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What is Blue Topaz?

Blue topaz is a variety of the gemstone topaz, which is the birthstone for November and is considered one of the rarest silicate minerals around. This vastly increases its market value, as topaz is also incredibly beautiful and is just perfect for a variety of jewelry settings and decorative applications. The “natural” color of topaz is golden or yellow.

Some golden topaz will appear somewhat orange (these are brighter specimens), while others will have a much more muted yellow.

The subtype of blue topaz is represented by three variations: the Swiss blue topaz and the London blue topaz.

By far, the Swiss blue topaz is the most in-demand because of its deep and radiant blue color. London blue is the close second, followed by the Sky Blue topaz, which falls somewhere between the two aforementioned blue topaz variants. The Sky Blue variant is similar to aquamarine in its spectrum.

Swiss blue topaz is blessed with the bluest of blues, so it is highly prized among collectors. Swiss blue topaz is described as having an “electric blue” range of colors, while London blue has darker tones that are just as beautiful. Beauty is subjective mainly, so when you see all three sub-variants of the blue topaz, you will have to decide for yourself which one looks best.



Blue Topaz Meaning

By its color, the blue topaz (any of the three variants) is associated with the element of water.

The element of water accomplishes the following things in people’s lives: it provides a seat or center for the fertile imagination and the subconscious mind, it gives the feminine half of the yin and yang a vessel from which it can do so much good, and it also helps people tap into their psychic capacities and spiritual powers.

Every person can harness spiritual forces and energies and use the same to create the best life ever. It’s not true that when you engage in energy practices that you have to participate fully in things like magic or mental training. You can be spiritual in your way and still harness the life force and energies that surround us all.


Blue Topaz Healing Properties

Blue topaz is one of the most useful gemstones because it deals not only with emotions and negative energies but also with aspects of your life that have immediate and constant repercussions.

First of all, blue topaz is known as the stone of universal wisdom or guidance. This means that when you add blue topaz to your energy crystals’ repertoire, you will gain more convenient access to the vaults of universal wisdom. These are the archives of all the knowledge and understanding that ever was and ever will be.

They can be visited during meditation and through esoteric practices such as astral projection. You must know how to use gems to enhance your natural capacity to reach these sources of wisdom. In regular life, blue topaz opens up the possibilities of learning and studying, and gaining more experience and knowledge from simply living life and pursuing your dreams and passions.

When you meditate with blue topaz, its subtle vibrational energies can help amplify your vibrational energy, and it can also help open the portals that will then allow your spiritual self to attain enlightenment and communicate with the heavenly or angelic realms.

Have you ever thought of wanting to communicate with the angelic realms, the answer rests in your strategic use of different gemstones that possess properties for divination and psychic activity? Among all the gems around, blue topaz is one of the most versatile as it is not primarily a grounding stone.

The third useful function of the blue topaz is associated with the throat chakra. It can help remove all the blocks that prevent you from communicating effectively with other people. The throat chakra is responsible for expressive communication. When it is blocked, or when it is underpowered, it can cause you to be mute or powerless against other people who can freely express themselves.

Blue topaz can also be used for opening and boosting natural psychic gifts. Not everyone has supernatural gifts, but the ones who do have them should take care of their gifts every single day. Prescience, divination, and healing are just three of the psychic gifts given to specific people.

Psychic gifts are earned through reincarnation, and they must be used for personal development and betterment of what you have in this life. Fortunately, gems like blue topaz can help unleash these heavenly gifts, and in doing so, you will gain a better understanding of what lies ahead and what you must do to ascend as an enlightened soul. This is within the context of the Godhead and the reincarnation concept, where souls are continually reborn to learn and climb.

Blue topaz for improving your relationships, is this real? All water gems are this way. What happens is they introduce harmony and balance to contacts, and they help bright physical spaces of negative energies that may result in conflicts. If you have ever wanted to have something to shield yourself from bad energies and conflict, blue topaz is a prime candidate for that stone.

Though we do recommend that you use blue topaz in conjunction with other stones for a complete resolution of problems that cause the toxic environment in the first place, for example, you can invest in gems that help in grounding yourself, and then use blue topaz to boost your ability to express yourself adequately, with authority and with power.

This is important because relationship dynamics that are imbalanced need to be fixed before the relationship can heal. Let blue topaz tap into your seat of personal power and confidence so you can treat your relationships, all of them. Think family, friends, and even your current romantic relationship. All of these can be fixed if you know how to express yourself adequately.


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