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What is Blue Lace Agate?

Blue lace agate is undoubtedly one of the unique agate types in the world. It’s unique because it features a concentric banding pattern that appears almost humanmade: the soft, light blue model seems to be dyed onto the agate instead of being formed naturally by millions of years of geological processes.

It is believed that blue agate first came into use during the period of the ancient Egyptians, and there are also records of the even earlier application by the ancient Greeks. However, these exist only in written texts.

The family of agate gemstones is associated in some cultures with certain birth months: September, May, and June. In Western culture, it is not associated formally as a birthstone, but it is linked with two zodiac signs: Capricorn and the cosmic twins, the Gemini.


Blue Lace Agate Meanings

Because of its dreamy, light blue color, blue lace agate is firmly associated with the water element, and it is thought to be the most calming and soothing stone. Despite its relaxing and soothing color, following the concentric bands of whites and light blues is ultimately stimulating, so the gemstone is also paradoxically associated with the feeling of openness and expressive communication.

Since water moves and settles into every kind of vessel and moves in a multi-directional manner, it still makes sense that a water gemstone will be associated with the communication. Perhaps we should reconsider what connection should be: it should be multi-directional, never one way, and should be expressive and expansive like water.

In nature, the temperatures and overall geological conditions dictate the darkness or lightness of the concentric bands in blue lace agate. Blue lace agate can be formed naturally, or it can be dyed to heighten its cooler.

Either way, it is a cool gemstone to be had and a perfect gemstone for individuals interested in beginning their journey with spirituality and crystal energy practices.

Blue lace agate is among the rarest types of banded chalcedony in existence, so if you have the opportunity to have at least one, be sure to grab it. There are many spiritual benefits associated with possessing this banded chalcedony, and you will not regret your decision.

The first significant benefit of having blue lace agate is it naturally amplifies your “signal” or transmits to the Universe, so you can do more and create more with your natural power. As it helps you meditate and send signals to the Source more effectively and more efficiently.

Conscious creation with blue lace agate is illuminating and peaceful and gives the practitioner a strong sense of harmony, balance, and inner peace. These are required to be a consistent, conscious creator.

Active practitioners of the Law of Attraction will know how important it is to filter thoughts and emotions and to transmit only the correct, positive vibrational energies to the Source to avoid incidences of “mixed signals.”

Blue Lace Agate Properties

The metaphysical properties of blue lace agate are nearly endless, so that we will focus on the most important ones only in today’s blog.

Foremost, blue lace agate is a serenity stone. What does this mean? The subtle vibrations of this gemstone cause people to harmonize with its calm and serene energies. This is excellent for people who are struggling with finding inner peace.

Without inner peace, a person will hardly be able to fend off negative energies and toxic people, two of the most significant sources of negativities in people’s lives.

When you use a gem like blue lace agate, the serenity of this power source will help you attain balance again, so you don’t harmonize with toxic or harmful people anymore. It is a new lease on life when you know how to use energy crystals properly.

Chakra healing


A healed throat chakra opens the portals of natural and effective communication.

As blue lace agate is linked with the water element’s powers, you can use it to balance and unblock your throat chakra. The throat chakra is associated with free expression, self-esteem, self-confidence, and personal ability.

When this chakra is imbalanced, underpowered, or blocked (which can also happen when it is overpowered), you must use gems like the blue lace agate to heal it. A healed throat chakra opens the portals of natural and effective communication, and also improves your handling of others through it.

You will be able to open effective channels of communication that you never thought were possible. As a result, your personal and romantic relations will be strengthened and improved over time.

This is one of the more critical aspects of using energy crystals: that the changes will happen, but not overnight. It would help if you used your natural energies in conjunction with the subtle energies of gemstones to create the right moves in your life. The action part will still be up to the conscious creator or energy practitioner.

Blue lace agate also has the property of mood shifting. Hold the blue lace agate in your hand and give it a few gentle strokes. This will activate the core of the subtle energies of the gem, and the instant connection between you and the crystal will improve your strength.

In the beginning, it may not be like much, but only because crystals have to be organically infused with your energies. In short, new gemstones have to know their owners first and acclimatize them with their strengths and identities.

Another great property of blue lace agate is it can defend you from the most significant blows in life. Serenity as a concept is underrated because people think that it’s just peace. No – patience is so much more potent than that.

To have the power of serenity in the worst of circumstances can mean the difference between life and death for some people. Blue lace agate infuses its peace with the person bearing it and allows him to move like water – unfettered, gentle, but all-powerful. This is the true meaning and power of serenity stones if appropriately used.