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What is Amber?

Amber is technically tree resin that has been fossilized for a long time. Some amber is more than a million years old. It is estimated that fully formed ambers require two to ten million years to complete its transformation. Therefore, the ones that we see now have been around for far longer than our human ancestors. They can be aptly called Jurassic gems because of how long they have been around. When tree resin collects and hardens, it first enters a phase called the copal. After a couple of millions of years, the final product is amber.

Historically, our ancestors have known and used amber since the Neolithic period. We aren’t that far off because our ancient ancestors used amber for decorative and ornamental purposes, too.

Resin is aptly considered as a rightful part of the world of gems. But unlike natural mineral gems, amber doesn’t have chemical inclusions that change their color. Because of the nature of tree resin and where it comes from, many pieces of amber have animal inclusions like bugs and spiders. They can preserve the animals for millions of years because the moment tree resin hardens, it forms an airtight container for whatever bug was trapped by the resin.

The resin can occur in coal. This variety of resin is called resinite. When the amber is found in the coal seams of New Zealand, it is called ambrite by New Zealand locals.


Amber Meanings

Amber is beloved by many cultures worldwide, so it’s hard to pin just a few meanings to it. It is called “Gold of the Sea” by some, and its peculiar method of formation has made it a symbol of light, love, and life in many folk traditions. Pieces of amber resin have been called teardrops or sun drops (alluding to the Sun sending small pieces of itself to the Earth). Amber is a proper gemstone that is formed not by volcanic or geological processes, but natural processes that require millions of years to complete.

Because of how it forms in nature, it holds a special connection to all life on Earth, and the element of the Earth itself. It can help practitioners attune to their past lives, and can also help individuals find and accrue universal wisdom. Amber holds in its golden structure the life force of a million years, and it is one of the complete sources of vibration energy you can find in nature. While other gemstones have powerful warding and grounding capacities, amber is a most giving natural gem and can provide large doses of happiness and positive vibrations to users.


Amber Healing Properties

Amber has plenty of healing properties. The most useful property of this natural gem is its high-level transmutation capacity that absorbs negative energies and releases positive energies in its wake. It helps heal not just the body but also the wearer’s environment, and this can be helpful when a person is surrounded by people and elements that cause him/her to be sick with negative energy.

Amber has also been known to draw away impurities, toxins, and human pathogens from the body. Whatever may be troubling you, amber can take care of it gradually. Think of amber as a support for the current treatment that you have. It will support the health of your body and allow you to recover faster. The more you use amber, the more attuned it will be to the needs of your body. All gems, including organic gems like amber, require time to know their bearers to improve their overall performance as healing gems or crystals.

Do you have brain or spine issues? Amber works best with the central nervous system and works as a powerful balancer and healing gem. Imbalances found on either side of the brain can be resolved by this organic gem. We also recommend amber for maladies caused by the improper management of stress. Stress is the number one cause and source of malaise in modern times, and using a variety of healing gems or crystals to combat stress is essential for healthier living.

Amber can help reduce the impact of anxiety and clinical depression and stimulate the brain and the person’s natural intelligence so he can think and decide well again. Amber is the gold standard in the stimulation of essential facets of cognitive functioning, such as gaining wisdom, decision-making, and developing patience for a variety of situations.

Amber is linked with the throat chakra. The throat chakra is important because it is responsible for free communication and unfettered self-expression.

The more open this chakra, the more confident and powerful a person can become. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case, so people who have underpowered or blocked throat chakras are always struggling to match those with much more powerful and open throat chakras. This is the seat of your self-confidence as a person, so take good care of it.


Amber Uses

As mentioned before, amber has been in use for jewelry and other ornamental applications since prehistory. It is also used in so cultures as folk medicine or traditional medicine because of its purported healing effects on the body. Fossilized resins are also regularly featured or exhibited in museums, helping towns and cities with tourism value.  Amber jewelry has been around for a stunning thirteen thousand years already – predating Christianity and many other world religions.

As a folk medicine, amber is used in some folk traditions in Europe as a remedy for baby colic and children’s toothaches. In ancient China, it was customary before to burn resin to create a musky oil with a characteristical pinewood scent. While this practice is no longer than full in China, the Chinese were notable for burning amber strategically with a little nitric acid to control the reaction during combustion. If the burning was done right, amber oil could be produced. Modern perfumes that have amber in their ingredients usually do not contain actual amber.