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Orgonite Pyramid

The Orgonite Pyramid is the most popular design or shapes for the orgonite device, and for a good reason: it provides the most surface area for energy cleansing to occur.

Many people think that pyramidal orgonite is just eye candy because there are only so many elements and textures to take in. Still, in reality, it is a hardworking spiritual device that attracts, collects, and cleanses orgone, or universal life energy.

The orgonite pyramid can also be worn at any time of the day, or placed in a bag or handbag near you. It is like a spiritual cleaning machine that makes sure that the space around it is safe and healthy to be in, physically and spiritually. Some manufacturers change the pyramidal shape, so it is more cone-shaped and more comfortable to wear, that’s fine too.

The Healing Power of Orgonite

The theory of orgone energy began with Dr. Willhelm Reich, who had a student named Charles Kelley. Charles Kelley continued his teacher’s work on the esoteric energy sciences and eventually produced what would now be known as the orgonite pyramid.

Contrary to some confusing reports on the matter, orgonite just sounds like the name of a gemstone, but it is not. Orgonite is the name of the device that Reich and Keeley used to champion the theory of the orgone.

The orgonite pyramid is comprised of two main elements: organic matter and inorganic matter. Half of the monument is made up of the resin that is used to build the body of the orgonite device.

Despite being a form of plastic, we call it organic because the chemicals used to synthesize plastic are still harvested from nature. Inside the orgonite pyramid, you will find metal shavings (usually) or any other form of metal that helps improve orgone attraction. The metal part constitutes the inorganic portion of the orgonite. At the center of the device is a quartz crystal.

The quartz crystal plays a significant role in all of this: it binds to the energies that are attracted by the device and cleans it. It has also been said that the orgonite, by the mix of materials inside that either repel or attract orgone, can “scrub energies clean” because of the attract-repel actions that take place continuously and automatically, wherever the orgonite is placed.

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The main principles that govern the use of orgone and orgonite devices are:

  • Organic matter is capable of attracting, holding and emitting orgone energy.
  • Non-organic matter can attract orgone energy, but will quickly repel it upon contact.
  • Orgone is present everywhere, in all spaces that humans occupy.
  • Orgone does not have mass, and thus, it cannot be measure like mass, but it is a primordial type of energy that transcends all science.
  • Orgone energy is capable of penetrating different kinds of matter, but it does so at variable speeds.
  • Orgone energy is known to pulsate; it can be measured and can be observed in a variety of ways.
  • Orgone is strongly attracted to water and also bonds with it quickly.
  • Orgone energy is naturally accumulated or collected in the body through various daily functions such as breathing and eating.

Like we have discussed earlier, orgone energy has substantial similarity to prana and chi, and it may be possible that the various ancient texts have been referring to the same thing all along. The difference is in the approach.

The orgone theory emphasizes that we can mechanically collect the energy and purifies it for our benefit. The orgone theory is something that wouldn’t be practical if we do not obtain an orgonite, which is the center of everything that has to do with orgone energy.

Orgone energy also occurs in two phases: positive orgone energy and negative orgone energy. Positive orgone energy is world-building and is suitable for everyone, while stale and negative orgone energy can do the opposite of your life.

In Chinese traditional medicine, chi energy can also become stagnant and can even become harmful to people’s bodies and spirits.

An interesting angle that is contained within the Reich theory is that orgone is disrupted or changed by modern technology, which surrounds us all. So people who are surrounded by machines that may be changing their energy profile may use orgonite to protect themselves from further harm.

There are many kinds of orgonite in the market, and if you need something smaller than a pyramid, you can use the dome-type orgonites or the square ones, too.

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Orgonite Energy and 5G Radiation

Now would be an excellent time to begin talking about the effects of EMF and RF on our bodies, especially now that we are under threat from things like COVID-19. With many companies rolling out support for 5G, it is only a matter of time before look for ways to protect themselves from 5G radiation. The orgonite device has long been touted for its ability to shield people from EMF.

Continuous exposure to radio frequencies is supposedly harmful to people. It may cause the following problems: memory problems, memory loss, migraines and headaches, cancer in different organs, general dizziness, unfavorable shifts in circadian rhythm or sleeping pattern, heart problems, tumor formation in organs like the heart, sensitivity to electrical devices and electricity in general, infertility, experiencing physical fatigue even without prior physical activity, learning issues, inability to focus on the task at hand, tinnitus, and more.

Naturally, people will be worried about their health when they are unwittingly exposed to another kind of RF through 5G services. Though not yet proven scientifically, we believe that shielding and cleansing your environment through different orgonite shields can help reduce the impact of 5G in your home. Even if it does not block 5G signals completely, it can help reduce the effects of EMF on your body, as well as those living in the same house. It is important to mention at this moment that orgonite pyramids cannot cleanse an ample space, so you will have to obtain multiple pyramids if you want to safeguard a whole house.