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What is Chrysocolla?

Chrysocolla is a type of gem silica that looks mystical and translucent because of its copper in its chemical structure. This gem silica has a vivid blue appearance that easily captures the interest of gem collectors and jewelry enthusiasts.

Some types of chrysocolla are blue-green, while others have a more accurate, deeper blue color. Due to the translucence of chrysocolla, it stands out easily from other gems being sold for ornamentation and jewelry production.

This gem comes in many names, the most notable of which is “chrysocolla chalcedony.”

Chrysocolla ranks as the number one most valuable type of chalcedony in the subfamily, with cut and polished stones quickly fetching a hundred dollars or more per weight in carat. The most attractive specimens have minimal or virtually no internal inclusions, have vivid and deep color saturation, and consistent translucence throughout the sample. Consistency is essential with valuable cuts of stone, which would explain why there are multiple price ranges for each type of gemstone.

You may not be able to find chrysocolla in small jewelry stores because it is used mainly by high-end or elite jewelry designers interested only in the rarest, top quality gems from each gem family. This is okay because you can still order chrysocolla online, where the majority of gems are available.

Is chrysocolla a stone or crystal?

Chrysocolla is a type of chalcedony; therefore, it is a pure crystal, not a metamorphic rock.

Some metamorphic rocks like lapis lazuli are sold as gems, but they are not scientifically gems. Chrysocolla is accurate gem silica that develops naturally alongside other kinds of banded chalcedony on host rocks. Multiple types of chalcedony can be found stuck to each other.

Gem silica is unique because it is abundantly found in copper mines. Copper is the main component that makes this gem silica look the way it does, wherever there is copper, there tend to be deposits of chrysocolla chalcedony.


Chrysocolla Uses

Chrysocolla is used mainly for producing limited and high-end jewelry. Department stores and small to medium-sized jewelry shops rarely have chrysocolla jewelry because it is ultra-rare. It costs a lot of money for a gem that is not listed as a regular top ten in terms of popularity.

Department stores will also have a challenging time trying to sell a commercial quantity of chrysocolla jewelry because it is relatively unknown, at least for now.


Chrysocolla Meaning

The vivid blue or blue-green color of chrysocolla often pushes people to mistake it for turquoise. However, it is not turquoise – it is a gem silicate that stands on its own.

When chrysocolla forms alongside other minerals like malachite, azurite, and turquoise in a single node, the resulting formation is called the “Eilat stone.” One of the first royalties to take an interest in the Eilat stone is King Solomon, who mined for the Eilat stone in Africa.

The stone was first described formally in 315 BC by the ancient Greeks, precisely the philosopher Theophrastus. The otherworldly beauty of chrysocolla has inspired generations of artists. It is said that looking into the depths of the colors of this gem silica will give you a glimpse of the Earth if you were to look down on the planet from space.

Chrysocolla is associated with the heart and throat chakras and is a gentle stone of the following zodiac signs: Virgo, Taurus, and the cosmic twins, the Gemini. Because of its color and metaphysical properties, chrysocolla is considered a soothing water stone, and it transmits vibrational energy at frequency number five.


Chrysocolla Healing Properties

Chrysocolla heals the heart and throat chakras’ associated organs, including the throat area, larynx, pharynx, heart, and lungs.

Use this gem silicate if you are suffering from rheumatism or arthritis. It can help reduce tissue inflammation and bring back control if you are suffering from chronic or unstoppable pain. Athletes can also use chrysocolla to help beat overall fatigue and control muscle spasms and inflammation.

This can help reduce recovery time and improve your overall physical performance. Chrysocolla relieves ailments and disorders associated with the lungs, including chronic blockages and other problems. People with blood disorders can also partake of its healing qualities as it brings the chemistry of human blood back to normal.

Chrysocolla is an energizing blood oxygenator, and it can help strengthen the organs associated closely with the blood’s processing, such as the kidneys, liver, and spleen. This gem can alleviate the symptoms of your pre-existing medical conditions and improve the overall function of your circulatory and respiratory system if you are suffering from hypertension and inflamed blood vessels.

Interestingly enough, because it works so closely with the blood, it can also help slow down and stop infections. It has a strong affinity for recovery and healing, so meditating with it can help reduce swelling of torn or burned skin and shorten the recovery time.

Chrysocolla is one of the gentlest gemstones around, unlike quartz and other gems associated with defense and energetic transmutations. The more you work with chrysocolla, the more it can improve your life through its gentle vibrations.

Metaphysically, chrysocolla is associated with tranquility, mental clarity, and focus.

It can also help you attain universal wisdom or subconscious wisdom by connecting to you the outer realms of Universal knowledge and understanding. This gem nurtures your natural intuition and helps protect you from decisions and people who might harm you.

It makes you more open and vulnerable again to love as it is connected with the heart chakra. If you are having trouble developing unconditional love and bonding with others, this is one of the ideal gems you can use. Never neglect your heart chakra, as it may cause you to lose people in your life.

Use chrysocolla for general meditation, so you can attain purity of mind and the ultimate calm that is useful for accomplishing wisdom and succeeding with conscious creation—a most recommended stone for improving your sensitivity and sense of gentleness with other people.