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Knowing your birthstone chart and its spiritual meaning enable you to appreciate the fullness and breadth of gemstones and their symbolic meanings, spiritual qualities, and healing properties. We will cover the birthstone for winter season – October, November, December in this blog. If your birthday is not the above months, you can click on these direct link to learn about your own birthstone.

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October Birthstones Meaning

October has two birthstones: one modern and one ancient. The modern birthstone for October is opal.


Opal is the national gemstone of the Land Down-Under, and more than 80% of the world’s opal supply comes from the Australian subcontinent. It is described as the world’s most colorful gemstone because of its play of color.

Opal’s play of color is due to its physical property of having water content. Opal can have as much as 25% water content as other minerals that can have as little as one percent water content. Opal is associated with various zodiac signs, including Pisces, Cancer, Libra, and Scorpio.

It vibrates at a higher frequency (level 8) and comes in a variety of colors. Opal is the stone of loyalty and love and is used to establish inner peace and expand one’s mental and spiritual consciousness. Opal can also be used to enhance faithfulness in an exclusive relationship, which can directly improve both domestic and marital bliss.

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Tourmaline is another type of colorful crystal that can exhibit multiple colors per specimen. It is common to see tourmaline specimens with two colors. These are called “color zone-cut” gems.

Due to their bicolor nature, we have unique names for tourmalines with special color saturations. The ones that have green and pink are called watermelon tourmaline, for example. Tourmaline is the gemstone of Virgos and Libras, and their chakra association depends on what specific colors they possess.

Tourmaline helps develop flexibility and adaptability in people and is the stone of happiness. It pushes people to be more objective and compassionate, as well. Use tourmaline if you want to regain balance in your life, and introduce powerful positive transformations to help you recreate your best life yet.

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November Birthstone Meaning



Topaz jewelry

Topaz is one of the more mythic gemstones, and it naturally occurs in a wide range of colors. The sheer number of topaz colors is enough to make anyone swoon. There is orange topaz, colorless topaz, blue topaz, brown topaz, etc. It stands right next to ruby, sapphire, and diamond in terms of hardness and durability.

Because of its high clarity and general appearance, it is also mistaken for diamonds (and other gemstones) depending on its color. It is considered a natural stimulant of other gemstones – the ultimate crystal chameleon. Topaz is associated with the solar plexus chakra and the sacral chakra and is the mystic gemstone of Sagittarius, Leo, and the fiery Scorpio. It is an air stone and vibrates at the high-frequency level of six.

Topaz is the stone of clear or open communication and is excellent for harmonizing bonds with others. Use this gem if there is a constant conflict in the workplace or at home. Bright and open communication can do wonders in any setting.

Topaz is also a stone of love and good fortune, so it can be used for amplifying wealth and abundance while improving all kinds of relationships, from platonic friendships to romantic bonds. Topaz can help regulate your emotions and ease the effects of continuous stress. It is a calming and relaxing stone because it is an air stone.

At the individual level, topaz can enhance self-realization and improve your capacity to take control of your impulses and personality. It also makes you more receptive to love. Before you can love someone, you have to make yourself vulnerable first, and topaz can help you open up to others if you feel that you can’t go because of past wounds.

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Citrine is a subclass of quartz and is best known for being a yellow or orange gem. It is well-loved in gemology and jewelry circles around the world because of its Mosh scale rating of seven (it is a durable stone) and because of its natural clarity and color saturation. Another favorite variation of citrine is the blue one, which may not be easy to find.

With a bit more digging, you will be able to locate blue citrines, and they are beautiful specimens fit for any collection. The citrine is associated with the sacral chakra, crown chakra, and the solar plexus chakra. It is aligned with the amorphous planet of Jupiter, and it is an air gemstone as well.

Citrine’s vibrations are transmitted at a higher frequency than other quartz (frequency level six), which means the gemstone is more energetic and capable of so much more than just defensive grounding or enhancing one’s rootedness to the earth.

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December Birthstone Meaning


Turquoise Healing Properties

Turquoise ring

December is plentiful when it comes to birthstones. Turquoise is a well-known talisman of warriors, nobility, and royalty. Its otherworldly blue color has been the talk of the town for centuries, and few other natural colors match the complexity of the color saturation of turquoise.

It is a protective stone capable of protecting voyagers and travelers from physical harm. It is said that Turkish soldiers back in the day wore turquoise amulets as a form of mystic protection from physical attacks.

Turquoise is also the stone of friendship, and those who wear it frequently will always have friends nearby.

Further reading: Healing Properties of Turquoise.

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Tanzanite is an excellent entry stone for those who wish to explore and enhance their natural psychic talents. It is linked closely to the third eye chakra and improves your perception and general consciousness at various levels. Tanzanite is a calming stone and the most powerful stone of peace. It can be used for beating obstacles to open communication.

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Zircon is another grounding stone that may be used to improve your energy levels. Revitalize yourself and recharge lagging energy levels with zircon. This gemstone can also help you stay more organized in life by improving your self-discipline.


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