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Have you ever thought of using crystals to attract fortune and money? Some gems have properties that are attuned with the creation of wealth and personal abundance. If you know how to use crystals that is inline with Feng Shui practices, you can slowly lift yourself from any personal downturns and improve your finances as well.

Also, keep in mind that abundance is far-reaching and involves more than just your bank account. Instead, it means different areas of your life.

To be genuinely abundant and happy, you need to attract that you have always desired in all manners, not just when it comes to your finances. We will explain more with the discussion of our top crystals to attract money and wealth.

9 Best Crystals to Attract Money and Bring Wealth

1.Green Aventurine

Green aventurine is linked with the heart chakra and can be used to attract money that may have been expended mindlessly. While the pay may not come back to you literally, green aventurine can help open windows of opportunity that can then help you generate the lost funds due to impulsive spending.

Impulsiveness is the enemy of progress, so you need to be careful when you spend your money. Green aventurine can also help give you a sense of security with your finances and business.

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Also known as the lucky stone of merchants, citrine stands out as a one of a kind Sunstone that is linked to both the solar plexus chakra and the crown chakra. As an abundance stone, citrine is known to bring a ton of good fortune to enterprising individuals.

If you want to start a business but are too afraid to risk a small amount of capital, citrine is there to boost your morale and spiritual endurance so you can carve a space in the market for your brand.

Citrine can also be used to manifest money and generate a ton of cash for business and prosperity.

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Though pyrite is often mocked because it resembles gold, it stands on its own in the metaphysical world of crystals. Pyrite is used mainly for consciously creating wealth and abundance.

It is both a lucky stone and a manifesting stone rolled into one. There is nothing funny about how it performs each time flawlessly when used in manifesting abundance and wealth. According to pyrite lore, its inner structure resonates perfectly with gold itself, making it an ideal crystal magnet for money and wealth.

Its metaphysical properties can also help grant courage to the wearer or holder, so he can freely pursue ventures that can make him wealthier and more abundant.

If you suffer from lack of self-confidence and fearfulness, pyrite can lend you the fire that will change your outlook – literally, and you will experience a zero to hero transformation.

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4.Green Jade

jade meaning and properties

The sovereign green jade is highly revered in many parts of the world and is one of the most expensive royal gems in ancient Chinese tradition. Green jade is the stuff of lore and legends, and rightly so because it is one of the first stones of abundance known to man.

Interestingly enough, green jade is known for its healing and recuperative powers. Don’t let the categories fool you: green jade can help heal you so you can become wealthier and more abundant. It is the most effective lucky charm for money and a potent talisman for long-term financial gains.

Those who have tapped the power of green jade often surround themselves with it because it works so well. There is a time of adjustment for all kinds of gemstones, but once your frequency has aligned with the abundance of stones you have, you will start seeing essential changes in your life. Just give it time!

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5.Tiger’s Eye

Also called the powerful stone of the mind, the tiger’s eye is the first stone for conscious creation. If you have never tried conscious creation, you should – because you might be surprised at how powerful intentions are.

Tiger’s eye helps conscious creators ground and amplify the actual contents of their heart’s desires.

There is a gap between what you desire and how you express your desires in real life. This can result in mixed signals, or the wrong signs, which can then manifest the wrong type of reality. Reduce the chances of a mixed message when communicating with the Universe and improves the chances of speeding up a manifestation in concrete reality.

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6.Clear Quartz

Unlike the other gemstones we have discussed, clear quartz can focus and amplify the vibration and frequency of any kind of intention. Think of it as a blank space that will conform to whatever you feel is your great desire or need at the moment. We highly recommend this for beginners of the energy arts as it is a very forgiving stone. It also provides another benefit: it is the kind of rock widely used in orgonite generators.

It has a high transmutation level, which means it can reduce a large quantity of negative energy or orgone and ground it, releasing only purified and positive energy. We recommend adding this to your meditation and manifestation collection because it is one of the most potent creations stones around.

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amazonite stone

Amazonite is a gemstone that you can use for improving your tenacity to build wealth and financial success. If you are feeling a certain disconnect from your source of income and want to connect with it thoroughly, it becomes an explicit part of you, using amazonite both in meditation and daily practice.

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Peridot is used mainly to ease blockages in the heart chakra and improve a person’s focus when setting intentions. Since manifestation or conscious creation is hinged on intentions that we state every day, peridot is also a must-have. Use it in energy grid work as well, to attract abundance and wealth.

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Malachite is considered a first stone for solving different financial issues, which can spiral into poverty and long-term economic downturns. Allow malachite to attract the right opportunities for you so that you can get out of unexpected downturns, especially in today’s climate. Malachite is also considered a lucky stone for all kinds of merchants.


crystals to attract money

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