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What is Tourmaline?

Tourmaline refers to a group of minerals that are made of boron silicate but can have vastly different crystalline structures, unlike other mineral families that have identical inner structures.

The broader variance in this mineral group has resulted in having more color variety, and color combinations are also attractive and appealing compared to other mineral families. Tourmaline is by far one of the most popular gemstones around the world, and it is mass-produced for commercial sale.

You will be able to easily find tourmaline jewelry in your neighborhood because these minerals are not that rare, but they can still be pricey. More singular color combinations can amount to thousands of dollars quickly. However, there are some cheaper variants that you can get a hold off if you don’t have the budget for the more expensive ones.


How is Tourmaline Made?

Tourmaline is formed in igneous rocks and metamorphic rocks, and they can form in the fractures of rock formations in the event of critical hydrothermal occurrences. Unlike other minerals like quartz, the durability of tourmaline is comparable to garnet and other more robust gemstones, and they can persist in a variety of environments (even in a wet climate) quickly, without damage to the said gemstones.

Minerals like tourmaline are formed when hydrothermal activities light the elements needed into pockets of different rock formations. The continuous deposition of crystals and the cooling and crystallization that occur afterward eventually form minerals like tourmaline.

Unlike other rare specimens, miners have found massive tourmaline formations weight well over a hundred kilograms. A single enormous lode of this mineral can have a value of millions of dollars quickly. That’s why gem hunters must locate rare pockets of minerals because they can comfortably live off such discoveries for the rest of their lives. Since tourmaline is so hardy, it is possible to find small stones of it in alluvial depositions. These are usually discovered and collected by small scale miners or artisanal miners in different countries. Alluvial tourmaline is lower, and their shapes and textures are going to be significantly influenced by water and the surrounding surfaces in alluvial deposition locations. Typically, this mineral occurs alongside other metals that are carried away by the current of streams and rivers.

Irradiation and super-heating are the most common treatments used to change the physical properties of natural tourmaline. Additional treatments are often done after the significant processing of the precious stones. Gemstones are first extricated from their host rocks before they are cut to their proper sizes and then polished.

Heat treatments and irradiation are often done to minimize or altogether remove visible imperfections in gemstones. Such treatments also have an impact on the quality and depth of the color of gemstones. The results of additional treatments are permanent and will likely only fade slightly due to wear and tear.

Not all gemstones can be super-heated. For example, if a gem has a large quantity of liquid inside, it may explode when superheated due to the additional pressure resulting from super-heating the liquid inside. Irradiated minerals, on the other hand, have a possibility of losing their physical modifications over time. Color changes can also be reversed by over-exposing such minerals to natural sunlight.

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Tourmaline Meaning and Properties

Tourmaline is the birthstone of October (the same with the gemstone opal), and this family of gemstones has many incredible metaphysical and spiritual properties and benefits that you will just love. Pink tourmaline can be used by people who are crippled by anxiety and fear, as the gemstone can help them heal internally.

Pink tourmaline can reduce the mental fog and chaos that is common in people who are unable to manage their fear. Pink tourmaline also encourages compassion and kindness, and you can use it to influence those around you.

Unconditional love springs from the peace brought by tourmaline. Watermelon tourmaline, on the other hand, is useful in bring peace to warring parties. If you are in any kind of relationship right now and there is plenty of conflicts, use watermelon tourmaline to stave off additional conflict and to encourage kindness, compassion, and being coolheaded. Conflicts cannot be fixed if both parties are always angry with each other. If you want to begin stabilizing and grounding the relationship again, you need to foster the right conditions in each person to ignite the healing.

Blue tourmaline helps people stay focused when they have goals, and you can use this to prevent dangers and the forces of darkness from getting in the way of your success. It is always a good idea to have protective wards, and a combination of the right gemstones can keep you safe virtually in all situations, whether you are protecting yourself from negativity, disease, or more practical problems like accidents while you are traveling.

Black tourmaline can be made into a mystic talisman as it focuses specifically on blocking negative energies. If you are an adherent of energy healing, you must have black tourmaline with you to reduce the impact of negative energies and to help heal the effect of stress on your mind and body. Black tourmaline is an effective talisman for developing truthfulness, spiritual wisdom, a grounded self, and fortitude sass well.


Who Should Wear Tourmaline?

Tourmaline can be worn by Virgos and Libras, and the chakras that tourmaline supports will depend on its color. It transmits energy at energy frequency number two, and the most common color to be hade is black. Tourmaline is for people who want to developmental, emotional, and spiritual flexibility and for those who want to be happier in life. If you are having trouble being compassionate to those around you, let tourmaline help you achieve that.

Tourmaline is also an excellent supportive gemstone for individuals who want so badly to have multiple positive transformations in their lives, as tourmaline helps people achieve balance within. Keep this around so that people around you will be more tolerant and understanding, as well.