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What is Orgonite

Orgonite is a type of jewelry and energy accumulator that is assembled from resin, crystals (usually quartz) and various metals. Unlike natural gemstones that are simply set on jewelry or sold as loose stones, orgonite is carefully assembled to fulfill a specific function: collecting or coalescing orgone. Orgone is another term for what we know as life energy. In Chinese traditional medicine, this type of energy is called chi. In Western esoteric lore, it is called the prana.


History of Orgonite

The study and creation of orgone and orgonite devices and jewelry began shortly after World War 2, when Charles Kelley took a cue from his mentor, the Viennese Dr. Willhelm Reich, and began studying this divine energy that was present everywhere, from plants to animals to men.

They coined the term “orgone” and the explanation for this energy as it is close to the universal life force that is described across cultures, and it was also massless but omnipresent, which meant it is always there around us. Still, it has to accumulate and bio-organized to provide benefits to people.

In supernatural lore, it can be compared to the spiritual ether. Still, orgone is more of an energy that has a practical effect and uses for people, unlike ether, which is more of a concept that is useful when you are studying spiritual crafts.

It is believed that orgone is present down to the small conceivable units in the physical world – like molecules, cells and atoms. In orgonite theory, the building blocks of energy that help animate the physical universe are called bions. It is said that bions permeate the physical structures of all living things, from bacteria to fungi, to the biggest animals on Earth.


How Does Orgonite Work?

Reich’s original theory states that when orgone is restricted or changed radically, problems can arise. His method is close to what ancient Hindi texts say about chakras and life force, and what Chinese traditional medicine states about chi or life energy. Reich’s orgone theory also has some parallelisms with how Freud theorized the concept of libido in human sexuality. But what is truly interesting about Reich’s philosophy is that he claimed to have created a way to bio-accumulate orgone in the form of a physical device that you can set up in your home – the orgonite.

Keep in mind that orgonite can have many designs and can be constructed in a variety of ways. The reason for this is that because orgone is universal energy, orgonite devices and jewelry can attract and accumulate precious orgone energy. The construction of orgonite hangs on to some principles. First, it has to be made of 50% organic materials and 50% inorganic materials. The pyramid orgonite is made up of resin and metal shavings.

Resin is considered natural or organic because it is manufactured from petrochemicals that have been harvested from the earth. The rest of the orgonite is metal shavings, which constitutes the inorganic portion of the orgonite device. At the center of an orgonite device is a quartz crystal. The quartz crystal is responsible for accumulating and transforming the orgone, before rereleasing the energy to the environment.

Theoretically, this takes energy healing to another level. With energy healing, you need to know a little about how spiritual energies work, and you need to put your intention into the healing session. With orgonite, the device works on its own, and it does just one thing entirely – it attracts, absorbs, and accumulates orgone before releasing it into space again.

Orgonite users believe that this device can help people get better sleep and more vivid dreaming experiences. Since orgonite is usually placed in the bedroom where people go to rest and recuperate, they also say that people wake up feeling more balanced, happy, and energized. If you are suffering from mood swings or generally just bad moods every day, this can also help. EMFs are also reduced, which may improve your physical and mental state.

Like other healing devices that center on the purification of universal energies, spiritual tools like orgonite can help improve your spiritual practice, and it can also heal some psychological issues that may have been bothering you for some time. Orgone healing may also improve your physical health, though we highly recommend that you consult with your physician if you have physical ailments.

Additional uses for orgonite devices include deepening your meditative state during self-hypnosis or creative visualization, improving the growth and development of plants in your home or your garden, purifying the energies present in a particular space, like your bedroom, living room, and the like. Orgonite, like other gemstones, can also help you improve your spiritual and practice intentions in life (including prayers and spiritual communication) as well as your vibrational practices, including visualizations (whether it be in your waking hours, or while asleep, during vivid dreaming or lucid dreaming).


Orgonite Jewelry

The pyramid is the most popular form of orgonite, probably because it is the original form that was used by the founders of this practice. The pyramid has some practical uses as it mimics the shape of glass prisms. However, you are not limited to pyramidal orgonite.

There are other designs now that can work just as well and can be even worn near the heart. Orgonite necklaces come in so many forms that it is impossible to list all of them. Our favorite variations are the simple rectangular ones, heart-shaped orgonite, square orgonite with embedded metals, dome-shaped ones, and the ones with religious symbols embedded. Take note that the practice of orgonite does not contradict any religion because orgonite is universal and precedes all faith.

It just deals with universal energies – it is not like the practice of Wicca or magic, where people communicate with spiritual beings and entities and worship specific deities. This type of device is perfect for New Age practitioners who love using energy healing to make their lives better.

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