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Tiger’s eye is a form of quartz that has a high degree of chatoyance or “cat’s eye effect.” If you have ever looked at the eyes of a cat, it would be easy to imagine what a golden yellow tiger’s eye would look like: there would be a space in the middle where light and dark colors collide, and the gemstone would seemingly be comprised of multiple wavelengths of at least two colors, all vying for attention, depending on the angle observed and the type of lighting used.

Some people are confused: are blue tiger’s eye and red tiger’s eye fake? Technically, they are not fakes. Blue and red variants of the golden tiger’s eye are treated in laboratories to exhibit other colors.

This is a common practice in gemstone manufacturing and does not make a gemstone fake – just different. Since quartz is a hardy mineral that lends well to different kinds of treatments and cuts, it makes sense that manufacturers are continually exploring how to modify and improve gemstones like the tiger’s eye.

Golden Tiger’s Eye

The golden tiger’s eye is the most common variant of this class of quartz and is a crowd favorite when it comes to ring settings and cufflinks. Golden tiger’s eye can also be used in other kinds of jewelry, like necklaces and earrings. When the golden tiger’s eye is cut in cabochons, the variety of sizes allows manufacturers to set them on multiple items, from the smallest pins to large pendants.

Golden tiger’s eye is considered a mass-market gemstone or mineral and is perfect for various purposes because it is always presentable, unique, and fascinating.

A real show-off in the world of gemstones, its delicate flow of colors and inner textures are sure to capture the heart of anyone who wants to start collecting unique gems. Did you know that the golden tiger’s eye can also be used in creating small sculptures? While not the most expensive of stones, it still considered a semi-precious stone.

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Tiger’s Eye Metaphysical Properties

open blocked chakras

Tiger’s eye is known to the world of energy healing as the iconic shapeshifter, because of how it handles all kinds of light. Never satisfied in providing just one visage of itself, it continues to confuse and bewilder anyone who attempts to master its inner workings. This is the canvas set for the metaphysical properties of the tiger’s eye – a most enigmatic healing crystal if there ever was one. Tiger’s eye is known for lending courage and inner fortitude to people who lack it.

If you have ever felt left behind and fearful because you have to stand by your principles, having a tiger’s eye by your side can help draw forth your natural courage to err on the side of what you think is right. This is the pathway to courage and self-reliance, and also the foundation of self-confidence and personal power that everyone needs.

Top most power crystal

Tiger’s eye is also considered the top most power crystal in the mineral kingdom. It means that its positive effects are always amplified, and it can also be combined with other healing crystals to increase the effectiveness of those gems. What differentiates the tiger’s eye from the rest of the gemstones is that it has a specific purpose when it comes to processing negative emotions.

Healing gemstones

Typically the capability of healing gemstones is they remove the negative energies swirling around your by diverting these energies to the ground (earth). Tiger’s eye, on the other hand, has natural transmuting power. So it allows negative energies to pass through it so these negative energies can be transmuted.

The transmutation turns negative energies into positive and constructive energies, and this type of energy can help you achieve more in life.

This can be doubly useful for people who feel drained and fatigued all the time. Use the tiger’s eye as your ward, and you will experience a massive difference in how you process negativity in your life.

You will no longer feel trapped and unhappy with people – instead, you will feel in charge and the know, and you will also be more aware of how to handle people who might not have your best interests in mind.

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Does it help balance your chakras?

Tiger’s eye is associated with the third eye chakra, which is responsible for your connection to universal wisdom, prescience, and all other psychic activities. The third eye is just below the crown chakra, which is the seat of your power and serves as the overall regulator of all the other chakras in the body.

It is interesting that many times, people’s third eye chakras are underpowered because they can’t understand how they can use their natural psychic gifts.

If you feel that yours is also underpowered and you would like to explore more of your spirituality, you can use the tiger’s eye to unblock your third eye chakra and open it, so you can connect better with your spiritual self.

Remember: your waking self and your spiritual self are two different entities, bound by one Self. By strengthening your affinity for your spiritual self, you will be able to partake of the bounty of the Universe, and you will also gain the eternal wisdom of enlightenment, which is something that your spiritual self is capable of attracting for you.

how to you know know if your chakra is open or blocked

More frequent meditations and setting the right intentions are keys to unlocking your chakras

Unblock your  chakras

If you have ever felt blocked and drained, there is a considerable chance that you are suffering from blocked chakras. More frequent meditations and setting the right intentions are keys to unlocking your chakras. Using powerful combinations of the right gemstones can help you live a healthier and more powerful life, even if there are still negative people around you.

Tiger’s eye is associated with both the Sun and the earth. It is a private ward that can help ground you while transmuting negative energies. It can help you resolve toxic relationships in your life. Another significant benefit is it can remove mental fog so you can focus on what needs to be done.