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The beautiful jasper stone is known by many names, including flint and cherry, but it is undeniable that it holds its own against other precious and semiprecious stones in the market. Jasper is a type of chalcedony, which is a subclass of the quartz mineral.

Quartz minerals come in many names because they have different chemical compositions, and each type has unique qualities that separate them from other members of the quartz superfamily.

Gemologists are especially particular with classification. These classifications tend to influence the value of the gems once sold as loose stones, or when they are processed for setting in fine jewelry.

Jasper Stone Meanings and Healing Properties

Jasper has long been used in ancient civilizations as a defensive talisman against misfortune, curses, disease, and negativity. If we go back to the ancient period of Egypt, red jasper is used to enhance fertility, as its red color is linked to the lifeblood controlled by the Egyptian deities.

Jasper can help you regain control of your life by equalizing your energies, removing negative energy from other people, and forming an auric shield that will prevent psychic attacks in the future.

Bear in mind that these the general qualities of quartz stones and each variant have additional benefits dependent on the individual associations for each stone.

For example, a blue jasper will be linked to the element of water, and its vibrational energy will be highly associated with relaxation, restoration, and balance. On the other hand, a brown jasper will have stronger links to the earth and the base chakra and is, therefore, better used as a meditation stone.


Types of Jasper Stones

Different types of jasper stones depend on their color and unique attributes (often, these internal characteristics and inclusions). Each type of jasper has meaning and derived metaphysical properties.

Bumble Bee Jasper


This type of jasper is excellent in boosting motivation and willpower. It can help people who have lost hope to stand up from where they fell and reignite their life once again. Having sufficient willpower is necessary if you want to fight in life, especially in these trying times. Bumble bee jasper can lend you this kind of energy in the most troubling times. Find more Bumblebee Jasper meaning and healing properties.

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Kambaba Jasper

The Kambaba jasper is an excellent motivator and fear dissolver. Fear blocks us from having initiative in life. Fear is also an obstacle if you want to pursue passions and desires. If fear has been getting you down and you want to improve your life overall, use the Kambaba jasper. It will make you more courageous and more confident about your natural talents and strengths. It will also improve your life by pointing in the right direction. Be sure to meditate with it frequently for the best results. Find more Kambaba Jasper meaning and healing properties.

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Dalmatian Jasper

The Dalmatian jasper is unique because it deals with warm and happy energies no matter what the situation. If you feel gray and depressed all the time, the Dalmatian jasper is an excellent go-to crystal. It merely works, but the benefits are endless. When this jasper can get you out of the grey zone, it provides sufficient energetic support to surpass and dominate your comfort zone and make yourself happier by pursuing other things in life. Just think: all of the past issues that have been holding you back will no longer seem so much of a burden when you have the help of a Dalmatian jasper. Find more Dalmatian Jasper meaning and healing properties.

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Yellow Jasper


The yellow jasper, due to its color, is an excellent source of personal warmth and strength. Channeling the Sun’s endless energies connects to your solar plexus chakra and balances it if it is overpowered and provides sufficient support if it is underpowered. The solar plexus chakra is the locale of your power and confidence and should remain as open as possible, so you have a fighting chance in life. Yellow jasper is also an excellent mood balancer, and it can help deal with excessively negative emotions that may already be getting in the way of having a happy life. Find more Yellow Jasper meaning and healing properties.

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Red Jasper


Red Jasper is firmly associated with the primal life forces, and its red represents blood and the origins of human life as we know it. Today, people use red jasper to improve their stamina and develop a more bottomless well of endurance for all kinds of upheavals and efforts, from sports endeavors to just living a hard life. Despite its color, red jasper is also a calming stone because it has a defensive stance. Use it along with other kinds of jasper to create a more meaningful and balanced life. Find more Red Jasper Healing Properties and Meaning

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Leopard Skin Jasper

Unique in its appearance and other attributes, the leopard skin jasper provides a distinct channel for reconnecting to the earth and the wild archetypes of Creation. Like wild animals, it will enhance your self-healing capacities and improve your organic intuition and boost your primal senses. Nothing like reconnecting to your True Self via the earth – there is nothing like it in the world. If you are feeling always stressed because of work or your responsibilities, carry around a leopard skin jasper so you can experience energetic renewal all day.

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Picture Jasper

Jasper Necklace

The picture jasper is another variant of jasper that is genuinely inclined and deeply rooted in the earth. It is also known as the jasper of global awareness, as it can associate a person with the earth so profoundly that universal wisdom flows into the person. Picture jasper is the ideal stone for general meditation as it provides guidance and perspective to people who regularly use it for meditation.

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Ocean Jasper


The ocean jasper is the best stone for lifting oneself from the dumps. It is an excellent mood stimulator and the most balancing stone for emotions that are becoming out of control. Ocean Jasper also makes people around you more honest and open to communication.

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