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What is Topaz Stone?

Topaz is a gemstone composed of silicate. It is one of the most beloved gemstones in the world, with its vibrant and warm colors, and it also incidentally scores an impressive eight on the Mohs scale.

The Mohs scale is used to measure the hardness of minerals and gemstones. Diamond tops the scale at a solid 10. Topaz is also the birthstone of the November birthday celebrants, so people who have this gemstone as their birthstone are more likely to wear the topaz regularly because it has exclusive metaphysical benefits for them.


How is Topaz Stone Made?

Topaz comes in an assortment of colors. Topaz that has colors in the red and blue ranges are the most expensive because they are rare. The most common topaz minerals are mostly brown or even colorless.

If you happen to chance upon a purple topaz or orange topaz, you are in luck because you are in the presence of something so rare and valuable in the gemstone world. The name of this gemstone is believed to have been derived from the word “topas” which in the Sanskrit language is fire.

When allowed to grow unabated in the crevices of host rocks, topaz can grow massive. There are rare instances when topaz is extricated from host rocks, and the resulting gemstone lode is several thousands of carats heavy.

Such specimens are often purchased and displayed by collectors and museums. One of the most significant finds in history was mined in Brazil. The topaz was 144,000 carats and weight nearly 64 pounds. This particular topaz was featured by the National Gem and Mineral Show in the year 1974.

The usefulness is topaz is reduced by the fact that it has a basal cleavage that approaches perfection – when machines try to cut it, they are only able to remove slim layers of the mineral. Much of the topaz that we see in the market today (especially the blue ones) is heat-processed colorless topaz.

Don’t worry: the only difference is the specific gravity. When colorless topaz is super-heated to change its visual attributes, its specific gravity changes, this mineral is commonly mined from granitic pegmatite. Miners also look for them in rhyolitic welded tuffs.

Some of the better-known imperfections in this mineral include internal inclusions that contain crude oil. In some cases, some topaz has even been found to contain small quantities of seawater.

The majority of the topaz that you will see in jewelry stores and department stores has been all pre-treated in laboratories.  Since colored topaz is rare, the industry has to make do with what is abundant, which is colorless topaz. During production, metallic oxides are used to dye topaz blue. Natural blue topaz has a slightly paler color compared to laboratory dyed topaz.

Take note also that other colors can be produced under laboratory conditions, including pink and red. The mineral is heated with various forms of metallic oxide until the desired color manifests. The big downside with this process is that over time, the layered color fades. The multi-colored “mystic topaz” is also a product of experimentation with the mineral.

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Meanings and Properties of the Topaz Stone

Topaz is associated with chakra healing and can be used to power the solar plexus chakra and the sacral chakra. This gemstone is associated with the following zodiac signs as well: Sagittarius, Leo, and Scorpio. Topaz is linked with the element of air and transmits vibrational energy at vibrational frequency number six.

Topaz is a most healing gemstone as it focuses on soothing the tired mind, body, and soul. It can be used to stimulate the body and recharge the chakras so that all available healing energies can be routed to the points of the body and soul that require the most healing. Each person may be different, but topaz knows which chakras are blocked, and it automatically ignites the chakra balancing process.

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As a private ward, it protects people from the darkness and also enhances the drive for truth and the need to forgive those who have wronged us. Topaz also introduces a most positive mindset to people, so that people would be able to express and experience happiness and generosity. Where generosity begins, so does wealth and abundance start.

Topaz can also help maintain healthy romantic relationships and can serve as a lucky charm and a natural defense against misfortune. The more you use it, the more you will notice that your physical and mental stresses were going away.

The reason for this is the topaz’s natural grounding effect, which routes negative and harsh energies away from the body. As long as you have gemstones like topaz nearby, you will be able to enjoy a better life overall.


Who Should Wear Topaz?

Topaz can be worn by individuals who wish to rebalance their throat chakra. The throat chakra is linked with our ability to speak our truths. It is also the seat of our self-confidence and our creative abilities. Topaz can also help clear the third eye chakra, which is the center of our psychic abilities and is also the platform for prescience.

Unblocking the third eye chakra can give you better access to the universal wisdom of the Source. A clear throat chakra, on the other hand, allows you to communicate your truths better.  It will help you discover where you have dropped off in the discovery of personal truths, so you can recover what you have lost in the past years.

If you can find yellow topaz, this variety can be used to increase your faith in others and how you express your optimism.

Optimism is not blind – it is recognition of all your wisdom, skills, and capacities, and all these things come together to help you address the problems in your life. Physically, yellow topaz can also harmonize your cells and tissues so that your body improves its ability to make use of nutrients. It also has an impact on liver function, as well as how the endocrine glands work.