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Peridot is the birthstone for August. This gemstone is a yellowish-green and is naturally transparent. It is a silicate of magnesium and iron and is a variant of an existing mineral called chrysolite.

The ratio between the two elements that constitute the structure of peridot varies a lot, so the physical and visual elements and properties of peridot can vary greatly. The ratio or split between the elements is never equally 50-50, and there are also granular inclusions of other elements inside the crystalline structure. This gemstone can usually be located in the form of grains in igneous rock formations.


What is peridot?

Peridot features a conchoidal fracture and is a considerably hard mineral, as it registers a cool seven on the Mohs scale. It is also a dense gemstone and has a specific gravity of 3.37. Peridot is known for having small quantities or inclusions of biotite, pyrope garnet, spinel, chromite, etc. These inclusions can change the color of the period within.

When there is no peridot, synthetics and simulants are often interchanged with the period. The refractive index of synthetics and simulants is different, and you will not see visual effects such as doubling in synthetics. Simulants made of lead and high-quality glass will also fail to show natural doubling when examined closely by a jeweler. Peridot has been around for thousands of years, and it was first historically identified in Egypt during the time of the Egyptian slaves and the Red Sea lore.


How is peridot made?

Peridot is mined in different regions, from New Mexico to the arid areas of Arizona.

Specifically, the San Carlos Apache Reservation is a particularly important zone for mining peridot because of large lodes that have been uncovered here, with some gemstones weighing as heavy as fifteen carats. Five carats are exceedingly rare in the world of gemstones, and having ten to fifteen carats per lode is already phenomenal.

The search for the largest finished stones continue, however, and the ten to fifteen-carat pieces were soon overshadowed by the Myanmar peridot (forty to fifty carats) and Pakistan mines that have yield stunning one hundred carat stones and even three hundred carat stones. How much bigger will the gemstones in the future be? We can only guess at this point after Pakistan has revealed it has a three hundred carat stone!


What does peridot represent?

The yellow-green peridot is often underrepresented in the world of gemstones because it is considered a lesser type of gemstone because of its abundance compared to other gemstones, like rubies and diamonds. However, the fact that it is the birthstone for August and continues to be popular with people just shows that we should not undermine peridot. Peridot is one of the gemstones that come in just one type of color.

It is associated with the sun, and it easily reminds people of nature and summer, and youthfulness. It is also associated with fall in some countries, with fall representing how nature prepares itself for rebirth, like the phoenix.

This gem is a natural lode of human warmth, and it is capable of easily stimulating and encouraging the mind so that it functions better. It brings warm and positive energies to people’s lives easier, so be ready for transformations if you are planning to get anything with peridot.


Who should wear a peridot?

Peridot can be worn by anyone interested in having a protective ward. Since ancient times, peridot has been used in various cultures, a protective defense against the darkness and its forces. It offers spiritual protection, as well as a natural energy ward, to prevent negative energies from messing with your natural energy balance. It is often set in gold and can be worn on the neck or around the arm. You can also wear peridot less inconspicuously as a pair of earrings or as a necklace.

Peridot may also be used as a charm to protect oneself against magic and spells that may be harmful. In addition to preventing dark arts and magic from making you ill, peridot is also associated with healing the mind and the wits. It will help sharpen your intelligence, emotions, and wit, and this will make you a better-rounded person, likable and authoritative. If you are struggling with negativities like too much anger and even cowardice, this gemstone will help heal those flaws gradually as it recalibrates your inner voice, emotions, and your spiritual self. This is how powerful gemstones can affect people once they are used – they can go deep into what is troubling you and make improvements from within, and this is important if you want to become a better person overall.

Psychically, the peridot is a powerful defense and booster of your natural spiritual energies. This gem can clear troubled and murky auras, and can also alleviate the impact of a foggy mind, guilt, and even prolonged stress. Mentally and emotionally, you can begin improving as soon as possible as it helps deflect the impact of depression, anxiety, rage, and other dark matters that prevent us from becoming our full and true selves.

If you are a practitioner of the manifestation arts, peridot can help improve how you calibrate your positive frequencies so you can manifest your desires more quickly. Power your conscious creation by transmitting to the Universe the best frequencies and the right ones so that you don’t get mixed results from all your efforts in conscious creation. If you are struggling with remnants of the past, such as jealousy and other negativities, allow your peridot to drain away from these negativities back to the earth where they belong. This is the best time to reboot your chakras as well, as peridot is well-rounded and can greatly help in unblocking chakras and powering the weakened ones.

And finally, peridot can help people re-establish confidence and personal power, and build wealth and abundance as well, where you may be at the moment in your life. These are the powerful metaphysical benefits of peridot, and these are yours to enjoy.