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Rose quartz is one of the most powerful stones for beautiful friendship and love. It is associated primarily with the heart chakra, and with the Libra and Taurus zodiac signs.

It is aligned with the planet Venus, which is traditionally regarded as the planet of romance, friendship, and love. All of the zodiac signs can associate with the planet Venus, but it is a most finicky planet because it deals with love. Each sign has to associate appropriately with this planet if they want to get good results.

For example, the Aries Venus coupling initiates a strong sense of competition between those involved in a romance. There is also a sense of chase and battle between lovers. Fiery flirtations and red hot romance set the theme with Aries Venusian.


Rose Quartz Meanings and Healing Properties


Rose quartz is one of many variations of the mineral quartz. This family of gemstones is used extensively for a variety of psychic tasks, including manifestation and self-healing.

The rose quartz is linked to love, from genuine self-love to unconditional, romantic love. Filial forms of appreciation, such as motherly love and tender care, are also associated with it.

You can take care of platonic friendships much more effectively with rose quartz. It is the universal gemstone of love, and it is capable of forging close bonds and genuine trust between two people.

It is also a most purifying stone that can also be used in orgonite generators to cleanse and purify any space of negative energies. When used alone, it is a grounding stone and protective ward that uses the universal, unconditional love as its foundation. It is a powerful protective stone that is appropriate for everyone.


Using Rose Quartz to Attract Love

Attracting love can be a simple matter if you know what to do with gemstones like the rose quartz. We’ll give you some easy rituals that you can do at home that will help you attract friendship and romance. These rituals can also help pave the way for deeper and more genuine self-love, which has to come first if you want to succeed in attracting platonic and romantic love.

Morning self-love ritual

Like we discussed before, self-love is the foundation of all the other forms of love. If you feel that your self-love is dwindling, use this morning self-love ritual.

In the morning, lay down on a yoga mat and hold your rose quartz with both hands. Close your eyes and place the rose quartz near your beating heart. Visualize a light pink light swirling about you, emanating from the rose quartz. You will begin to feel the warmth surrounding you, embracing you.

This powerful energy will wish you the good things in life, from wealth, abundance to true love. Allow the pink energy to surround you, and let it permeate your being. Feel free to mention your specific intentions during the morning self-love ritual.

Wear your rose quartz

Some people like putting their protective wards in their pockets or bag. You can also put your rose quartz in your bra or shirt pocket or wear it as a necklace.

The important thing here is it is near your heart, which will benefit the most from its vibrations. Rose quartz vibrations are warm, happy, and reassuring. Their frequency is always in tune with the heart, which makes it a perfect gemstone for love.

Wearing rose quartz or having it nearby also increases your chances of attracting friendship and love, precisely because it produces vibrational energies at a specific frequency tied up with respect.

Meditate with it

If you are engaged in any kind of meditative practice, wear or hold your rose quartz to amplify your intentions. Get into a reflective position and place the rose quartz in the palm of your hands. As the warm, pink energy begins to surround you, visualize what your ideal relationship looks like.

This can be a platonic friendship or a romantic one. By visualizing your ideal relationship, you will be able to send the proper signals to the universe using just your rose quartz. This process is also called programming because you are fine-tuning what your rose quartz is capable of doing.

Gemstones have psychic properties, which must be adjusted based on your needs, the same way we tune a radio to scope out a particular signal. Think of your rose quartz as a transmitter or amplifier of your spiritual energies.

Some practitioners of yoni meditation also use their gemstones during kegel or yoni practice. If yoni meditation is something that you would like to try, we recommend finding a good book on yoni meditation or find a guru who knows how to work with gemstones like the rose quartz. Remember, though, that the insertion of the gem is done to the yoni. Again, do this only if it is something that you like and keep your gemstones sanitized.

Partner frequencies

Do you have a partner or significant other that you would like to connect to at a deeper level? Rose quartz can also help you with this. Simply sit across your partner in a meditative pose. Both of you should hold the rose quartz with at least one hand. You can speak to your partner about your feelings and express how much you love him/her.

Your partner can do the same. You will notice that with the rose quartz’s help, the communication between the two of you will be more sincere and genuine. This will help forge a deeper bond as you continue doing this ritual.

The rose quartz will also help create a safe space for you and your partner in the process. Think of it as having a place of your own, away from the negativity of the world. This is a massive help for couples who are already on the rocks.

 how to use rose quartz to attract love

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