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Did you know that the black moonstone meaning is often associated with magic and mystery? This semiprecious stone has a long history of being used in talismans and amulets for its protective properties. In recent years, it has also become popular among crystal lovers for its purported healing benefits. Read on to learn more about the black moonstone meaning and healing properties, and see if this gemstone might be right for you!


What is Black Moonstone?

A moonstone is a gem-quality form of feldspar. It is a silicate mineral known for its shimmering effect when the gemstone is moved, or when the light source moves. This effect is called adularescence and is the basis for the name of the mineral. It is said that moonstones glow with such otherworldly quality that they look like little moons on a cloudless evening.

Unbeknownst to many, moonstones can come in a variety of colors, including black. Other moonstone colors include gray, brown, white, pink, and green. If you have noticed, these tones are attuned with the element of the earth, so we can say that all moonstones have powerful defensive metaphysical properties as well.


How is Black Moonstone Made?

Black moonstone forms just like other types of feldspar. Crystalline layers of albite and another mineral called orthoclase combine. The adularescence is achieved by the bending or refraction of light when it enters the layered hallows of the black moonstone. Internal inclusions like iron can change the chemistry of a moonstone, turning it in various colors like grey and black.


Black Moonstone Meaning

The black moonstone is notable for bringing the mystical forces and energies of the cosmos to the palm of your hands. Black moonstone is connected with the Divine Feminine, the other half of the union of life. It can control the chaotic and unpredictable forces of life and render them balanced and useful for people.

Unlike other moonstone colors, the black moonstone has a higher frequency and resonates with the most potent and vital chakras of the body. This variant of the moonstone can be especially helpful for people who either want to enhance their natural psychic talents or unleash the hidden ones that have yet to be tapped.

People need to understand that every person has the potential to have psychic gifts, but these gifts from the Source have to be tapped in such a way that you understand the gift that you have, and you also have control over it.

The black moonstone is also connected to the navel chakra, which is responsible for the reproductive system and reproductive functions. The quality of lovemaking is also affected by the state of the navel chakra, so if you feel that you are unable to make love to your partner as you did before, the navel chakra may be blocked or underpowered. We recommend chakra healing with gemstones, with the black moonstone poised to recharge or open the navel chakra.


Black Moonstone Healing Properties

Interestingly enough, black moonstone functions a lot like lower frequency gems like quartz crystals in the sense that they can block negative energies and cleanse the space where the negative energies are coming from in the first place. This process is called transmutation, and usually, lower-frequency gemstones are used for this job. Some people even create devices called orgonite generators to filter negative orgone and reduce the impact of psychic attacks and negativity in general.

Black moonstone is an excellent healing stone for the colon and the digestive system in general, and it can help bring peace and health to the most used organs in the body – the spleen, the liver, and the kidneys. These organs are linked with detoxification, and therefore, you must know how to purify them so they won’t break down any earlier than they have to.

Another attractive healing property of black moonstone is its capability to synchronize not just energies, but also the overall harmonic flow of life force within your body.

This means that if your life force has become sluggish and blocked over the years because of poor health or an adverse energetic profile, you can begin to correct the flow of chi through your body to eradicate the common symptoms of malaise slowly.

These shared symptoms can manifest in a variety of ways. The signs can be simple like headaches or migraines, or it can become something much more problematic, like organ inflammation or even organ failure.

Prevention is always better grappling with the cure, and gems like black moonstone can help you achieve optimal health by fixing the root of the problem, which is the incorrect or staggered flow of chi throughout the body.

And don’t forget what we mentioned earlier: you can use your black moonstone to enhance your psychic gifts. What does this mean? Psychic gifts are capacities that go beyond the standard capabilities of man. These gifts include telekinesis, mind-reading, clairvoyance, astral projection, and the like. Now, everyone starts with a baseline for these natural gifts, and over time, depending on what the gifted do, these gifts can either naturally magnify or increase or not.

Using crystal energies to improve your psychic gifts is impressive because the gems are going to take care of your energetic profile and reduce the chances of you becoming dulled down while using natural gifts.

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How to Use Black Moonstone?

The most straightforward use for gems like black moonstone is meditation. Black moonstone can bring you closer to the highest frequencies of chakras, and therefore, it can be used to open your mind even more during meditation.

Wear or hold your black moonstone during meditation and connect with your solar plexus chakra, throat chakra, and the sacral chakra. You will notice that it’s vibrational energy will be different for each chakra because each chakra operates at a particular frequency. Allow the warm energies to flow toward the whirlpools of the life force. You will feel a sense of wellbeing immediately when you work with a gemstone like the black moonstone.

You can also combine the black moonstone with other protective stones of the same element or alignment to protect yourself from energies like EMF bursts. Sensitivity to EMF can cause actual physical signs, so your crystal collection must be fine-tuned to provide umbrella protection against all forms of harmful radiation and frequencies, whether humanmade or not.

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How to Cleanse Black Moonstone?

Black moonstone has been used for centuries to promote psychic abilities, emotional healing, and protection from negative energy. While black moonstone is relatively easy to come by, it’s important to cleanse the stone before using it in order to remove any residual energy that may be attached to it.

There are a few different ways to cleanse black moonstone, but one of the simplest is to place the stone under running water for a few minutes. You can also cleanse black moonstone by placing it in direct sunlight or moonlight for several hours. However you choose to cleanse your black moonstone, be sure to do so with the intention of clearing away any negativity so that you can unleash the stone’s full power.

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black moonstone meaning and healing properties

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