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Knowing your birthstone chart and its spiritual meaning enable you to appreciate the fullness and breadth of gemstones and their symbolic meanings, spiritual qualities, and healing properties. We will cover the birthstone for autumn season – July, August, September in this blog. If your birthday is not the above months, you can click on these direct link to learn about your own birthstone.

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July Birthstone Meaning


The blood-red ruby is the stuff of legends and continues to captivate the world with its entirely red inner crystal structure and unbeatable fire. Often costing the same as diamonds, rubies are physically identical to sapphires (with differing colors, of course), but stand on their own as a specimen in the gem world.

It is the world’s most legendary red gem, and its colors range from blood red to orange-red, to various shades in between. Some ruby specimens have been seen to have almost purplish tones while casting a color saturation of the deepest red.

While historically rubies are expensive, some additional deposits have lowered the price just a little to make it almost more affordable than diamonds. However, the best stones are still high-tier gems that easily cost thousands of dollars for the higher carat variants.

The powerful, blood-red ruby is firmly associated with the heart chakra and the base chakra, and it is the gemstone of Sagittarius, Aries, Scorpio, and Leo. This is a sunstone, which brings warmth and love to bearers. It is a fire gemstone as well, and it is a nurturing stone that can help rejuvenate your life and soul.

Despite the strong associations with fire and the Sun, the ruby reverberates with energy at a lower energy frequency. This classifies the ruby as a strong contender for top warding stone.

Warding stones are healing gemstones that transmit energy so that they exude warmth and healing while siphoning away negativity. While many gemstones possess this quality, only those that operate at a lower frequency level have properties of transmutation. Transmutation allows gemstones to gather negative energies for transmutation to something else – positive energy, or love.

August Birthstone Meaning

There are three birthstones associated with August: peridot, spinel, and sardonyx.


Peridot is the modern birthstone, while the two others are considered “ancient” and “chakra” birthstones. What this means is you can utilize any of these gemstones and reap their metaphysical energies. You can combine them as well if you are into energy healing and improve your life in a big way. Let’s talk about the individual properties of these three August birthstones.



Peridot is powerfully associated with the solar plexus chakra and the heart chakra. These two seats of energy control your self-esteem, self-confidence, and ability to love in all fashions. This gemstone is also attuned with the following zodiac signs: Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo, Leo, and Scorpio. It is also aligned with the Mercury but remains a well-grounded earth gemstone. Earth gemstones are experts at keeping you grounded and rooted to the earth so that negative energies are removed, and you remain balanced and happy.



Spinel is a stone of strength and can be used as a cleansing or detoxifying stone. Detoxifying stones help purify not just the blood, but also the organs that deal with waste, from the kidneys and liver down to the spleen and gallbladder. Spinel is also a constant mental rejuvenator, and it can help you balance your emotions, so you don’t carry heavy emotional baggage from the past.

Spinel is also capable of enhancing and amplifying the most positive aspects of your personality. You become more positive as a person, and you can create the perfect persona for people to have better relationships with you.






Sardonyx is also a gemstone of strength, but it is best known for being able to open lines of communication between contending sides and improving the interchange between the two. If you want a stone that helps harmonize people and reduce their conflict, then sardonyx is the essential stone that will help you achieve your goals. Sardonyx is also an excellent stone for strengthening the bond between married couples so that they would be content and stay married for life. It is an ideal stone for intelligent and mentally agile people, as it amplifies these mental traits as well. Use this gem if you would like to change an aspect of your personality so you can become a better person.

September Birthstone Meaning



Sapphire is gem corundum that is identical to ruby in its chemical and crystalline properties. A most sought after blue gem, sapphires are among the most expensive gems in the world, especially high-quality specimens.

Sapphire is called the wisdom stone because it enhances mental clarity and intelligence, and allows a person to derive universal wisdom from the Source. It is aligned with the planet Saturn and is a water gem. Water gems enhance peace and balance in persons and allow them to adapt and move like water against difficulties and adversities. Like water, you will become flowing and unbeatable, and no matter how wide or narrow things get, you will always find a way to flow, to keep moving, no matter what.

Sapphire can help release fear, anxiety, rage, and depression from your system. No matter how long you have been fighting these psychological problems, sapphire can help improve your mental state so you will become less fogged up and more decisive in life. Its subtle healing energies will slowly improve your capacity to learn about the world around you, with utmost clarity.

Sapphire can also help people open up and express themselves freely. If you are having trouble communicating yourself and expressing your ideas, use sapphire to remove the mental and energetic blocks preventing you from doing so.

Sapphire can also aid in the removal of mental, emotional, and spiritual blocks to success. If you want to pursue your genuine desires and passions in life finally, you need a supportive stone that will help you overcome a multitude of blocks that are secretly hindering you from finding your way toward your successes.


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