimen is of higher quality.

You can buy peridot for as low as $50, while the best peridot can have a market valuation of $5,000 or more per carat. It is considered a unique green crystal that is typically unearthed in areas where volcanic activity is every day.

Particularly violent volcanic eruptions help unearth quality specimens of peridot. Peridot registers a solid seven on the Mohs hardness scale. This makes peridot ideal for many kinds of jewelry, including bracelets and rings. Find more about Peridot meaning and healing properties.

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4. Malachite

Malachite Meaning and Healing Properties

Malachite is a copper carbonate mineral that has a stunning green color and intricate patterns, to boot. While malachite doesn’t have the fire of rubies and emeralds, it certainly stands on its own for being a beautiful gem all the same.

Malachite is used in many ways: it is used as a base material for sculptures, as a gemstone for making jewelry, and as a green pigment for artistic activities.  Unlike other gemstones, malachite does not quickly fade when exposed to natural light for long periods. And unlike diamonds, malachite forms in shallower regions, often in or around copper deposits. Copper is the reason why malachite has excellent green color. Find more about Malachite meaning and healing properties.

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5. Bloodstone

The most common appearance of bloodstone is a dark green tint with brilliant crimson patterns on the surface. This crystal is considered one of the most sublime healing stones, not only for the physical body but also in the metaphysical sense.

In times of war, it was said that you could apply bloodstone to wounds to stop bleeding; off the battlefield, it can promote healthy circulation and a heart that beats as hard as an ox. Amulets are worn for courage and protection, and talismans are used by people who need extra assistance digging down their lower chakras. Find more about Bloodstone meaning and healing properties.

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6. Jadeite

Among jade’s two forms, jadeite is one of them. Despite their brilliant green color, jadeite stones were originally employed as weapons thousands of years ago. When carving ax heads and ceremonial items, jade’s hardness made it suitable.

Jadeite was highly prized in ancient China, where it served a variety of functions. Wearing a jadeite bangle bracelet is claimed to shield the wearer from harm’s influence and neutralize its effects. In feng shui, jadeite is said to have a positive effect on both health and wealth. Find more about Jadeite.

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7. Tree Agate

Natural happiness, fluctuating forest vibes, and the stillness of standing motionless combine in the tree agate, a type of dendritic agate. This can help you remain calm and collected in the face of upheaval and disarray, enhancing your overall well-being.

The dendritic agate can help align and open your chakras if you’re interested in spiritual growth. Arrogance and egoism can be dispelled by focusing on the unity of all. In addition, this stone’s comforting and reassuring energies can help build self-assurance and security, as well as calmness and maturity. Find more about Agate.

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8. Green Moss Agate

The meaning of green moss agate is that it promotes a calm and balanced emotional state of mind. Deeply purifying vibes of swirling greens, rich energy, and deep breathing leave you feeling like you’ve connected to every particle of your being.

When we need to withdraw from the commotion and bustle of the current world, it helps us be more patient. Using moss agate can be a terrific way to cultivate great friendships and harmony in existing ones. It encourages silent reflection, which is a critical element in achieving a state of spiritual grandeur. Find more about Moss Agate meaning and healing properties.

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9. Green Fluorite

Fluorite crystals, mainly green fluorite, are excellent for removing bad energy from the environment. All of your chakras feel renewed, cleansed, and rejuvenated after using this remedy. Inspiring fresh thoughts and quick thinking is a result of this.

Bringing information from the subconscious aids the emotional body in figuring out what’s going on with your heart, whether in the present or the distant past. Release of old conditioning and emotional trauma is possible in this way. Addictions and emotions can no longer hold you prisoner, and you may now devote yourself to the greater good. Find more about Fluorite meaning and healing properties.

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10. Green Calcite

Within the shimmer of green calcite, you will find compassion, forgiveness, and a thousand other heart-healing energies. This jewel, bursting with the zesty flavor of lime, is a flash of vitality and serves as a remembrance of how crucial it is to learn to process, let go, and find our flow.

Green calcite not only inspires compassion for other people, but it also reflects that compassion inward, allowing you to heal, harmonize, and fill your own heart with room and light. This is because compassion is a two-way street. Find more about Green Calcite meaning and healing properties.

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11. Unakite

Unakite Necklace

Unakite is one of the planet’s most effective crystals for promoting mental and emotional well-being because it combines the nourishing and plentiful energy of green with the tender and loving passion of pink. While red jasper and epidote have distinct properties, their interplay in the unakite crystal exhibits a sense of balance.

In particular, it’s an excellent gemstone for children more sensitive to their world. In addition, those who are feeling overwhelmed, lost, or unable to focus on the here and now can benefit from the help of this stone as well. Find more about Unakite meaning and healing properties.


