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What is Jade?

Jade refers to a beautiful green material that has been in use for thousands of years and is of particular artistic and cultural importance to the ancient Chinese. Ancient Chinese artisans fashioned functional and ornamental objects from jade, which is also considered the gemstone of royalty and divinity.

It has been in use for approximately five thousand years, and items like tools, statues, jewelry, and other objects have been fashioned off of it. The most beautiful specimens of jade are chosen for the manufacture of high-end ornamental objects and jewelry.

Jade can be incredibly tough compared to softer gemstones, and generally speaking, you don’t lose out on your investment when you choose jade over other gemstones. So if you are looking for alternative investment in gems, look no further than the jade.


How is Jade Formed?

Two contending minerals create the material known as jade. Nephrite refers to an amphibole silicate that is slightly softer than jadeite. It was only the late 1800s that definite mineral testing allowed scientists and gemologists to differentiate jadeite from nephrite.

Both are considered jade, but purists will always refer to jadeite as the higher quality gemstones. Jadeite is a pyroxene silicate that usually occurs naturally as white or green but may also come in other colors links red, pink, orange, yellow, and black.

These alternative colors are rarer and, therefore, demand higher value in the world market for gemstones. Jade is generally described as having a colorless streak, and the luster can either be sugary or vitreous.

Nephrite samples may produce a glassier or waxier luster. Both silicates present a Mohs rating of six to seven, which is higher than glass and dull kitchen knives. Because of this, a standard kitchen knife will not be able to scratch jade easily.


Does Jade Bring Luck?

Jade is considered a high-level gemstone for bringing wealth, prosperity, abundance, harmony, and luck to its users. It can be used in feng shui, and because of its beautiful green color, it also represents gentleness.

It is linked with the earth, which helps remove imbalances in life; therefore, it is a good investment if you are trying to improve the harmony within your business. Jade naturally nourishes desires and passions, and it can be combined with other popular and effective gemstones in feng shui, such as pyrite.

Jade not only increases your luck; it also helps you accept yourself for who you are. It allows you to maximize your gains without looking too far ahead.

It improves your knowledge of your true self so you can develop your great natural talents to augment your wealth and abundance. Absolute fortune also favors those who go after their dreams and aspirations fearlessly. The royal gemstone jade can help you attain your dreams.


Jade Meaning

Jade has many possible meanings, depending on the culture and orientation of the person using it. In ancient China, jade meant power and royalty, and the divine will of providence.

As a modern healing gemstone, it is associated with the heart chakra, which is the center of all forms of love possible within the human frame. It is linked with four zodiac signs: the balanced Libra, the cosmic twins Gemini, the formidable Taurus, and the worthy Aries. Jade is of the earth element and reverberates with power at frequency level eleven. To compare, the foremost in energy transmutation is ranked at frequency level three (quartz), so you can tell that jade is a powerful gemstone that can be extremely useful to people engaged in various forms of meditation, healing, and conscious creation.

Jade is also linked with a balanced life and all forms of stability and is recommended for those seeking fertility, universal knowledge, and freedom of the mind.


Jade Healing Properties

Jade is foremost a healing gem with great transmutation capacity. Transmutation is the capacity of a gemstone to absorb negative energies and transform that energy into positive and healing energy.

Everything about jade ends conflict and excess, so it is indeed the right choice for individuals seeking to end problematic relationships in life. Since jade is a largely harmonizing stone, it can be used to improve circulation, reduce tissue inflammation, and remove toxins from the body.

This gem is tied closely with the organs responsible for removing waste, heavy metals, and toxins. It is a purifying stone, so it is capable of strengthening and unblocking organs like kidneys, liver, spleen, etc. Jade is one of the most powerful healing stones for the kidneys, so those suffering from chronic kidney issues can use jade to improve current treatments. This gem can also reduce your recovery time so that you will have a better elimination system in the body.

Jade can reduce the pain and recovery time of people who suffer damage to their muscles and the skeletal system. If you are a sporty person that is prone to accidents, having a jade pendant, or even just a loose, tumbled stone can help you overcome the challenges of being passionately athletic.

If you are carrying a child, jade can help lessen the pain and strain of childbirth, and it will also help improve the quality of the childbirth so the mother will be more comfortable and attuned to the child instead of the hardship of giving birth.

If you happen to have nephrite jade, which usually appears as white jade, use this jade to attune yourself to higher vibrational energies. This will help you lock into your manifestation goals and improve your channeling of universal wisdom. Advanced practitioners of energy healing, meditation, and even magic can benefit from using white jade.


Jade Use

Jade is used for a variety of ornamental and decorative items. It is also a crowd favorite for personal jewelry. Because of its toughness, jade is appropriate for any jewelry, from solid bangles, bracelets to rings that are worn daily. Statues and small ornamental objects can also be sculpted from larger pieces of jade.