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What is Crazy Lace Agate?

Crazy lace agate is a unique form of banded chalcedony that features a myriad of intricate patterns that defy how we usually think of nature. True to its name, this banded chalcedony looks like it was showered with dozens of different colored laces. There are concentric patterns, swirls, curves, spiral swirls, and every other variation you can think of.

The variations in the patterns are organic, but a crazy computer simulator could have created them with access to dyes and pigments. Experts have figured out that the crazy banded patterns are due to the infusion of different elements into this form of quartz.

The addition of aluminum and iron to the chemical structure of crazy lace agate is responsible for the subtle patterns, which on the whole, make crazy lace agate even more special to gemstone collectors and energy practitioners.


Crazy Lace Agate Meanings

Crazy lace agate is also known by another name: the Laughter Stone. The colors and patterns of crazy lace agate are erratic and jovial. There is a strong association between the stone and heartfelt celebrations of Mexico, where the type of banded chalcedony is found. It is said that crazy lace agate can quickly bring happiness and warmth to those who possess it. Crazy lace agate is not a defensive ward, and thus, it is not used primarily as a talisman of protection.

When you wear it as jewelry, it does mean you want to attract positivity and happiness into your life. So it is like a powerful magnet that will change your energy profile or polarity, so you start drawing vibrational energy that will help you become happy. This is in line with the practice of energy healing, where we try to change the frequency of the vibrational energies that we transmit to fix our emotions, change our behavior, etc.

Crazy lace agate presents the beauty and splendor of the universe and the Earth in all its wonder and grandeur. Crazy lace agate can express the multitude of colors that nature is capable of, and it even has a colorless form interspersed in the intricate bands of the complex patterns.

Crazy lace agate vibrates or transmits energy at a much lower frequency than other well-known gems in the energy healing practices. Regardless, it is considered a strengthening and stabilizing crystal, and is an ideal addition to any collector’s set.

As you may know, gems vibrate at specific frequencies, and the changes in the rate affect what they can do for you, in practice. The more you know about the gems that you use, the more attuned you will be to their specific properties.

As a type of quartz, crazy lace agate, like other types of quartz, may be used in orgonite generators to purge and purify negative energies. Despite the seemingly delicate crystalline structure of agate, it is capable of overriding years of negative energies in a given space. It will continue performing well regardless of the source of the negativity.

However, we recommend that you use multiple orgonite generators if you wish to purify a larger physical space. Orgonite generators can also be positioned in your bedroom to give you better dreams and to prevent psychic attacks while you are asleep.


Crazy Lace Agate Healing Properties

In addition to helping people express themselves and communicate better in any situation, crazy lace agate also has many healing properties that we are sure will be interesting to people engaged in cry staling healing or energy healing practices or activities. Crazy lace agate can be used in several situations where healing vibrations are needed to manage specific situations or conditions.

For example, if you are experiencing a foggy or clouded mind or are always perplexed and confused about what to do, placing a piece of crazy lace agate on your forehead can help unblock the crown chakra and the associated organ (the brain).

The gem can also be used for stimulating a sluggish or blocked digestive system. Use it for a variety of digestive issues, including constipation and chronic or acute gastritis. Place the gem over the affected part of the body, perform the energy-healing ritual of your choice, or meditate on the problem by visualizing warm energies that penetrate your body and heal the affected areas.

This gemstone is also useful for people suffering conditions of the reproductive organs, such as the uterus, and for those who have constant or chronic skin irritation or breakouts that cause the skin to crack or break always.

Autoimmune conditions that also cause the skin to become red and chapped can also be remedied by crazy lace agate, albeit gradually, over some time, as you pursue the medical therapies for the said condition/s.

Historically, the gem is also used as a fast home remedy for fevers. Children who have sudden bouts of illness are relieved by the stone. The gem is placed over the hot forehead, and the gem will help reduce body temperature and return the body’s balance to normal.

For those suffering from heart ailments such as a weak heart, we recommend wearing crazy lace agate over the heart as a necklace. The subtle vibrations of the crazy lace agate will reduce irritation and inflammation and strengthen the cardiac tissue, reducing the risk of heart attack and other forms of heart failure.

Interestingly enough, this agate can also be used to reduce the flare-ups of epilepsy, which is hard enough to manage on its own. It can also help stop habitual sleepwalking, a type of sleep disturbance characterized by unconscious movement (walking or otherwise) while in a sleeping or sleep-like state.

And finally, use crazy lace agate for remedying anxiety and depression, and for helping increase your mental energy so you can overcome them in the coming weeks or months. The subtle vibrations of the gem are restorative and circular. The gem can help renew mental and emotional states so people can begin focusing more on getting a better life.