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What Ring is Kate Middleton Wearing?

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Kate Middleton has been frequently spotted with an exquisite but straightforward rose gold ring by the press. According to a jewellery expert, the ring is indeed an engagement ring and used to belong to none other than Princess Diana herself. The rose gold ring has a sapphire and diamond setting.

Kate Middleton is often seen with another ring that is far simpler than the one that used to belong to Princess Diana. Still, this one perhaps has even more significance to her: it was a ring that was given to her by Prince William after her graduation. The pair met at St. Andrew’s University, and have been inseparable since then.

According to another jewelry expert, the simple graduation gift is one of the most romantic of all royal jewels you can imagine, as it was not only a symbol of the budding romance between the two while they were still dating at St. Andrew’s but it was also a marker for important milestones in her life – and Prince William, the future King, was right along with her when these important milestones occurred.

The said ring, according to Eddie LeVian of LeVian jewelers, features an intertwined design with birthstones embedded from both individuals – one birthstone representing Kate, and the other birthstone representing William. It can’t get any more respectable and romantic than this, would you say?

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Meaning of a Rose Gold Ring

Much like Kate Middleton, many women opt to wear rose gold wedding bands, engagement rings and other jewelry because rose gold’s feminine color is highly desirable, and rose gold in general is an excellent daily wearable. Rose gold remains fashionable and trendy today, regardless of the age of the wearer and by the way things are going for royal couples like Kate Middleton and Prince William, rose gold as a royal symbol of love and appreciation will likely be cemented for years to come.

Rose gold by itself has enjoyed a good run, with different countries like Russia putting rose gold in an esteemed place, like Carl Faberge, who pointedly made use of rose gold for his most memorable and expensive creations, including Moscow Kremlin Faberge egg. Incidentally, the Moscow Kremlin creation was used to commemorate the return of Czar Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra to the city.

A rose gold ring in any context is decidedly romantic and pure, because it combines the prestige of gold and the color of love – red. Rose gold can refer to any of the common variants: red gold, pink gold, and rose gold. Pink gold is lighter, while red gold has more copper in its alloying, which translates to a deeper and more pointed reddish hue.

If you are thinking of giving your significant other a ring, we recommend rose gold because you can’t go wrong with the signification that gold provides. Rose gold also has that naturally vintage look that goes well with many kinds of design, so you will be investing in jewelry that will easily withstand the test of time.

You would be also happy to know that rose gold has its own metaphysical properties and linkages to the spiritual world:

  • All kinds of gold are touted for their links to abundance and openness. Gold is also a symbol of high standards and purity. When gold is combined with other gemstones, it has the ability to amplify the positive effects of the said gemstones.
  • Rose gold is the favorite metal of mentors and healers. It is naturally protective of the wearer.
  • Rose gold encourages inner healing and balance, and also improves the ability of the body to replenish its natural stores of chi or life forces. This is a two-way process: the chi is refilled, and the chakras or the centers where life forces swirl and accumulate are unblocked and balanced. Blockages in any of the chakras can lead to imbalances in a person’s life, which is undesirable.
  • Rose gold has intrinsic healing properties. It can help improve the nervous system and can also help clear mental fog so that people can communicate better with others. This is especially helpful for people who have trouble expressing themselves. The flow of knowledge and wisdom through a person also improves when physical maladies and energy blocks are adequately remedied.
  • Are you having trouble with self-love? Rose gold can help you attain self-love so that you can express love to others as well. Respect for others begins with love for oneself, and rose gold is one of the noble metals that you can use to achieve this.
  • Rose gold is also associated with the heart chakra and may be explicitly used to unblock this center of kindness and unconditional love.

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Rose Gold Jewelry

The price of rose gold engagement rings is highly variable. Well-known brands are known to price their rose gold rings anywhere from $850 to $3,000 for plain rose gold rings. Rings with diamonds can go for $5,000 to $17,000 easily. Rose gold pendants and necklaces retail for $950 to $3,990 depending on the design and of course, the gemstone settings.  Bracelets with a combination of settings such as mother of pearl and diamonds can fetch $2,750 or more, while rings in the same league with the same settings can sell for $1,750.

All in all, rose gold is a desirable option for people who want to buy gold that is fashionable for both males and females. Rose gold is also naturally feminine because of its color, but complements the skin tone of all wearers, unlike yellow gold and white gold. Rose gold is also less expensive than say, platinum or yellow gold. The only downside to choosing this variant of gold is you may not be able to find it always stocked in jewelry stores as it is rarer than white gold and yellow gold. But then again, you can always revert to online jewelry stores if you can’t find what you need in a brick and mortar store.