12. Green Agate

As you invite Green Agate’s balancing act into your soul party, you’ll be able to make better decisions and become more adaptable to your emotional feelings. In addition, green agate is an excellent stone for those striving to overcome lethargy or disease, as it is packed with powerful healing abilities.

While some stones are meant to lift your spirits, agate’s purpose is to ground you in the physical world and help you maintain a healthy outlook on life. These character traits can be beneficial when it comes to feeling grounded and safe within your skin. Find more about Green Agate meaning and healing properties.

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13. Prehnite

Prehnite is also regarded as a healer who provides protection. This stone is thought to safeguard and strengthen your life force on every level. It also boosts your stamina and gives you a burst of energy.

Using this stone can help you tap into your inner wisdom and knowledge. After that, you’ll learn how to live in balance with nature and the elements. De-cluttering the emotional body and letting go of things you don’t need or are keeping you from going on in life is facilitated.


14. Green Quartz

The strong and intense energy that emerges from this stone promotes happiness while simultaneously expelling poison and negativity. In addition, it’s claimed to make you feel more connected to the spiritual realms while also keeping you rooted and safe.

This stone’s strong connection to the heart chakra can release toxic energy and emotions. But, on the other hand, it aids in your ability to be kind to others and maintain patience. As a result, it helps you recover and grow by providing an abundance of love and positivity.

15. Moldavite

Shaped by the spiritual flame, moldavite is set to serve a significant spiritual purpose. Fire and force have etched it into a crystalline delicacy and grace that can serve humanity. It falls from the skies.

This crystal was given to the earth as a talisman to aid in the process of spiritual awareness, growth, and evolution. Meditating with this intention brings the highest and best light vibrations and thought patterns to the earth level possible. Find more about Moldavite meaning and healing properties.

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16. Variscite

Variscite, a green gemstone, is thought to ground the wearer and bring good fortune. Aside from that, variscite is thought to soothe the mind by reducing tension and anxiety. Furthermore, variscite is thought to increase a person’s delight when wearing it, according to metaphysical beliefs.

Variscite’s emerald tint is due to the mineral’s chromium content. Other variscite colors include light blue-green, violet, scarlet, and red. The darker the variscite becomes, the more iron impurities there are. Find more about Varicite meaning and healing properties.

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17 . Aventurine

green crystal Aventurine

Aventurine is part of the quartz family, and green aventurine has one of the freshest pastel colors in the quartz family. This gemstone is characterized by overt internal inclusions that interact with light individually, as speckles. When light interacts with the speckles, the inclusions begin to sparkle.

This schiller effect is known to gemologists as “aventurescence.” Aventurine is often tumbled or made into cabochons for jewelry. Tumbled Aventurine is particularly interesting because the inclusions stand out even more after rock tumbling. Find more about Green Aventurine meaning and healing properties.

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18. Chrysoprase

This is a cryptocrystalline formation of quartz that is characterized mainly by having small quantities of nickel. Chrysoprase frequently occurs in nature with a bright and vibrant apple green color, with dark grey or black veins. The crystalline structure of chrysoprase is so beautiful that you would be hard-pressed to see it under a microscope.

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19. Dioptase

Dioptase is notable for the intensity of its color saturation, which is closest to the green of emeralds. Dioptase is a cyclosilicate material that can either be translucent or transparent, depending on the specimen you are observing. It scores only a five on the Mohs scale of hardness, and thus, it is not a very durable stone. Nonetheless, its brilliance and color make it an excellent natural stimulant of emerald.

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20. Hiddenite

First described in 1881, hiddenite is a type of spodumene with a color quality similar to emerald. There are yellow, green, and yellow-green variants of this mineral. During its heyday, hiddenite was also called the Lithia emerald because of its close resemblance to genuine emeralds.

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21. Serpentine

Serpentine is the title for a group of minerals that are unearthed together. The three primary minerals that comprise serpentine are lizardite, chrysolite, and antigorite.

Serpentine is the name of the family of minerals with complex combinations but fulfills specific criteria for mineralization. Minerals under this family are called admixtures, and they can be challenging to identify when they are still attached to the host rock. Serpentine stones are used for decorative applications, as an architectural material, and jewelry applications.

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22. Tremolite

Tremolite is a class of nephrite jade that is also a part of the amphibole group of minerals. It is a silicate comprised of calcium and magnesium. As the iron content of tremolite increases, its color also changes. It begins with white, and then slowly goes over to grey before finally, it becomes a curious shade of green the more iron is found in it. Additional manganese in the reliable solution can color tremolite reddish or pink, depending on the interaction of the element with other elements present in the stone.


23. Beryl

Emeralds belong to the beryl family, but only beryl with deep green color saturation are ever called emeralds. The ones with a lighter saturation are called green beryl.




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