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Crystals are our best friends because they can contribute so much to our physical and spiritual well-being. Crystals can help absorb negative energies and restore the good ones. So you can pursue your passions in life with as much zest and vibrancy as you want. For crystals to function at an optimum level, you need to cleanse and charge your crystals regularly.

Just like any other spiritual or practical tool, their effectiveness is also reduced as you continue using them, day by day. In today’s blog, we are going to teach you how gemstones can be cleansed. And then they can release pent up negative energies.


Why crystals need to be cleansed and charged?


Unnecessary energies that may not be helpful to you may be leftover in the gemstone before you bought the crystal, so cleansing crystal is essential.

Gemstones can be restored and they will return to their original vibrational frequency.

Vibrational frequency refers to the ability of gemstones to serve as conduits from universal spiritual energies.

Humans are natural transmitters of vibrational energies, and gemstones can help amplify the transmissions to speed up the manifestation of good things in concrete reality.

As a gemstone is used regularly, the vibrational power is reduced, and it has to be cleaned to restore it to its original transmission capacity.

Gemstones are better able to strengthen people’s intuition if they are charged and cleansed. The opposite takes place if a gemstone is frequently used but is never charged.

In general, cleansing gemstones is also a good idea if you are receiving gemstones from other people as gifts. Whether a gemstone is a hundred years old or if it has just been purchased two days ago. From mining, processing to selling, it had exposed in different environment and had touched by different people. Remnant energies that may not be helpful to you may be leftover in the gemstone when you bought the crystal.


When you need to cleanse and charge your crystal?

when to cleanse crystals

You should cleanse and charge the crystal after following situations, as the crystal are likely absorbed negativity already and affected energies you need.

  • After you bought the crystals
  • Other people had touched your crystals
  • Wear the crystal for long time without cleansing
  • After present at negative energies environment (e.g. after argument)
  • Before and after the crystals are used for healing – crystal absorbed the negativity you released

What is the difference between cleansing and charging of crystal?

The cleansing and recharging process involves two steps that remove unnecessary energies from crystals, and then charge positive energies to the crystals.

Cleansing crystal is to remove unnecessary energies, such as negative energies, from crystals.

Charging crystal is to add/ charge positive energies to the crystals.

We will share some methods to cleanse and charge crystals in latter paragraphs. Be noted that it can be used to cleanse do not mean it is also able to charge. However, some ways can be really used for both cleansing and charging at the same time. Let’s check it out.

How to cleanse and charge your crystals?

There are several methods to charge and cleanse crystals and you can make use of any or all of these methods, including smudging, sunlight, moonlight, salt water and  crystal cluster.

See which method is most enjoyable and effective for you. Also, it would be a good idea to do some practical research about the gemstones you have at home.

1. Smudging

burning sage to cleanse crystals

Burning sage to cleanse crystals

One of the simplest ways of cleansing crystals without water is by burning sage smudge stick. For this method, you will need a meditation bowl or any equivalent metal bowl.

Put all your gemstones in the meditation bowl and light a bunch of sage smudge stick. When the sage begins smoking, simply layer the smoke over the gemstones and allow the smoke to surround the gemstones.

Sage ’s natural spiritual cleansing properties will easily lift the negativity in your gemstone. Burning sage is such a powerful ritual that it can rid an entire area of negativity.

People who have had gemstones for a long time will form a special bond with them. While gemstones are not alive in the human sense of the word, they are conduits of energy and they have intelligence and communicative capabilities, too. That’s why they can form basic bonds with their owners. They will tell you when they need to be cleansed, and they will also inform you if the cleansing ritual is enough and you can stop.

Which crystals cannot cleansed in smudging?

Many crystals can be smudged, but it is not recommended to smudge for long time as the crystals may be dyed.

Jade is not suitable for cleansing by burning sage.

2. Singing Bowl

singing bowl, recharge crystals

To cleanse crystals by singing bowl

The Tibetan singing bowl is another fast method of cleansing gemstones of negative energies. The frequencies emitted by this enigmatic tool from the Tibetan Highlands can also scatter and dissolve negativity in any physical space.

The people of Tibet using singing bowls for various purposes, including stress management and ridding themselves of negative emotions, such as excessive anger and sadness.

People believe that using Tibetan singing bowls at home can help you get rid of the physical and spiritual manifestations of negativity, and these can also help you improve your body’s energy balance.

To use a Tibetan singing bowl for purifying gemstones, line up the gemstones on a table and use the mallet to create a ring around the lip of the bowl. When you hear a high tune emanate from the bowl, you can slow down and just continue playing the tune. You can also try playing the bowl by touching the mallet outside the bowl to produce a different frequency.

Tibetan singing bowls can be purchased online and in stores dedicated to Zen and meditation. Go to buy on Amazon.

3. Sunlight

how to cleanse crystals with sunlight

How to cleanse and charges crystals with sunlight?

Sunlight is an economic way to cleanse and charge your crystal. Yes, it is not only used to cleanse crystal, but also able to charge the crystal.

Simple place your crystal in sunlight for few hours..

Some sources said that some quartz crystals may fade in sunlight, but some sources said that the crystal will not fade in sunlight under experiment.  If you have concern, do not use this method to cleanse and charge your quartz crystal as only you are suffered if the crystal fade.

Which crystals cannot cleansed in sunlight?

If you concerns about risk of fade, following crystals are not suitable: amethyst, citrine, kunzite, rose quartz, fluorite, smoky quartz, celestite, aquamarine and topaz, etc.

4. Moonlight

How to cleanse crystals with moonlight

How to cleanse and charge crystals with moonlight?

Moonlight can also used for cleansing and charging your crystals. Leave the crystal in moonlight, especially in full moon or new moon.

All types of crystals can use this method to cleanse and charge energy, especially quartz crystals, which cannot cleanse with sunlight, as well as moonstone and labradorite.

5. Salt Water

Salt water can be used to cleansed crystal. Salt can help to absorb negative energy. Sea salt and Himalayan salt are preferred.

Mix the salt and water with 1:10 ratio and then submerge the crystal in the salt water for at least 24 hours.

Crystals are high hardness and without attaching with metal can be cleansed with salt water, such as citrine, obsidian, amethyst, topaz, tiger’s eye, aventurine, red jasper and agate.

Which crystals cannot be cleansed in salt water?

Stones that are soft and porous, as well as metal-based are not good to cleanse with salt water as they will dissolve or corrode. Such as hematite, lapis lazuli and pyrite.

6. Crystal Cluster


Quartz gemstones are natural charging and purifying stones.

Place your other gemstones on top of or inside large crystal cluster, such as rose quartz or colorless quartz crystal and leave them there for a couple of hours.

The rose quartz will draw away impurities from other gemstones and push positive energies into them.

All energies emanating from quartz changing crystals come directly from the source as these gemstones have a high affinity for pure, universal energies.

All types of crystal can be cleansed and charged by crystal cluster.

How to clean crystals?

If you are looking for physically cleaning methods of crystals, we cover it now. Many crystals can be cleaned by running water if you want to remove dust. However, be noted that some crystals are not good to clean with water if it is water-soluble, soft or metal based. If you clean it with water, the crystal will dissolve or corrode.

On the other hand, it is not recommended to use harsh chemicals for cleaning as it may damage surface of crystals.

Which crystals cannot be cleaned with water?

Selenite, celestite, malachite, opal, pyrite and hematite, etc.

How to clean water-unsafe crystal, fragile crystals and porous stones?

You can clean it with dry cloth.