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Do you know what black tourmaline is? If not, you’re in for a treat! This fascinating mineral has a long history of use for healing and protection. In this blog post, we’ll explore the meaning and healing properties of black tourmaline. We’ll also discuss some of the ways that you can use black tourmaline to benefit your health and well-being. So, sit back and enjoy learning about this amazing mineral!


What is Black Tourmaline?

Black tourmaline is part of a large family of boron silicate minerals. In terms of crystalline structure, tourmalines are similar to one another.

However, when you check their chemical composition, they begin to differ tremendously. Black tourmaline is one such variant in the tourmaline family. Black tourmaline is a common type of tourmaline that is not only abundant in nature but also in high demand for accessories and jewelry’s manufacture.

Gemologists and jewelry stores refer to tourmaline by its color and not by its chemical composition. If the chemical composition were the exact basis, then it wouldn’t be possible to sell as many colored tourmalines because people would be confused and just trying to remember all the scientific terms!

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What Chakra Is Black Tourmaline?

Black tourmaline is a powerful crystal that has been used over centuries to increase protection and ward off negative energy. In the practice of chakra healing, black tourmaline is connected to the root chakra – the base of your seven-chakra system. This root chakra helps you feel grounded, safe and secure while black tourmaline helps with shielding you from negative energies and environmental stressors. Whether it’s crystals around your home or black tourmaline jewelry to wear, black tourmaline can keep you feeling balanced and fully protected.

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Black Tourmaline Meanings

Schori, or the black tourmaline stone, has been used by magicians, mystics, and psychics since ancient times. Because of its black appearance, it is commonly linked with grounding or removing negative energies from the body. It is a powerful grounding stone, and we highly recommend it for beginners who have not tried the energy healing arts before.

Grounding is essential because it establishes a link between the self and the earth itself. Without a connection to the earth, you won’t be able to release toxic, harmful, or excess energies, and this can become problematic as these harmful energies build up over time.

Black tourmaline is also a protective stone of mystics, and it is said that this gemstone can protect you from offensive spiritual entities and demons that roam the earthly realm. People still use black tourmaline as a warding stone or talisman to protect themselves from curses, spells, black magic, and psychic attacks. It is a most comprehensive defensive stone that can deal with a variety of spiritual or magical attacks.

On a spiritual level, a gemstone of this mystical quality can protect you not just from negative energies but from prana vampires or psychic vampires that endeavor to drain psychic energy from people, even from afar.

On a physical level, black tourmaline is believed to be capable of removing radiation and other potentially harmful humanmade energies. We recommend using it as backup protection of sorts – avoid exposure to radiation all the same. It would be best to keep as far away from the material things that you know can cause harm or destruction to the body.

Schorl accounts for an astounding ninety-five percent of all tourmaline in the world. There will never be any shortage of black tourmaline, so if you are serious about using it for energy practices, we recommend getting as many pieces as you can because it has so many uses.

Black tourmaline is also associated strongly with electricity because just rubbing it with your hands can cause static electricity to form. We recommend combining schorl with other compatible gemstones to get better results with your crystal energy practice.


Black Tourmaline Healing Properties

Black tourmaline is a diverse healing gem and can be used for many healing practices, including contact point healing. Schorl is most useful for the maladies of the lower extremities, including diseases of the muscles, bones, and joints.

You can also use black tourmaline to resolve issues with your lower back, especially chronic pain, and vertebral problems.

Are you struggling with chronic pain? Black tourmaline can be used to improve your handling of pain and improve your overall tolerance of it.

Black tourmaline can also help heal issues related to immune system diseases (including autoimmune problems like multiple sclerosis), the cardiovascular system, and the adrenals. Black tourmaline is also indicated for the energy healing of the gastrointestinal tract, including the stomach and colon (large intestines). Use schorl for detoxifying the body and improving its ability to get rid of heavy metals and other nasty toxins from the body.

Black tourmaline can also be utilized to harmonize the right and left sides of the brain. Neuroses and other psychiatric issues that emerge from neurological imbalances can gradually be phased out by balancing the excess energies created by an imbalanced mind.

Spiritually, black tourmaline can be used to unblock chakras and to ground negative energies. Blocked chakras that are overfilled with negative energies can find natural relief from black tourmaline as it is linked so closely with the earth.

You can use schorl to repair your auric body if you feel that your auric body is sick or damaged. We highly recommend using a medley of gemstones when performing mystic acts like astral projection, as the right defensive wards can protect not just your astral body but also your mind and physical body. It is extra essential for you to know how to defend yourself from psychic and spiritual attacks while performing mystic or energy work.

When using gems for mystic or energy work, it would be best to cleanse your gemstones frequently so you can rid them of unwanted remnant energies that may not be supportive of you.

Do you always feel anxious, fearful, or depressed?

These are common ailments of the emotional body, and it is good that black tourmaline can help remove these blocks to healthy emotions. Since black tourmaline already works in balancing the two hemispheres of the brain, it can also help remove blocks to a healthier mind.

Things like trauma and profoundly rooted childhood issues can create blocks that can prevent you from functioning well as an adult. We know how it is, so we recommend that you meditate with the right gemstones to help remove these blocks to a better life.

Using a variety of gems (including black tourmaline) can help prevent recurrent attacks of anxiety and fearfulness. What’s more is once you have unblocked your chakras, you will be able to express yourself with utmost confidence fully, and you will also be proactive in solving your problems and pursuing a better life overall.

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How To Use Black Tourmaline For Healing?

Black tourmaline is a powerful stone with many therapeutic properties. It’s known to be one of the strongest crystals for protection and purification, which makes it a great choice for those looking to heal themselves. To use black tourmaline for healing, start by meditating and focusing on the intention of cleansing your body and restoring any negative energies.

You can place black tourmaline in different areas of your home or even carry it with you throughout the day. When using black tourmaline, try to keep a positive frame of mind and affirm that the healing power of black tourmaline will help you re-establish balance and harmony.

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How To Cleanse Black Tourmaline Crystal?

Purifying black tourmaline is a great way to enhance its protective properties. Prepare mentally and spiritually first by imagining a connection with the earth and letting go of any negative energies. You can also create a ritual before cleansing the black tourmaline, such as setting an intention through prayer.

After being mentally prepared, there are several ways to clean black tourmaline, smear it with sage, bury it in the ground for a day and night, and soak it in salt water for two hours. Keep in mind that black tourmalines may only need cleaning once a month; however, more frequent cleanings will ensure maximum conservation of your black tourmaline’s energy.

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