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Does Rose Gold Tarnish?

You might be thinking if your rose gold jewelry is fake because they now appear darker and older than you remember them. Always remember that genuine rose gold does not tarnish.

However, they may appear darker than usual and this is normal because that’s the copper that is turning a bit darker, lending your rose gold Jewelry jewelry a vintage look. Real tarnishing occurs when metals begin to lose their natural luster and rust begins to form on the surface of the metal, however slowly.

How To Tell If Rose Gold Jewelry Is Fake?

You can tell if rose gold jewelry is fake if it looks tarnished and old even before you have purchased it. Genuine gold always looks good no matter what the age of gold – this is clearly what people see when golden treasures are recovered from lost civilizations and societies.

Rose gold isn’t supposed to show tarnish even after years of use. Patina is not the same as rusting and losing luster. Patina can actually make jewelry look even more precious and rare, and antique jewelry can often demand a higher price than newly fabricated ones because they have the advantage of age and yes, patina, which spells age and rarity.

Another easy way to determine the genuineness of your rose gold Jewelry is by checking for karat content. The redder the rose gold, the less gold it has, and the lighter the color, the more gold is included. If there are no indicators for the karat value of your gold jewelry, then you have a problem: it might not be the real thing after all.

How to Clean Rose Gold Jewelry?

What people perceive as tarnishing can be two things. First, it can be the copper in the rose gold turning vintage (which is not the same as tarnishing, because copper is naturally reddish, and no copper will turn white whatever you do to it) and second, what tarnish you see may actually be grime and dust. In short, your rose gold jewelry may be in need of cleaning because it is definitely not tarnishing (unless you’ve purchased something that is inauthentic, and the inauthentic alloy is revealing itself by rusting).

Cleaning your rose gold ring and other jewelry is easy when you know how to work with this kind of metal. Below are some guidelines that will help you maintain your rose gold jewelry like a pro:

On Gold-Plated Jewelry

Gold-plated jewelry tend to fade faster than jewelry with gold bonded physically to the base metal. Assuming that you have some of this type of jewelry, care should be taken to prolong the life of the jewelry and to reduce the wear and tear on the gold plating. The number one problem that can cause the eventual demise of gold-plated jewelry is exposure to chemicals.

Some of you might be wondering – what kinds of chemicals? You certainly do not use harsh chemicals every day, so what’s the matter?

Gold-plated jewelry are sensitive to stuff that we barely notice – things like hand creams, face creams, makeup, lotions, colognes and perfume. All of these personal care products can ruin gold-plated jewelry. The best recourse is to reduce contact as much as possible.

How can you do that? You can achieve this by not spraying anything directly onto your jewelry, and second, do not apply stuff like cream and lotion on your hands and wrists before wearing your bracelet or ring/s. Allow these personal care products to dry first before you put on your jewelry. After drying, much of the water and alcohol are gone, and your jewelry will be safe.

What about perfumes? Why do perfumes damage jewelry?

It’s usually the alcohol in perfume that damages metal. However fancy gold may be, it is still a metal, and metals in general will react to different substances like metals. Once the gold plating is worn away, moisture and rust can eat away at the base metal used for the gold-plated jewelry.

Clean Rose Gold Jewelry with Dish Soap and Warm Water

As real rose gold does not tarnish, you don’t need to use harsh chemicals to remove dirt and grime. These might damage your jewelry, so it’s important to stick to basic cleaners: warm water and dish soap. Soak your rose gold jewelry in the solution and then gently rub with the softest toothbrush you can find. Be careful while cleaning as you can damage the surface of the rose gold if you rub too hard.

Remember, gold alloys are still made predominantly with gold, and gold is highly malleable. After brushing gently, rinse with water and pat dry. Air dries your jewelry before placing them back in your jewelry box.

We do not recommend using jewelry cleaners and be wary of ultrasonic cleaners unless you know that the gems on your jewelry can be safely cleaned using ultrasonic cleaners.

Clean Rose Gold Jewelry with Baking Soda and Warm Water

Line a small bowl with some aluminum foil and pour warm water into it. Add some baking soda, mix, and then soak your rose gold jewelry for ten minutes. There is no need to scrub anymore because there is an active cleaning agent in the warm water. After soaking, remove your rose gold jewelry and wipe down.

Be sure to air-dry thoroughly before organizing in your jewelry box again.

If the grime is still there after a deeper clean, consider bringing your jewelry to the jeweler as he would know how to clean the rose gold safely without damaging any part of it.

How to Keep Rose Gold Jewelry from Tarnishing?

Organizing jewelry

Did you know that how you store jewelry can have an impact on your collection? Organize like metals together, and never mix things like silver and gold. Tarnishing and rusting can occur if you do. This applies most especially to jewelry with gold-plating as these react differently to other metals. Different kinds of gold should also be separated, if possible. White gold rose gold and yellow gold should have their pouches or compartments in your jewelry box or jewelry organizer.

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